Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Getting nothing Done

I am really enjoying this new found hobby of mine and I never realised how much fun it would be - I have one problem though - well actually I have got quite a few but I think today I will just chat about this one.  I am getting nothing done.  Its 9.20 and I have been up a little while but I have done nothing except graze around Blog Land.  I am now commenting on blog's whereas before I would just have a little look but not know how to comment.  The house is a tip and here I am grazing.  Ah well as my Dad used to say 'I know what you girls are all about.  You do as you please all day then about half an hour before the old man gets in you shove the hoover around, dust, put the tea on, scruff up your hair and then declare to said other half 'gosh I have been so busy all day'.  How true.  Well it is for me - well actually it's not I normally just say 'house is a tip but I have had a great day pootling I couldn't be arsed to fettle'.  Am I allowed to say arse in blog land?

I did see on a blog yesterday where someone had put a photo of her sshh whisper (i r o n i n g   p i l e) she challenged people to show corners of their homes which are not so pretty.   I can't wait, I am up for that, I think I will post one pretty photo then one scruffy mucky photo (as in untidy not something unsavoury).  I can't remember who it was - as I said I have been spending too much time here - but I will find out and do a link to her page then I will show and tell the murky corners of my home and TRY and shame myself into cleaning them up.   Found the blog Ramblings of an Everyday Mummy.

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Sally said...

Haha, yep me too as my husband often comments! Wake up, cup of tea, catch up with blogs. Take kids to school, catch up with more blogs. I did take a picture of my ironing pile last week (which I did manage to clear in front of a good film on Sunday) but was waaaay to embarrassed to post it as it took up a whole sofa.