Monday, 31 January 2011


Today I have been to work AGAIN different place though - I had a really good day - did sticking and gluing and sick bucket duty today - ah variety is the spice of life.  Going again on Friday I enjoyed it so much. 

Today I spoke to my Little SisterJ (LSJ) on the phone.  Yesterday she text and said she had read the blog and she had left a comment which made me laugh.  LSJ said she had found out more info from the blog than she knew before - that's possibly not true as there are some things I share with her that I couldn't share with you.  She wasn't even cross that I had told you all that she was 40.  Haha.  She did say that she had never ever ever looked at a blog before and now she has had a peek at quite a few.  She was also AMAZED that I am NOT the only person in the world who roots around car boots and charity shops for vintage stuff.  Imagine that she really thought I was one of a kind - it was so funny- and she has now even forgiven me for making her wait in the car whilst I foraged for old ladies tablecloths in the Charity Shop.  I did of course invite her into said charity shop for a root around but she very poltely declined. which is good -one less person to compete with for the vintage stuff LOL.

Big SisterG (BSG) commented on one post saying what you been doing you haven't posted -pressure or what! So here you are BSG two post in one night albeit one without a photo.

Talking of photo's I know I said I would post the mucky corners of my home well on Saturday I wondered around the front room taking photos of the corners and the piles and the shoe rack in the hall.  K asked what I was doing and I told him I was doing it for the blog - WHAT he exclaimed you are putting it on the internet for all to see.  Yeah I replied - it's to motivate ME - you know photo of it messy then photo when I have tidied it up - good motivation I thought.  Hrumph was the reply - I didn't post the photos but guess what I tidied one corner and K did all the hall, paired up shoes, put away shoes, swept floor, hoovered, mopped, put rug in WASHER and it looked marvelous so ladies and gents a top tip - take photos of your mucky corners - and your other half might tidy it up.  GREAT SUCCESS in my book.  I must tell you all though that K is very domesticated and it is not unusual for him to clean, wash, iron etc and when I was working full time we did have half shares in domestic duties so I don't want you to think that he doesn't do owt on the domestic front because he does just not as much now I am a stay at home mum.



I went to a White on White workshop at Hope and Elvis.  I had decided before I went that I wanted to make a needle work roll from a  book called Quilt Yourself Georgous by Mandy Shaw.

I started by choosing lots of vintage textiles and I know they are not all white but that is the beauty of Louise's workshops there are no hard and fast rules you can really do what you please.  I then pieced them in a crazy patch style onto a piece of sturdy calico.  I did follow the instructions - a bit - I am more of a look see person who just has a look and then make it my own way but I must say the instructions were well written.  I was extremely proud of my zip.  I haven't put a  zip in anything for years and years and years.  I pinned and then tacked and then used the zipper foot and yipee it worked and was relatively neat.  Result.  I then went on to sew on ribbons for pockets for pens, scissors, bits and bobs.  I did make some mistakes along the way and I didn't finish completely yesterday as it needed a bound edge.  I decided to do this at home so I could make something else.  Thats the other fabby thing about Louise's workshops there is no limit to what you make.  So if you are speedy you could end up with a few items - the first time I went it was to a jewellery workshop and I made 3 boroches, 2 bracelets, 2 pairs of ear rings, a bag dangly and flower corsage. I will post another day my other piece.  I am really really pleased with the finished item and it is for me,me,me.  Lots of things I make I give to people as gifts because that's what I enjoy doing making and giving but not this time thank you this one is all mine. 

Crazy patch outer cover WIP

Inside pocket with a ZIP

Close  up of ZIP - see my tacking!!!

Tea and Tunnocks

Inside - pockets for pens and bits and bobs

Pretty as a Picture - all wrapped up

Inside the wrap - look at all those storage possibilities!!

