Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Bags and Books

Last night was Book Club night.  Guess what - we talked about the book for almost 10 minutes.  A record I believe.  I was most proud as I had chosen the last book - The Crimson Petal and The White - the general consensus was good/very good.  Did I read it? urm no I failed to buy enough copies and have not got around to getting one.   S is lending me hers when she has finished.  The book this time is Water for Elephants but unfortunately the online delivery had not arrived so we have to wait a few more days.  Will have  a large pile of books to read.  Good stuff.  Book Club is always such fun we really do have a laugh and giggle and last night I had my first slice of CAKE in 8 weeks.  Oh my goodness it was absolutely delicious SM who hosted the party is a fabulous maker of cakes.  Chocolate with delicious chocolate butter cream icing.  Heaven in your gob as we say in our house.

Now to the bag part of my post.  Two weeks ago I made myself two new holiday bags.  I spied a tablecloth in a second hand shop and when I discovered it  had pictures of places of Cornwall on it I was tres excite.  I loved the colour combination and when Louise asked if I would like to have a sewing day on a workshop I grabbed the chance and off I went to make a new holiday bag.  Not many sleeps and then we will be on our way to Cornwall.  We  love it and can't wait for the break.  We stay on a caravan site in a static caravan.  The site is very quiet and peaceful and we have been a fair few times so it is a little like home from home.  The nearest town is Helson but we are only a stones throw from St Ives, St Michael's Mount, Penzance, Falmouth etc.  Bliss.  Here are the bags I made to take with me.

A small handbag and a larger over the shoulder number

Oh how I love St Ives

I was very pleased with the results

Inside details

St Michael's Mount

Front view

Inside pocket

The Island at Newquay - many happy teenage holidays spent in Newquay - we used to get burnt to a crisp as was the fashion in those days - the redder the better - if only we had known - I am much more careful now!

I thoroughly enjoyed making these bags.  The patterns where in Louise's extensive pattern collection the fabric from my stash.  One holiday tablecloth, an old thrifted linen tea towel (the stripy yellow, orange and blue fabric), Laura Ashley vintage blue fabric, old sheet for lining and some East of India spotty ribbon.  

When my Mum saw it she loved it so much I made her one too

Truro Cathedral


Stripy ribbon - I did a button tab for Mum to make it a little more secure

So Diane if you see a bag like this whilst you are in Cornwall it will be ME.  

Saturday, 21 May 2011


Just a little snippet of a fairly normal conversation between K and myself.  Both in kitchen pottering, K buttering his toast - yum I said think I will have toast today - BE CAREFUL said K if you have toast you will put on half a stone.  It was very funny indeed - having to BE CAREFUL of the very dangerous toast.  Did I have any - yes I did (but without the butter).  Was it delicious - OH YEAH.  Best toast I have had in 6 weeks.  Few minutes after K was playing his new Eagles CD and I said Oh I like this look it makes me dance like a chicken (envisage me in fluffy bagpuss dressing gown flapping arms like a chicken and bopping around) Ah yes indeedy said K picking up the CD case it says on here that the Eagles makes you dance like a chicken.  Does it? I replied - er no. Doh.  Typing this I have laughed a little more as I have just got the joke Eagle/Chicken thingy.  Oh today is going to be a good one me thinks!

Please forgive me for not using the correct speech mark thingys they really reduce my flow so I don't bother - hope you don't mind.

Have a good one!

Oh Diane I will be carrying my new handbag on my holidays.  Will post it later so if you spot me you will know its me as I cant imagine anyone else will have a new orange and blue handbag with a picture of St Ives on one side and St Michaels Mount on the other.

One last funny now listening to Rock with You by Michael Jackson (thanks LSJ and R for K's voucher good music for our Cornwall journey) when K says in a DJ type voice Dear Steve Wright please play Rock with You for wifey and me as we are about to celebrate our 25th Wedding Anniversary and we have had lots of ups and downs and at the moment we are having a particularly good patch so a shout out would be good.  (Anniverary not until October so I suppose he thought now would be a good time as we might have had a fuss in October).  Oh how we laughed.  Cheeky bugger!  Good job I love him lots.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Give Away

Thanks to all the followers I have collected from all over the world!  As a thank you I have put together some bits and bobs from my stash and also had a bit of a shop when I went to Saltaire.  There are no conditions to who can enter.  Well actually the only condition is that I am able to contact you to find out where to post the parcel to.

