Wednesday, 21 March 2012


Today I received a beautiful gift in the post.  I have been lucky again and won another giveaway this time from the lovely and very talented Daisy Moon.  If you haven't had a peek at her blog then I suggest you do.  Would you like to see what I got?

How pretty.  Spotty tissue and pretty ribbon.

Beautiful hand stitched flower brooch.  Gorgeous soft vintage fabric and teeny tiny neat stitches.

Spotty dotty back.

Lots of buttons - did you know I LOVE buttons. 

Little letter tiles that spell hand made.

Close up of the faded fabrics.

Thank you so much Mandy for the  beautiful giveaway prizes that came on a day when I needed a little pick me up. 

Saturday, 17 March 2012

Perfect Peachy and So Exciting.

I have been bursting to share this news with you all for a looooooong time.  Dotty Angel and Ted and Agnes are coming to  Please, please go and take a peek at Louise's website to find out all the details.  If you leave her a message please tell her Miss Debs sent you.  You could also have a look on  How perfectly peachy.  I am so giddy.

Monday, 12 March 2012

Clean up the House

Today the sun has been shining and it really has given me the cleaning bug.  I have hoovered, dusted, cleaned the windows, scrubbed wallpaper of the walls, washed the front door frame, cleaned the step and washed the roof.  What, washed the roof.  Yep.  I really was in the mood for a good fettle.  Would you like to see the results.

See clean roof, clean windows, shutters, step and gables.

Isn't it lovely.

Two up and two down.

The windows are tin and have tiny catches that really work.

Ready for a little decoration.

Nellie and I were in town today as Nell had another hospital appointment.  The plus side to this is that the hospital is not a million miles from good places to have lunch, browse individual shops and several charity shops.  Oh and a wool shop.  Nellie has been a little bit out of sorts recently with one thing and another and today I gave her a challenge.  I said I would provide her with some wool/supplies and she could make some items with it ie. tea cosies, egg cosies, granny square cushions, dolly blankets.  She is going to open a Folksy/Etsy/Ebay type store and try to see if she can make herself some pocket money.  Anyhow we headed towards the Wool Baa, it was shut, then we had lunch at the Greedy Greek.  Yum.  If you are in Sheffield pop in for one of their wraps.  We had falafel and salad and it was delicious.  On the way back to the car we stopped off at St Luke's Hospice shop.  We didn't go on the way to the wool shop as we were both needing the loo.  We were just about to leave the shop when a lady walked downstairs with the doll's house.  I stopped in my tracks and nudged Nellie.  I then followed the lady and she placed the house on a chair and an elderly lady had a quick look.  Damn and blast it I thought.  She has already got a buyer.  I bet she comes and buys all the doll's houses blah blah.  The lady glanced and then walked away.  I almost ran over and said 'can I have a look please before you put it in the window'.  It took me and Nell about 10 second to say 'yes please'.  We were so giddy.  The lady in the shop was delighted that it was going to a good home and she said that she had seen me follow it down the shop.  Just think if we had gone in on the way to the Wool Shop we would have missed this beauty. 

Nellie and I are delighted with our new home and can't decided whether we should repaint the outside or not.  We are going to decorate the inside with floral papers, pretty bedding, tiny granny square cushions etc.  So what do you think - to repaint the outside or not?  Answers gratefully received.

We had a quick look on the internet at is was made by GeeBees of Hull arounf 1950/1960.

Oh I forgot to mention our real house is a tip and in desparate need of a good fettle but I will not be washing the roof!

Thursday, 1 March 2012


Evening all - just a quickie has anyone else got 'strange' stuff on their blogger dashboard.  I have tons of 'stuff' on mine from a blog I don't follow.  It's all about advertising and blogging and marketing and all that baloney.  I don't want it but don't know how to get rid of it.  Do you think it might be anything to do with the changes Google have made about sharing info!  Any information gratefully received.