The outside - pretty repurposed textiles

Goodnight all


Friday, 28 January 2011

Busy Week

Had a really busy week this week.  Been to the studio of my friend Louise of Hope and Elvis to give her a hand getting ready for the White Work workshop on Sunday.  I have also been TO WORK.  I haven't worked for some time - I trained to be a Nursery Nurse and worked in a school for 4 years as a Teaching Assistant - but haven't worked for some time.  I am registered with a Supply Agency and on Thursday I went to work in a Children's Centre it was great fun - I remembered how much I love reading stories to little people and singing songs (badly) as well.  It was a lovely place to work and hope they ask me back.  Today I have been out with my two good friends.  We went to Ecclesall Road area in Sheffield.  This is just outside town and has independent shops, charity shops, places to eat etc.  We had such fun.  First we stopped for coffee and breakfast then shopped a bit.  Then lunch at The Greedy Greek - yummy.  Then a little more shopping - then tea and cake in Fancie on Sharrowvale Road.  The cup cakes there are enormous, your tea is served in mix and match china.  My friends hadn't been in there before and really enjoyed it.  I should tell you about the time I went in there with K and was so busy not taking any notice of what I was doing I poured my tea into the pretty china milk jug - I laughed so much I could hardly breathe and the young girls in there thought I was quite mad. 

My friend S bought a print from A Month of Sundays which is a shop owned and run by Sheffield Artist Pete McKee.  It depicts a dog peering over the edge of a table looking at a piece of pork pie and two pickled onions - sounds odd but it is really endearing.  Pete Mckee served us in the shop and it was good to meet the artist in person.  If you get the chance have a look at his art online you won't be disappointed.

Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Thats Enough Deborah

Tried to find the blog I mentioned previously sorry I can't - does anyone know if you can find a list of the comments you have left on other peoples blog's.  That might be quicker.  I am going to have to go now.  I shall now tell myself 'get off your bottom and do something'.  Did you notice I called myself Deborah - its my name I know but normally only used when I was getting told off as a child.  It is also pronnounced - in my case - Deb or ah not Debra - and as a child I remember having to tell people - as instructed by mum and dad 'my name is Deborah not Debbie'.  I was however called Debbie by lots of people over the years and still am by some but never by my family I have always been Deb or Deb's and don't really care for Debbie much.  I do get annoyed - sometimes - when I tell people my name is Debs and they then straight away call me Debbie.  Oh that was a ramble. GO AND DO SOMETHING USEFUL. 

Getting nothing Done

I am really enjoying this new found hobby of mine and I never realised how much fun it would be - I have one problem though - well actually I have got quite a few but I think today I will just chat about this one.  I am getting nothing done.  Its 9.20 and I have been up a little while but I have done nothing except graze around Blog Land.  I am now commenting on blog's whereas before I would just have a little look but not know how to comment.  The house is a tip and here I am grazing.  Ah well as my Dad used to say 'I know what you girls are all about.  You do as you please all day then about half an hour before the old man gets in you shove the hoover around, dust, put the tea on, scruff up your hair and then declare to said other half 'gosh I have been so busy all day'.  How true.  Well it is for me - well actually it's not I normally just say 'house is a tip but I have had a great day pootling I couldn't be arsed to fettle'.  Am I allowed to say arse in blog land?

I did see on a blog yesterday where someone had put a photo of her sshh whisper (i r o n i n g   p i l e) she challenged people to show corners of their homes which are not so pretty.   I can't wait, I am up for that, I think I will post one pretty photo then one scruffy mucky photo (as in untidy not something unsavoury).  I can't remember who it was - as I said I have been spending too much time here - but I will find out and do a link to her page then I will show and tell the murky corners of my home and TRY and shame myself into cleaning them up.   Found the blog Ramblings of an Everyday Mummy.

Sunday, 23 January 2011

A Few Tears

Image from Diane's post

I have just read a lovely post on diane's blog about a book my Aunty Ann wrote about the place she was brought up.  It gave me goosebumps and then I did have a few tears.  Obviously I know my Aunty wrote the book I have my own signed copy but to hear someone elses review of it was really special.  My family, my history, my lovely Dad and his family - Oh i'm crying again - I will do a post on the book soon and show you my photo in there and I will point out the very handsome young man that is my Dad.  Gosh I miss him so much.  Good night all. 


