Thursday, 31 March 2011

Dingle Dangle

Just a quick post to show you all the results of my knitting.  The Dingle Dangle brooch. The pattern is from the lovely book Pretty Knits by Loop Knitting in London.  There are patterns by various designers and this pattern  is by Julie Arkell.  It was a quick make albeit a little fiddly to assemble. I used tapestry wools and left over cotton yarn to make it.  I didn't add the knitted bow but opted to use a fabric one.  You can't see from the photos but the bow is slightly quilted.  I am pleased with the result but am not sure why I choose the lilac purple  combo as I have nothing really to wear  it with.  Must have been influenced by the spring flowers all around.  

Bagpuss dressing gown - brooch a bit wonky

Very pretty 

Another dressing gown shot

It is now 11.35 am and yes I am still in my dressing gown - slob - I have been doing  a few household chores though and as I am working at 2 pm thought I would potter this morning and then shower later.  Bye for now. Oh by the way I  have used my peg bag and the handbag styleee thing works really well much more ergonomic.  If I feel brave enough I might make some and pop them in my Folksy shop - I set it up and then have been too bashful to put anything in it.  Could do with a little bit of spendo spondoolies for my holdidays so maybe I will give it a go.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Living on the Edge

I am becoming increasingly alarmed about myself.  I picked up my hexie quilt tonight and began to stitch I did a little and then declared in a authorative tone 'that's it I am not sewing tonight I am going to knit!'.  Mr K declared that I was a rebel and that I was living life on the edge - the choice between knitting and sewing is a tricky one for some I declared - Mr K laughed and so did Nellie who then said 'here Mum take my laptop and blog it. So I have.

I have been a little creative today and have made a peg bag - I know I sound like I like all things domestic - will I do like having these implements - just doesn't mean I use them very often.  I must confess though that I do like a nice line of washing.  Don't know if I have mentioned before but when I watched  Mama Mia for the first time I didn't declare Colin Firth a hunk nor did I comment on the beautiful Greek scenery but I did say - out loud - 'Oh what a lovely  line of washing'.  It was the scene when  the table cloths were blowing in the breeze strung across the court yard.  You can imagine the groans from the girls can't you.

Peg bag made from an old Whitney blanket detail free machine embroidered

Tatty old label - don't you just love it!

Free machining

Look how big it got!

Top of the peg bag old linen buttons

Y fronts, nighty, nora batty tights and bed socks

So you can see the scale - don't know what happened to the photo.

I enjoyed my sewing today - guess what I am doing now - knitting lol.

FYI the peg bag doesn't attach to the washing line you hold it on your arm like a handbag then help yourself to pegs.  I did model it but wearing my fleecy pink and white striped dressing gown I looked decidedly like that saggy old  baggy old cloth cat (but no where near as cute).

Speak soon.

Monday, 28 March 2011

Not Pink and Not Fluffy

Normal goings on in the Two Bones Household.  Working, cooking, cleaning, shopping. Wowzer.  Stroppy teenagers - oh joy.   Oh bring back the days where you could pop your child in a buggy/car take them where you wanted to go, know where they were and what they were doing  The highlight of my weekend was purchasing a new Sebo.  A fabulous vacuum cleaner.  I know this is boring but our vacuum cleaner broke and K's mum loaned us a one she had spare.  I am sure it put more muck on the carpet than it took off  I might as well have just pretended to vacuum.  Well I was going to Dust with Doris (Day) - and vacuum with Seigfried the Sebo (they are made in Germany) today but I had an early morning call to work in a Children's Centre so that was cancelled - shame.  Hopefully am going to have a making day tomorrow so may have something a little more interesting to show and tell than a  Sebo.

Actually I will post on my hexie quilt it is getting rather large now.

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

War Time Biscuits

Last week Louise and I went shopping to the second hand market.  We both bought some bits and pieces but amongst Louise's lovelies was this book.

Its tatty and worn and the spine is broken but its beautiful.  As we were both looking through it on the stall saying how gorgeous it was and how delightful and nostalgic and priceless it was -whilst the stall holder was listening (we need to wise up a bit I think - he must of thought they will pay owt for that they really like it but when  Louise asked how much it was the response was £2.  Lucky old Louise - I would have snatched his hand off but Louise spotted it first and as we are good friends and don't begrudge the other's good fortune whilst treasure hunting - very civilised - I do however keep a small pack of sneezing powder in my bag to sprinkle on her should she spot something I really desire (not really).  Anyhow on getting back home we had a good look through the book and Louise said I could borrow it.  Yipee.  Would you like to see inside it now and find out what it is. Ready

Its a beautifully hand written book of recipes and household hints.  It was written by F E Hoades in New Tupton which I believe is somewhere near Chesterfield.  Look at the writing - isn't it fabulous.  I had a quick look on the census for a F E Hoades and I found one in the Chesterfield area who would have been 29 in 1922 when I assume this book was started.  Her name was Florence Elizabeth Hoades.  I couldn't find any more information without paying for it and being a bit tight I didn't.  She must have been married as I couldn't find anything for the 1901 census in her name.  When Louise and I were looking though the book I said  I would love to have a go at baking some of the recipes and maybe taking the results  along to the workshop when I am officially her assistant or even when if I was participating in a workshop.  Looking through the book we were both drawn to the recipe for war time biscuits.  Thats it I exclaimed to Louise I am going to cook these and whilst doing so I will don one of my vintage pinnies and take photos for my blog.  Your on said Louise so here are the photos.  Hold your sides they are funny or maybe I should say I am funny. 

