Sunday, 2 January 2011

21 Tomorrow

Our eldest daughter is 21 tomorrow.  That's a big number you know.  I can't really believe it that 21 years ago as now I was in hospital awaiting the arrival of No 1 Daughter.  Have a happy happy day Betty love you lots.  She is celebrating by going to Paris and Disneyland Paris with her boyfriend and she is verrrrrrrrrrry excited.   Here is the card I made her to hold her gift of money - she couldn't think of anything she really wanted so money it is.  Thanks to Diane  I completely copied her idea for the card from one of her recent posts and she was kind enough to advise me on how to go about it.  Many thanks.  I am rather pleased how it turned out.  I have used a bit too much double sided tape but hey its fine, it looks fine.  What do you think?

A pleasing result!

Can you remember what you had for your 21st?  I had a string of pearls and lots of Wedgewood china.  Somehow I don't think that would suit today's modern miss.   I  must say I am not TOO old still under Fifty (I'd like to think I said that in a Miranda fashion to camera and mouthing it without actually saying it).  I digress so I shall be say goodbye now.  Bye.  


Diane said...

I think its fab! and youve done the bow in "Minnie Mouse " colours. I think she will love it. xxxxx

Debs said...

Thank you - great idea from you and ideal for Betty. Bow recycled from chrimbo cracket. Am I replying in the right place I really dont know my way around yet should I put it here or comment on one of your posts. Def need more practice. Love your posts on walks lots of places I would love to visit although must say we do love the cafe at Grindleford I usually have a chip butty and a cup of tea. Mmm.

Rosie said...

Hello there, found you via Diane's blog - I think the card is very pretty:) I can't remember what I had for my 21st birthday I still have all my cards in a box, as I do my Mum's 21st ones too! I've enjoyed looking at your blog and will visit again:)

Hen said...

Hi Debs,
Thanks very much for your comment on my post about the Imperial War Museum. I am indeed a great fan of Julie Arkell and I have even had a go at making one of her brooches myself so I was pleased to spot the horse shoe brooch in the museum )took some finding!) Great to hear from a fellow fan.
The card you've made for your daughter is lovely, hope she has a wonderful time in Paris (p.s. I had pearls for my 21st too as did my niece, and her 21st was only a year ago so we're not past it!)
Hen xxx