Here goes:-

A vintage pinny and embroidered mat

Coaster, napkins, clip and the little shopping basket - guess what it is?  It's to pop onto the side of your mug to put your biscuits in - ingenious!

Three vintage Stitchcraft magazines one from the 50's, 60,s and 70's.

A piece of fine crochet, a card of buttons, hooks and eyes and embroidery transfers.

Three sheets (to the wind) of Cath Kidston stickers.

There you go if you fancy a chance just leave a comment so I can contact you.  I will leave the give away open to the end of May.  If by any chance I am unable to contact you within a week then I will give it to the person in second place etc.  Tell your friends and let them know if you wish - my blogging skills are not good enough to do a button thingy. Good luck.

Friday, 13 May 2011

News Flash

Just today a new dinosaur was discovered in deepest South Yorkshire.  It is believed to be the only one of it's kind ever to be discovered.

Look - it's a Rucksackasaurus

It enjoys walking in Derbyshire

Camping and practising for a Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award.

On my goodness how we have laughed.  Belle has packed so much stuff in her rucksack she can barely move - she actually fell onto her back and couldn't get up - as she said she is not a quitter - and she struggled and struggled until she got up.  It was so funny.  There is a problem though her pack is full of water, food, chocolate, tent and tent pegs.  When I asked her if she had put any clothes in NO was the answer, when I asked her if she had put any eating implements or crockery in NO was the answer -Oh my word she declared I am so unorganised and then she dissolved into fits of laughter.  Has she tried her walking boots on No not for about 3 years - Oh Dear! 

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Finished - The Hexi Quilt

Its finished - well actually I do have a few ends to snip off and it could do with a wash - but it's done.  I am really pleased with it and I enjoyed stitching by hand enormously.  Actually I finished about 2 weeks ago but it still didn't seem finished.  It was missing something so at the weekend I decided to crochet a little trim to finish it off and it has worked a treat.  I found the pattern in one of my many Golden Hands magazines from the 70's.  It was an easy trim and was worked and then sewn onto the quilt which is what I wanted.  I only had one small ball of pink 4ply cotton so it made sense to make the trim and sew it on rather than work into the fabric of the quilt and find out I didn't have enough wool.  Here it is.

Crochet edging - I crocheted the majority on the journey to and from Saltaire

Lots and lots of hand stitched hexies

Close up of the trim

The blue and white spotty was from my stash - bought at the car boot last year - I did have to patch it to make it fit.

I hand quilted around all the hexies

I really enjoyed making this project and am proud and amazed that I stuck to it - I am a craft butterfly and often flit from one project to another - so to finish it is a great achievement for me.  The only machine stitching in the quilt was to attach the backing to the front all the rest is hand stitching - not bad for someone who used to sew Brownie badges to sashes with the machine!


Hexie fabric a mix of repurposed clothes, vintage fabric, Cath Kidston, Tanya Whelan and others.  All from stash - oh forgot to say some of the hexie fabrics were courtesy of Louise and about 5 were from Janet Bolton's stash.  Janet taught a workshop at Louise's and I was cheeky and asked if I could have one tiny piece of fabric to make a hexie and she kindly said 'take what you want'.  I took about 5 pieces and incorporated them into the quilt.  

Backing pale blue and white polka dots - from car boot.

Trim Patons 4ply cotton in pink.

No batting - I wasn't sure what to do about batting and decided to go without as I didn't have any in my stash and wanted to keep the cost down.  I am glad I did as quilting has given the piece a lovely texture and it is a really good weight.

Pattern for the trim - very easy but effective - chain 3 then in the first chain do two double crochet (uk terms) repeat until trim is long enough.  

Postie just been more wool and a new craft book - yeah.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Nellie's Prom

Last Friday was Nellie's prom.  She had not decided for definite that she was going until 2 weeks before.  Luckily  it took only two hours in TK Max to find a beautiful dress, one trip to John Lewis for her dancing shoes, new underwear (sucky in pants as we call them) and a home-made fascinator.  She chose to use a vintage handbag and wear her Great Nan Lily's diamante necklace.  She looked beautiful.

I was so proud of her.  Nellie has had a really tricky time.  At the age of 10 she developed Alopecia Aerata  it wasn't too bad and could be disguised.  She also has had severe eczema  since she was born - yes you can be born with eczema.  Her alopecia and eczema became more and more difficult to manage from about the age of 13.  When she was 15 she was diagnosed with an under active thyroid gland and now has to take tablets to control this. Phew - she has had a tough time and it has resulted in her missing lots of time off school. She has never said 'why me' - she is not perfect though and has had a tough time.  At about the time she discovered her thyroid problem her hair was becoming increasingly worse and she decided that she wanted to do something about it.  She now has two 'twigs' as we call them and she wore her new curly one for the prom and it looked fabulous.  Nellie had a super night and was really glad that she went.

