Saturday, 15 January 2011

Such Fun

On Thursday I went shopping with my friend Louise.  No girly clothes shopping or boring food shopping but charity shop, flea market shopping.  The best kind in my opinion.  We went to a town that has a pretty church and The Shambles but it wasn't York.  It was market day and boy oh boy there was plenty to be had.  Louise and I split up and went out foraging for goodies of the second hand vintage type and we were not disappointed. 

 Look at all this - it was such good fun gather all the goodies together and then comparing what we had bought - it was also great fun to shop with someone else who gets it.  We were very civilised as well we didn't fight each other for anything - that's friendship.  It was also interesting as we both spotted different items and seemed to home in on different styles.

Can you make out what I got (actually this wasn't all of it - some of it was already in the wash - a pair of 1930's/1940's mens trousers which are hand made with button fly, buttons for braces and turn ups on the bottom.  Everyone in the house was grossed out - there were slightly dirty - but they are fab and would be great for re-enactment or a Lindy Hopper.  I also got a lovely mirror with bevel edges but that is still in the boot. 

 Look at these lovely old books.  The Ladybird one was printed in the 70's I believe but the illustrations are very 40's - I love it.  I also got the stories for bedtime and a book for girls, an old Peoples Friend craft book with great sewing and knitting patterns for toys.

 Sweet little candles for Christmas not sure how old they are but the snowman has a label on which is Gaybrite candles so thinking they are quite old as this wouldn't have been used after maybe 60's -  any ideas anyone?

Some coloured knitting needles, pretty cream and sugar bowl, nursery fabric, glass bowls and a faberoony sewing basket.  Just what I needed - My name is Debs and I'm a basketaholic springs to mind.  I do have quite a few.

 Old receipts and bills from a shop in Sheffield - will have to do some research.  They are fascinating and contain letters and advertising which is delightful.  K sat for ages looking at them and laughing the language they used back then was so different to now.  I think the chap owed money to some people and he was asked to be most polite when speaking to Mr Brown - in other words you owe money so do not get stroppy.

Oh I forgot I got the little boot egg cup and some 1960's funky floral curtains - terry towelling- these would look super in a vintage caravan.  I suggested putting them in our bathroom - uh oh - was the reaction from the family.  I also got a book of poems by Edward Lear which is charming lots of funny illustrations and verses.  Hours of entertainment.

A pretty good stash I think - probably cost me about £25 tops.  What fun much more entertaining that going clothes shopping who would want a new top when you can have all those goodies for less.  JOY.

Some of this is for me, me, me and some I think I will put on ebay.  Decisions, decisions.

Speak soon.


Oh whilst previewing I realised I hadn't mentioned the china cat and dog, the vintage cloth, the German biscuit tin, the Ford motor car pin dish.  Gosh I did get a lot didn't I - then I wonder why my house is always messy.  Mmm.  That doesn't take much working out does it.


Diane said...

All brilliant finds!! I have some old bills etc of my Grandads - the language is brilliant! You haven't got a button that I can press to follow you - have a look and see if you can put one on your blog so I dont keep missing you. PS I am going to order your Auntys book from Amazon. I find Attercliffe a really fascinating place. xxxx

Diane said...

Look at you all techy!!! I am now your first follower! xxxx

two bones and a bagle said...

So exciting - i have just told my sister i have a blog i was a bit shy and she told me you were following cos she wanted to be first.