Friday, 25 November 2011

About Time

I am a bad blogger.

I am overdue with my postings.  I apologise Diane for the very late write up of our great day out.

Last Saturday I went out on a bloggy meet up with Diane from Heart Shaped.  Diane had a vague idea of where we were going but it was a bit of a mystery to her.  She arrived at my house after a little detour.  I have always struggled to tell my left from my right and my instructions were not quite perfect.  Anyhow she arrived bearing gifts for my girl's and lovely gifts they were too.

Pretty flower corsages and hand made ear-rings

Oh and I got a pile of Coast and Cornwall magazines to read at my leisure.

We set off towards Worksop and soon ended up at the workshop of Louise at
Mary Jane Baxter, Milliner, Journalist, Book writer (oh thats an author) and teacher of all things fabulous. was at the studio.  We popped in to have a look around, meet Mary Jane, chat to Louise and browse in the shop.  Lovely.  Louise has a facebook page where you can see all the beautiful hats and fascinators people made on the day - if you wish to take a peek.  After this we whizzed to Ollerton to visit Heath's store which sells vast amounts of fabric and wool and all associated niceties.  Next we went to Southwell and we had a lovely stroll around.  We went in all the charity shops, visited Nellie in the Shed, toured the many other shops and then decided that we needed to stop and eat and drink.  Do you know we talked non-stop.  We then jumped in the car and pootled to Reg Taylors Garden Centre for afternoon tea.  It was yummy - as usual.  By this time is was dark so we made our way home.  It was a super day out. 

Sorry about the lack of photos - I didn't take any.  Bad blogger - I was far too busy chatting to get my phone out of my bag. 

Just so you know Diane took some photos so if you pop over you can take a look.  Tell her I sent you.

Oh and if anyone is around my area this weekend it is the open weekend at the, Welbeck, Notts.  All the artists studios are open, there is a craft event, food, drink and lots of festivies.  Come and say hello to Louise (I will be there too).  It is on Saturday and Sunday 10 am to 4 pm. 

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Gallavanting Gadabouts

I'm going out today with Diane.  I'm excited but not dressed yet.  I have dropped hints as to where we are going but not said properly so it's kind of a Mystery Tour.  I'm sure it will be fun.  Will be back at a later date so you can see where we have been and what we have got up to. 

Blogland is fab isn't it.

Better get dressed or Diane will be seeing my in my Bagpuss dressing gown and my granny slippers - no I do not wear curlers.  But there's an idea.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011


- no not that kind.  The James C Brett kind. 

When I was in St Ives I popped into the lovely little wool shop down by the sea front.  The House of Bartlett is tucked way down a tiny arcade off Wharf Road.  It really is worth a little trip just to delight in all its glorious wooliness.  Kay is really friendly and was delighteddwhen I popped back to show her my finished item. 

I made the scarf using just two balls of Passion which is a chunky wool with a 70/30 acrylic wool mix.  I was inspired to making it after finding these in a charity shop in Helston.  It only costs £4 per ball too - thats a bargain.

Yeah Rowan Magazines for 99p each.  Yes I did buy all nine and yes I did drool over them all holiday. 

One of the magazines had a floral wrap in it.  I decided just to use one of the floral motifs and make a scarf.  I joined the flowers together as I went along.  The colour changes in the yarn were fabulous and eliminated the need to change colours in each individual flower.  I just carried on making flowers until I had no more twist.  I managed to get 18 flowers in total and each flower is approx 5 inches across so it makes for a good snuggly scarf.

They really were quick to make and once I had made a couple I didn't need to use the pattern any more.

Mildred was not happy to be draped in an old blanket but the scarf really did clash with her 1950's outfit.

I tried an arty shot - do you know scarfs are really hard to photograph.  I did try one of the scarf draped around my neck but my chings (good typo) chins got in the way.  So they were retired to the rubbish bin.

Drapey and cosy and snuggly and soft.  I am pleased with my flowery scarf - can you tell! 

Going now have been on the net a while, checked ebay sales, looked at Facebook, scanned through a few blogs, typed a post what did i do before - not much I say. 

Bye for now.

Have you spotted a few decorations are sneeking into our home.  Its beginning!

Oh yeah must tell you all LSJ proudly phoned me on Sunday to tell me she had completed her Christmas shopping!  Well done!  - do you want to do mine now?  Thought not.

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Two Girls one Boy and a Dog

went for a lovely walk on a beautifully sunny morning.

two girls spotty and stripy

all wrapped up - i didn't need to be it was really quite warm

K looking good in his gaitors - it was really muddy

Dylan what have you got? A bone or a twig - what is it?

A Barbie leg - yuk - how did it get there - oh yes it did have a foot until Dyl got it.  He promptly ran off and hid it under some bushes we tricked him though and went a different way home. 

over the bridge - trit trot

skinny paths

not mushroom around here - random mushroom nailed to a tree - because!

Kennels - no thanks said Dyl - this is the road way home.  It is a hill and really quite steep.  Named because the Duke of Leeds had the kennels for his hounds around here.  His large country house was also nearby at Kiveton although it is long gone.

We had a lovely walk all on foot from our doorstep to the fields takes around 5 minutes we really should do it more often.

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Mmm Pie

Nellie made a pie.

Oh yeah.  Looks yummy.  Apple and caramel.  Served with double cream.  Yeah.

Saturday Sundae

A few weeks ago we happened to have a glorious sunny day.  The girl's asked if we could nip to Clumber Park for an evening picnic to take advantage of the weather.  Well of course we obliged and as we hadn't any picnic food in the house we stopped at Sainsbury's on the way.  The only item we took with us was ice cream sundae glasses that we had acquired at a local car boot that day and some spoons and a flask of coffee.  Here's what we ended up with.

Yum ice cream, brownies, shortbread, sprinkles.

Ah a little portion of fresh fruit

Voila one huge monster ice cream sundae

With a strawberry, spinkles and squirty cream on top.

Happy times

Happy faces

It was a great evening, the dog had a run around, we laughed and chatted and enjoyed our Saturday Sundae very much!

The girl's will be happy now I have posted this they had asked me numerous times if I have 'Saturday Sundaed yet' now I have.  Have a good weekend.  We are having a family bonfire tea.  Chilli, jackets, hot dogs, caramel apple pie (thank you Nellie), parkin etc.  Yum again. 

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Snap Shots

Great holiday.  Lots of fun.  Lots of rain.  Lots of walking.  Lots of eating.  Lots of charity shopping. 

On the rocks

One man and his dog

a girl and a rough sea

bit of crochet and a snoozy pooch

my dinner

dogs dinner - yeah check out that hotel - dog treats with a napkin served when we had our lunch - Godolphin Hotel, Marazion doggies very welcome.

Caravan step pumpkin display - one of the mini ones went missing - we like to think that a mummy rabbit sole it to feed her babies

lunch in the rain


very low tide at St Ives Harbour

Made me chuckle

Time to go home.

Good times.