Monday, 31 January 2011


I went to a White on White workshop at Hope and Elvis.  I had decided before I went that I wanted to make a needle work roll from a  book called Quilt Yourself Georgous by Mandy Shaw.

I started by choosing lots of vintage textiles and I know they are not all white but that is the beauty of Louise's workshops there are no hard and fast rules you can really do what you please.  I then pieced them in a crazy patch style onto a piece of sturdy calico.  I did follow the instructions - a bit - I am more of a look see person who just has a look and then make it my own way but I must say the instructions were well written.  I was extremely proud of my zip.  I haven't put a  zip in anything for years and years and years.  I pinned and then tacked and then used the zipper foot and yipee it worked and was relatively neat.  Result.  I then went on to sew on ribbons for pockets for pens, scissors, bits and bobs.  I did make some mistakes along the way and I didn't finish completely yesterday as it needed a bound edge.  I decided to do this at home so I could make something else.  Thats the other fabby thing about Louise's workshops there is no limit to what you make.  So if you are speedy you could end up with a few items - the first time I went it was to a jewellery workshop and I made 3 boroches, 2 bracelets, 2 pairs of ear rings, a bag dangly and flower corsage. I will post another day my other piece.  I am really really pleased with the finished item and it is for me,me,me.  Lots of things I make I give to people as gifts because that's what I enjoy doing making and giving but not this time thank you this one is all mine. 

Crazy patch outer cover WIP

Inside pocket with a ZIP

Close  up of ZIP - see my tacking!!!

Tea and Tunnocks

Inside - pockets for pens and bits and bobs

Pretty as a Picture - all wrapped up

Inside the wrap - look at all those storage possibilities!!

The outside - pretty repurposed textiles

Goodnight all



Hen said...

That's so cute, I really love that, well done you. I'll have to seek the book out. I have heard good things about Louise and the workshops she runs. If only I wasn't a million miles away. That said, I have signed up for a course in Cornwall in June!
Hen x

Sally said...

Love your crazy patchwork, the fabrics are fantastic. I've got collection of tablecloths, tray cloths and napkins that I hope one day to sew into a big tablecloth when inspiration strikes. Will be great to finally meet later in the month! I'm zipping today as well on a cushion and I have never put in a zip in my life, so seeing it all tacked out is very useful thanks!