Sunday, 23 January 2011

Where has she Gone

I think a crime has been committed, actually I know, I placed Bronwyn my new dolly on my sewing table in the Back Room (as opposed to the front room - quaint - its not it's a 1960's semi) and she has GONE.  Nellie and Belle are going to be in big trouble - I am now going to go and look for a ransom note. 


The sewing room said...

Welcome to blogland,enjoyed reading your blog and i hope you find your dolly.

Hugs Pat

two bones and a bagle said...

Do you know where those pesky girls put her in the toilet - well not in the toilet but in the small room with the toilet - they said she was freekin them out and they had to move her. Hello Belle spent years playing with Bratz have you seen them - huge heads, and eyes, tiny bodies and huge feet. Nellie on the other hand played with baby dolls - have you seen Baby Born OMgoodness - she is not the prettiest baby - Nellie said at least her eyes dont close - WHAT?