Friday, 31 December 2010

Home Alone

Felling a little better. Had some tea and and the dizziness is under control I think.  I am home alone tho.  Betty and Antanon have gone to a house party, Nellie is working in a local community hall and Belle DD3 has gone to spend the NY with her friend.  Mr K has gone into town (Sheffield) with my BIL and my two nephews.  So I am home alone - do I mind - no - not at all.  I'm in my pj's sat on the sofa, sewing by my side and the dog near my feet.  Well actually he keeps running off to the other room to have his 'own space'.  I'm as happy as Larry.  I have been making suffolk puffs (yo yo's) from my feedsack fabric that I bought recently from ebay.  I don't know what I am going to do with them - ideas greatfully received.  HNY.

My little suffolk puffs - I am v proud of this photo as I have downloaded it all my myself like a big girl.

Its not a fab photo though - never mind it's a start.

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Hen said...

Something I want to do is sew them all together, edge to edge, and use them as a cushion front.
Hen x