Where has she Gone

I think a crime has been committed, actually I know, I placed Bronwyn my new dolly on my sewing table in the Back Room (as opposed to the front room - quaint - its not it's a 1960's semi) and she has GONE.  Nellie and Belle are going to be in big trouble - I am now going to go and look for a ransom note. 

Well Done Miranda

She is now officially the Queen of Comedy.  I actually think we may be related (not really but some of the stuff she does in her show I do too). 

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Gonna party like its my brthday

I can because it is.  I have had a super day.  Pressies this morning, family and friends calling around.  I had decided what I would like to do for my birthday.  A trip out to here

The Antiques Centre Newark

The Antiques Centre in Newark.  Its great fun having a good ole root around.  I bought a few bits today some sheet music, a box of old haberdashery for £1, an old map of Sheffield and sewing pattern.  We then had a quick walk around Newark and I got these in a charity shop.

Two little deer sat in a ring box
Then off we went to enjoy this - yum yum.

Can you see K trying not to get in the photo - I did get some strange looks whilst taking this photo - do other bloggers find this.  It was lovely.  The place is Reg Taylors garden centre which is just outside Southwell.  It has the cafe, plants, gift shop and a swan sanctuary (I think) we worth a trip if you are local. 

After enjoying this we went into the centre of Southwell to a shop called Nellie in the Shed.

I can't get this the right way around - sorry you will have to adjust your head instead.

It has all manner of spiffing stuff but I went especially for some Annie Sloan paint.  I am going to paint my old fashioned dresser in Old White.  I don't  know if you have heard of this paint but you do not have to do any preparation - you heard - no sanding, no priming, no nothing.  Can not wait to get started.  I will do some before and after shots - well if it turns out ok - if it looks like a dog's dinner then you will hear nothing  I will pretend it didn't happen.  After Nellie's we had a little look around the shop's there are lots of independent shops but we just nipped into the charity shops.  I bought a dolly.  She was in the window and as soon as I spotted her and saw the price ticket I said 'oh she is going to be mine' 'you must be joking' said K - 'watch this I said - it's my birthday and I will get her if I want' - yes I was being bossy - it is allowed on your birthday.  Here she is.  The Girl's hate her and have said they will do lots of horrid stuff to her eg. cut off her hair, burn her toes and suck out her eyes with the hoover.  The latter is impossible because Jimmy the Hoover is deceased - he bit the dust (ha ha - that is a joke) last week.  She is beautiful, really she is.

Don't you just think she is super.  A Welsh lady with her own outfit which is attached to her with safety pins and she has shoes and socks and PANTS.  I think she is fab - every one else in the house thinks I am quite batty.  Even Dyl the Dog was intrigued and gave her a good old sniff.  She has a little tag on her saying dressed in North Wales by Welsh people I wonder if they noticed the stamp on the back of her neck which says Made in England.  I am not sure where she is going to live - I did threaten the girls that she could reside in the messiest bedroom - Belle did not like that idea and has already named her Chuckalina sister of Chuckie.  I hope she hasn't listened to them she will be afronted.

Next stop was Heath's Country Store in Ollerton a super duper shop that I have frequented for quite a few years.  It is packed to the rafters with wool, fabric and notions.  Here are a few photos - I love the patchwork lady and vintage quilts in the window display.

If you are ever in the area do call in you won't be disappointed.  Going to close now this Birthday Girl is a little weary.  Good night.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

So Funny

Just to prove how inept I am at this blogging malarky I have just received a comment on my previous post which was really funny and I actually laughed til I cried.  Trying to reply to the said comment - who is also my first follower - A FOLLOWER - what me - I became a follower of myself.  This has made me howl with laughter and also my whole family.  I never knew blogging would be so much fun.  (As I said in my previous post I need to go to Blogging School - maybe that could be a business plan for someone).