Love you Nellie    xxxxx

Monday, 9 May 2011

Saltaire Take Two

On Sunday we decided to visit Saltaire near Bradford.  We encourage Nellie and Belle to join us and they did - yeah.  Betty had uni work to  do so she stayed at home - actually she took her laptop to the pub where she works to do it.  Not sure how much got done but as the Diet Police are on patrol I know she was not drinking - only pop.

Saltaire is a great place to visit as it has something for everyone.  On first floor is a gallery with lots of faberoony art and artefacts.  There is also a vast variety of books on art, fashion, graphics, design etc.  K was in his element he is partial to a good book purchase and is always tempted.  He is thrifty though and always checks online before he purchases to get the best price.  He ordered two books when he got home and I don't know how it  happened but two from my selection popped up in his basket.  Thanks K.  Amazon were very kind  and because he is a good customer gave him a £10 voucher.  Not bad.

On the second floor Yorkshire Fashion Archive had an exhibition - it was well worth a visit.  Not only did they have items of clothing that had been donated they have photographs of the people who owned them wearing them and their story.  Goosebump time - well for me anyway - I really enjoy social history and nostalgia.

Does this make you chuckle?

It did me!

This homemade wedding dress from the late 1950's was a pale salmon pink - the lady who made it and wore it said she didn't suit white and that it reminded her of her school blouses so she went for the pink - apparently it was becoming fashionable in the late 50's to wear pink - you  learn something new everyday don't you.

Here she is on her Wedding Day - isn't is gorgeous

The lady who made and designed this dress also screen printed the fabric - she was an art student - as Nellie and I said it wouldn't look out of place now.


This happy couple  were just about to go on honeymoon to Wales

The dress was really pretty

This outfit looks very 40's but was actually a 1970's piece

BIG collar and looked like crimpoline - nice.

We did partake in a little snackette from the Diner.

There was a great household items section with super stuff but NO PHOTOS so can't share.  I can share that a few items were purchased to go in my giveaway which I will post about very soon.

After a good stoll around the mill we venture a little into the village.  Houses all in rows with beautiful windows, stately looking lions

and rainbow llamas

Nellie and Belle

Having fun watching a film of David Hockney's latest work which he has created using his i-pad.

We had a great day and as we were walking out I said to the girl's that was great fun, we all stayed together as a family and didn't split up -ha ha said Nellie quick as a flash - that's cos you have the money.  Only  joking she said. 

Why Saltaire twice you may wonder - well the last time we went just K and I we had a fuss - code for argument in the Diner and I had a strop and demanded to be taken home.  What was it about - oh just the saga of the dresser top being returned into the house from the garage.  Very serious at the time really silly now. Good job we know each other and our quirky ways so well.

Friday, 6 May 2011


Nephew H was off school today as his school was being used as the polling station.  So he came to ours for the morning whilst his mummy was at work.  We had decided before to take a picnic to Clumber Park as it is almost on our doorstep and we have a National Trust card so entry for us is free.

Picnic packed

Almost ready to eat

Betty's bag that we made together - think I may have to borrow it (a lot)

Betty having her coffee out of her new mug - she was upset later as I dropped it and the enamel chipped off both inside and out.  Think I might have a chat with Cath to see if she can sort it out.

My new pumps - they have not left my feet since I bought them at the weekend - well I haven't slept in them unlike my LSJ who always took her new shoes to bed with her when she was little.

One happy H with his new bow and arrow which he bought with his pocket money.

One happy pooch who had been hiding bread in the undergrowth for when he returns another day - doh!

Looks like The Green Man - photos have gone blurry 

A random smiley face Nellie found when she opened a new pot of jam.

We had a good picnic we had a few spots of rain and it was a little cool but we coped with that.  What we did find off putting was the presence of flies.  I don't know what kind they were but they sort of hung in the air were very black with long dangling legs not like a house fly more like a big midge.  They were horrid.  We did try and go on a brisk walk but had to turn around because they were hung in big clouds.  Yuk.  Hope they have gone next time we visit.  Must go now am still in bed and I had given myself until 9.00 am sharp to look at blogs and post this and as it is 9.18 I am late.  I like to chunk my day - do you?