Wednesday, 31 August 2011

and Finally!

Me and my crocodile green Crocs - I don't know if this was an intentional photo or not but I like it.

A tiny lizard - well spotted Belle.  He was so cute. 

A pile of stones, we saw lots of these and also lots of stones balanced along with others.

A fabulous allotment/garden on the road into Mousehold. We always park just outside and walk into the village and the allotments are always amuzing.

Well I know I said finally BUT i'm fed up with posting now, the photos are not working properly - I don't know why - and they are taking an age to load so in the words of Arnie I'll be Back!! Only a few more now though I don't want to bore you tooo much.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Little Bit More

of our Cornish holiday.  I should live here because it is in St Ives which I love and because I don't drink.  It's true I very rarely drink alcohol.  One glass or two of wine and I feel sick think it's something to do with drinking to excess as a teenager.  The other reason is I become far too truthful when I have had a drink - honesty is NOT always the best policy.

BBQ on the beach - yum.

The path to Church Cove a great little beach with a tiny old Church by the side.

We wondered up the church path and went into the Church - as we do each time we visit.  It is really old and rather run down but still used and obviously loved by people from all over the world.  I know this by reading both the comments in the visitors book at the back of the church and the book that is always at the alter for people to write in to remember people they have loved and lost or to say special prayers for those in need.  Very moving indeed.  Me and Mum shed a little private tear as I wrote a piece for my Dad. Mum was enthralled by it as she didn't expect there to be a Church at Church Cove.  It was her favourite place.

I always have a stroll around the grave yard and I am always drawn to this grave.  It is the grave of a 12 year old boy who was evacutated to Cornwall in the war and he was killed, along wth a friend, whilst playing on the beach by a mine.  His parents were killed in the Blitz in London and are also remembered here.  Very moving indeed. 

Well its night nights time now - still more to post - will be back soon.

A pesky seagul in St Ives - they love to pinch your chips.

Monday, 29 August 2011

A Holiday of the Best Kind

We have just returned from the MOST fabulous holiday in Cornwall.  The weather was kind we had sunshine most days even if it was for only an hour or so in the evening.  We laughed and laughed and laughed.  We ate lots and lots and lots (sorry Diet Police - I have received your caution) will be back to being 'good' as from today.  I took more than three photos - last holiday my total photo take was three which was very poor. 

The girls enjoyed painting with water colours on the beach and achieved some fab results. Might have to have a go myself. 

Belle enjoyed a tractor ride.  I like to say we made this but we didn't.

This is a most exciting photo - dolphins!! Yes we saw dolphins swimming across the bay at Praa Sands whilst we were having a beach BBQ. It was so exciting.  I didn't think I would be so giddy on seeing dolphins but I was.  There were about 12 in total jumping up out of the water and generally splashing around having a good time.   They stayed around for about 20 minutes and then swam off into the distance.  Priceless and it made our holiday.  The Nannie was so excitited she phoned my two sisters to tell them all about it although by mistake she phoned her home phone and left herself a message.  Apparently the message is hilarious and she is keeping it for us to listen to later.  My LSJ has listened and nearly weed.

The Harbour St Ives
I have more photos to share but I am going to post those another day.  We are surrounded by washing, ironing and all the usual holiday stuff that needs sorting.  So I shall say bye for now and I will pop back shortly to show you the rest of our holiday

Friday, 19 August 2011

A Bag for Anna

Today was the last day for Anna who I work with at Nursery.  She is forging ahead with her career to become a teacher and she will be fab.  As I think everyone needs a new bag when they start school this is what I made her for a leaving gift.  Spotty on the inside with London print on the outside with a spotty bow.

London print from Fabrics Galore, Lavender Hill, London

Spotty from Dunelm Mill, Dotty label from the selvedge of fabric

Big spotty bow

Outdoors shot

Very spotty

Anna loved the bag and was impressed when I said I had made it.  She said I had been hiding my skills - I then declared to Toni 'What a Hoot Pants' that I write a blog and they all squealed.  If you are reading this girls HELLO!! 

Guess what - I'm off on my holidays tomorrow.  Cornwall here we come.  Yeahhhh!!!!

Hoping this will post as Blogger was naughty earlier 'sorry showing inappropriate behaviour and lost my post' - bleat.


Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Is he Spoilt?

I think so - do you.

Dyl this morning relaxing on K's lap, wrapped in my blanket, it's a dogs life.

Sunday, 7 August 2011

London Two

Here is the next batch of photographs to document our two day trip to London.

A tradition market barrow - the owner said I could jump on board for a photo - I declined - I did ask if we could borrow it so K could drag me around London on it in a very stylish manner - he laughed and declined.

Outside Oxo Tower

New very swish apartments just outside Tate Modern

Across the river

A boat in a wall - around the back of Oxo Towers

More views

Oxo Tower

Then on to the South Bank - the day after the Vintage Fair.  The Beach Huts were fab. I didn't get a photo of the outside and these photos were taken through perspex so are not the best - hope you like them.

A spotty cossie  - lovely.

A rouched number

A close up of the spotty one 

A pair of ladies enjoying their holiday - wonder what bathing attire they wore?

Inside the traditional Beach Hut - I could have moved in straight away.  I was surprised how big it seamed inside - the photos were taken through chicken wire so they are a little blurred.

Look at the essential item - the Needlecraft Magazines - I have always taken a sewing/knitting/crochet project on holiday so this really appealed to me.

Well that's all folks.  

We had a super , super time just the two of us, very busy but relaxed, doing as we pleased, pottering and pondering.  

Thanks K it was faberoony.

Looking forward to Cornwall in two weeks time - we have only just booked it and we have persuaded The Nannie (Chipper Nellie - yes I stole that phrase from you I love it when you refer to your mum as 'The Granny - so I have unashamedly stolen it) to come along for the ride.  She initially said 'no thank you' she said it was our holiday for our family 'I think when I got a little tearful and said 'but you are my family too' that she had a rethink and has said 'yes'.  I am so pleased, Mum hasn't been to Cornwall since I was about 14/15 (yes that's a long time ago) so we can't wait to show her all our favourite places.  When she asked what she should pack my reply was 'your cheque book' followed by hoots of laughter and me saying about 500 times 'mum I am kidding, you do know i'm kidding don't you'.  My mum;s reply 'I am good now you know I know how to use my card and that's what I will do'.  

Have I told you how proud I am of my mum.  Since Dad died she has been fabulous.  Her moto is 'I can sit in and be miserable and tell people I am fed up or I can go out put a smile on my face and make the best of what I have got' - I don't think she knows just how much that means to us.  

Going now as I am getting a bit tearful - time for a smile.


Saturday, 6 August 2011


K and I had a super time in London.  We crammed lots into our two day stay - so much walking - too many blisters.  Yuk - I forget that I get nasty blisters when its hot and I do lots of walking I wore my next to comfiest shoes - my most comfortable, scruffy shoes that are like wearing slippers were missing.  Well one was missing - thanks Dyl.  Anyhow I am going to let the pictures do the talking, so lots of pictures and not so many words.  Here goes.

Liberty - I bought some string!!


Painted hall - very impressive

For H - my nephew - Jack Sparrow's original costume from the lastest film

St Pauls

A view from Millenium Bridge

Art work in the Tate Modern

Old Books

One of K's favourites Lichenstein

The famous Ace Cafe adjacent to where we stayed

Nina's Hair Salon in Alfie's Vintage Market at Marylebone

It was lovely


and Marilyn

Pretty Stuff

Phew we did a lot.  I will post the rest of the pictures tomorrow - get ready for the Beach on the South Bank complete with Beach Huts.