Also laughing at dearest Nellie she is p****d off as I have come up with a cunning plan.  If her bedroom is not tidy by the end of the month I am moving her into the tiny bedroom and making her room into my craft room and K's project room.  This has not gone down well as you can imagine and she insists that it will not happen - aha I said I think you  may find it will if your room is not tidy.  (I am talking major untidy not just a little bit messy).  SO amongst the laughter from K and myself Nellie resorted to 'if you move me into the little room I will be moving out' - RESULT.  I had tears rolling down my face.  Teenagers are wonderful arn't they.  I did say to Nell I can't wait for you to have your own children - when you ask me advice I will just laugh and say remember when.  Of course I wouldn't really do that - I was a teenager once and was not perfect.  Belle has gone to bed it was all too much for her.

Actually what I was going to post about tonight was this little pin cushion I whipped up.  I made it from an old felted piece of blanket - I wanted it to look a little bit like a boater hat, when I rummaged through my ribbon box I found the ribbon complete with boater stylee bow - recycled from a chrissy present I think.  You like.  Maybe I could do a tutorial.  That would be clever wouldn't it.  We shall see as you all now know my blogging skills are still not quite as good as they should be. 

Where did you get that hat, where did you get that hat?
Good night I am now going to try and unfollow myself.  LOL lots.


Yesterday I took Dyl for a lovely walk in the sunshine.  We went down to the local canal.  The sun was shining, the birds were singing and I didn't wear a coat although I did tuck in my vest. I have actually written a long post, posted lots of lovely pictures but when I looked at my blog page it was all gobbledegook.  Don't know what I did.  Do you know what - that post took me ages I even gave a salute to all you bloggers who do lovely long posts with lots of photos and then mine turns out rubbish.  Oh well - must try harder - wonder if there is a school for Bloggers.  That would be fun - I think.  Anyhow here's one picture of our walk.  This is my favourite bridge and i am quite pleased with how the picture turned out.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Helloo to G my Big Sister are you out there.  I have just admitted to my sister that I have a blog and she is reading it now.  Helllloooooooooo.  Check this out big sister see what i've been up to.  LOVE YOU.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Such Fun

On Thursday I went shopping with my friend Louise.  No girly clothes shopping or boring food shopping but charity shop, flea market shopping.  The best kind in my opinion.  We went to a town that has a pretty church and The Shambles but it wasn't York.  It was market day and boy oh boy there was plenty to be had.  Louise and I split up and went out foraging for goodies of the second hand vintage type and we were not disappointed. 

 Look at all this - it was such good fun gather all the goodies together and then comparing what we had bought - it was also great fun to shop with someone else who gets it.  We were very civilised as well we didn't fight each other for anything - that's friendship.  It was also interesting as we both spotted different items and seemed to home in on different styles.

Can you make out what I got (actually this wasn't all of it - some of it was already in the wash - a pair of 1930's/1940's mens trousers which are hand made with button fly, buttons for braces and turn ups on the bottom.  Everyone in the house was grossed out - there were slightly dirty - but they are fab and would be great for re-enactment or a Lindy Hopper.  I also got a lovely mirror with bevel edges but that is still in the boot. 

 Look at these lovely old books.  The Ladybird one was printed in the 70's I believe but the illustrations are very 40's - I love it.  I also got the stories for bedtime and a book for girls, an old Peoples Friend craft book with great sewing and knitting patterns for toys.

 Sweet little candles for Christmas not sure how old they are but the snowman has a label on which is Gaybrite candles so thinking they are quite old as this wouldn't have been used after maybe 60's -  any ideas anyone?

Some coloured knitting needles, pretty cream and sugar bowl, nursery fabric, glass bowls and a faberoony sewing basket.  Just what I needed - My name is Debs and I'm a basketaholic springs to mind.  I do have quite a few.

 Old receipts and bills from a shop in Sheffield - will have to do some research.  They are fascinating and contain letters and advertising which is delightful.  K sat for ages looking at them and laughing the language they used back then was so different to now.  I think the chap owed money to some people and he was asked to be most polite when speaking to Mr Brown - in other words you owe money so do not get stroppy.

Oh I forgot I got the little boot egg cup and some 1960's funky floral curtains - terry towelling- these would look super in a vintage caravan.  I suggested putting them in our bathroom - uh oh - was the reaction from the family.  I also got a book of poems by Edward Lear which is charming lots of funny illustrations and verses.  Hours of entertainment.

