Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Torch Light

Yesterday I set off for work expecting a normal morning in a busy friendly nursery (if you don't already know I work as a supply Nursery Nurse/Early Years Practitioner for my local Council).  The traffic to work was unusually busy.  Long than normal queues. I admit I was a little stressed as I do not like to be late for work especially when it is not a regular work place.  Anyhow the nearer I got to Nursery the more I became intrigued.  Lots of people at this time of the morning I thought.  Lots of traffic and then lots of police.  Then it occured to me it might be a special day for Rotherham.  As I got into Nursery I apologised for being late and quickly rushed into Nursery.  I was greeted by lots of little ones shouting 'torch, torch, torch'.  Yes the Olympic torch was coming to Rotherham and after my fretful journey to work I was pleased to find out I was to accompany the children and staff to watch the occasion.  I was surprised at how excited I was as only the day before I had said to my friend Louise that it really didn't appeal to me watching someone run with a flame.  I do normally love to watch the Olympics and really do enjoy it but I suppose I felt a little nervous that this is 'our' Olympics and that I hope it all turns out well.  Well I now believe it will.  The parade before the torch passed us was well organised and very inspiring.  To see the coach with all the torches and torch bearers waiting their turn was fab.  The atmosphere was brillient.  The children loved it and the streets were lined with excited folk.  When the torch passed the children jumped about and shouted and so did I.  It was fabulous.  What a very pleasant surprise I had when I arrived at work.  I saw the Olympic torch being paraded through the streets of Rotherham and although the children with me are so young they probably won't remember it they will have lots of photographs to remind them and it is certainly a morning at work that I won't forget. 

I didn't get any photos as I didn't have my camera with me and taking my phone out with me wasn't really the right thing to do in the circumstances, so, just imagine lots of people, smiling faces, cheering, families of all ages and cultures joined together to cheer on the special people chosen to carry the torch. 

BTW my husband's work colleage carried the torch the day before in Sheffield, my sister's work colleage was also a torch bearer and the daughter of an old school friend also took her turn at at the age of 21 she has a full time job, attends University and works tirelessly to raise money and awareness for UNICEF. 


Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Festival Time - No Direction Home, Welbeck 2012

I have been to a Festival.  It rained, it was muddy but it was great fun. 

It was really good fun and we hope to go again next year. 

If you would like to have a peek at more photos I have uploaded more to my Facebook page which I have a link to at the top of my page.  I don't know how to make a pretty button thingy for it - anyone know how to?  If you then go to the Facebook page of Hope and Elvis you will see more photos including some of me and Louise being grumpy and wet and one of me with Festival Hair - because at a Festival anything goes. Let me know what you think!

Thursday, 7 June 2012


K and I decided to go away for a few days.  The girl's kindly agreed to stay at home to house and dog sit - and eat goodies.  We decided to go to Norfolk as we hadn't been for a long, long time.  We set off on Friday night and managed to find our first B&B which we had pre-booked.  It was a country pub and was OK but could have been so much nicer with a little tweeking and a little vintage love.  The next morning we set off to explore. 


in Jubilee mode - most excellent

Lots of little boats all dressed up and the locals were having their street party on the harbour

very pretty

cute houses

We had a lovely day, the sun shone and we generally had a very relaxing time.  We happened upon the most glorious B&B.  It couldn't have been more different to our first night. 

The room was self contained and separate to the main house.  Sumptious bed, everything you would need for a relaxing time - including home baked chocolate tray bake - delicious.

The courtyard.

A seating area

The barn with fab facilities - if only it hadn't rained we would have had a picnic here.

log store

a home for the birds

our room.

It was The Barns at Thorpe Market run by Amanda and Tony.  Highly recommended and we will definately be back.  It was homely, spotlessly clean, well equipped and the breakfast was yummy.  Amanda even makes her own preserves.  We will be going back.

The next day was miserable, cold and wet.  We decided to just generally drive around with no real sense of where we were going.  We drove through the Norfolk Broads, along the front at Great Yarmouth and around country lanes and through villages.  Somehow we ended up in Beccles.  It was still wet, cold and miserable but we had a look around and it was a really lovely place.

All in all two lovely relaxing days away, on our own, doing as we pleased - it was lovely.