A pretty good stash I think - probably cost me about £25 tops.  What fun much more entertaining that going clothes shopping who would want a new top when you can have all those goodies for less.  JOY.

Some of this is for me, me, me and some I think I will put on ebay.  Decisions, decisions.

Speak soon.


Oh whilst previewing I realised I hadn't mentioned the china cat and dog, the vintage cloth, the German biscuit tin, the Ford motor car pin dish.  Gosh I did get a lot didn't I - then I wonder why my house is always messy.  Mmm.  That doesn't take much working out does it.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Cakes for Betty

Betty was due to return from her holiday in France on Sunday evening so I set about making her some fairy cakes to welcome her back.  Also she had not had a cake on her actually birthday - we tried Nellie baked her a large cupcake cake but alas it was not in the oven long enough and the middle was runny.  Disappointing but after a blast in the microwave it was delicious with custard.  Nellie is a very good baker and cook - she is dreadfully messy whilst she is doing it - but I suppose I can cope with that - I can, I can - actually I can't the mess is awful yukity yuk.

I have got some lovely photos but I can't download them it is taking ageeeees.  Any tips on downloading would be most appreciated.

Anyhow as Betty was going away the day after her birthday we decided it wasn't a good idea to make another one.  I did tell her that there would be something on her return.  Whilst in bed, not sleeping so well, ideas popped into my little brain.  Disney themed fairy cakes - the possibilities were endless.  I had a few ideas of my own and then I Googled - or Boogled - myself silly with all the ideas. 

I bought the cakes from Morrisons - thinking it would save me time - it did.  It also made is easier to ice they were all the same shape and size so I didnt have to bake loads of cakes to get the right shapes etc.  We had 12 each to decorate Nellie and Belle made theirs after I had done mine.  I had great fun but Belle got a little bored with hers so I finished them off with some ready made frosting from Morrisons.  A new line I think I didnt like it much it had a strange texture - taste not bad - but not as good as home made buttercream icing.
I was going to do a reveal here with a photo of the cakes but I can't seem to get the photos on here.  I will try tomorrow because I really must go to bed now I am fair tuckered.  (very tired).

Can you see this - I did it - I got a picture on and it only took seconds not half an hour - Great success

The alien from Toy Story

Drink me from Alice in Wonderland and a Fairy Wand

Can you see any more?

A toadstool from Alice, a fairy crown, 101 dalmations, mickey and minne and a glass slipper.  I had such fun.  Actually I think my bestest favourite is the top one with the tiny flowers and pearls and SPARKLES or if you are from Yorkshire  shunkley (don't know how you spell it).  

Well photos on but font is different and I don't know why.  Ah variety is the spice of life.

Been charity shop shopping today - so exciting - well for me anyway going again tomorrow with my friend Louise we are going to race each other around the market to get the best buys.  Ha Ha wonder who will win.  Will post about it tomorrow and show and tell my purchases

Sunday, 2 January 2011

21 Tomorrow

Our eldest daughter is 21 tomorrow.  That's a big number you know.  I can't really believe it that 21 years ago as now I was in hospital awaiting the arrival of No 1 Daughter.  Have a happy happy day Betty love you lots.  She is celebrating by going to Paris and Disneyland Paris with her boyfriend and she is verrrrrrrrrrry excited.   Here is the card I made her to hold her gift of money - she couldn't think of anything she really wanted so money it is.  Thanks to Diane  I completely copied her idea for the card from one of her recent posts and she was kind enough to advise me on how to go about it.  Many thanks.  I am rather pleased how it turned out.  I have used a bit too much double sided tape but hey its fine, it looks fine.  What do you think?

A pleasing result!

Can you remember what you had for your 21st?  I had a string of pearls and lots of Wedgewood china.  Somehow I don't think that would suit today's modern miss.   I  must say I am not TOO old still under Fifty (I'd like to think I said that in a Miranda fashion to camera and mouthing it without actually saying it).  I digress so I shall be say goodbye now.  Bye.