Whoops wrong picture first 

See the ingredients very sparse and the method also - no cooking time or temperature

Funny photo

Me with vintage pinny and head scarf much to the families amusement 'what on earth of you doing the girls exclaimed' whilst K just rolled his eyes.I stood at the window to wave Betty off to work and she was killing herself laughing.  The scarf was Nan Lily'sand  the pinny was my first full apron find in a Cornish charity shop for 50p. Oh the excitement when I realised it was a full one and not a half one.

Check out my chins lol - K was making me laugh think he was saying something about me being a little eccentric - surely not!!

Bit blurry over the shoulder shot of me rolling out the dough

Bit clearer

Cutting out

Going into the oven - not showing and telling that bit (Oven Butler needed)

A shot of my granny slippers I love these they are like little bootees.  The ones I would really like are the tartan ones with a little zip up the front with a pom pom hanging off them.  No high heel fluffy fronted slippers for me.  

The finished article - they tasted ok a little bit like Garibaldi biscuits and as we all agreed in war time when there was a shortage of food and provisions they were probably a welcome treat not sure that I would bake them for friends to share then again maybe they might want to taste a little food history as they certainly were not nasty.  

I will be trying some of the other recipes in the book.  I don't think I will try any of the home made medicines though the cough mixture contains Laudanum don't think you can buy that over the counter at the local chemists any more.  

Well this one is for Louise - I told her I would make the War Time biscuits whilst dressed up and I did and it was good fun - I am now going to text her so she can have a peek (laugh).

Last minute comment whilst waiting for the biscuits to cook I watched a little of Escape to the Country where the man looking at houses said he would like a mini golf course in his garden even if it was only three holes - well I never I said a golf course in your garden that's a bit much - then the girl's reminded me I was sat watching it with the turban on my head, a vintage pinny on, granny slippers adorning my feet and flour on my face.  Oh well - they are lucky to have such a funny bunny mummy - I think.


Sunday Happenings

On Sunday K and I made our way to Elsecar Heritage Centre for the Antiques fair.  Glad we did because we (I)  found lots of lovely stuff and it was actually cheep (its officially Spring now so I can use cheep as in a chick rather than cheap as in Mr Dickinson cheap as chips - can't I).  Anyhow I bought a few bits and pieces from the 3 for £1 stall and some Ladybird books to add to my collection for reasonable prices and an old baby dress and some dolly faces and some other stuff that I don't need, don't have room for but bought all the same because I love it and it made me happy.  It was a really busy event with lots of  people bustling about some very polite and saying 'excuse me' when they want to pass just like they should but other people just pushing and shoving in a very rough manner.  One man actually swept me out of the way with his arm good job I was in a happy mood as I managed to laugh and giggle to another lady saying 'did you see that he actually swept me out of the way, just brushed me aside with his arm and swept me to one side' - how rude.  Anyhow he swept me out of the way near this delightful stall.  It was my favourite of the whole fair.  Lots of vintage clothes and hats and shoes and well just everything really.  I had a lovely chat with the stall holder Josie.  She told me she had a unit at an Antiques Centre that I had not heard of before (yipee another one to visit) she also told me it was in an old Co-op Building and it had a tea shop - double triple yipee with a cherry on the top.  I asked her if it was Ok to take some photos and put them on my Blog.  She agreed readily and so here they are:-

A 1930's satin dress

Shoes, bags and hats

Beautiful children's socks with CC41 label

1930/40 child's hand smocked dress

A beautiful wedding dress with a subtle self pattern

The next set of photos were of the most delightful dolls.  I can't remember the full details of who made them and when but the bits I do remember were they were made by Jewish people in this country between the Wars.  If I visit the centre - well when cos I will be going - I will write down the history of them.  They look like they are made from pipe cleaners bound with wool, they had metal feet to make them stand and each face looked hand painted.  They were so beautiful and if I had lots of money - which I haven't I would have bought them all.  They were £30 each which is and isn't a lot - if you know what I mean.  They must have taken hours for someone to make and they are at least 70+ years old.

Look at the detail, tiny faces, teeny hands, little hats and coats and dresses.

He looks like a spiv, bit like the one in Dad's Army - senior moment can't remember his name. Wonder if he has a tiny row of watches just inside his jacket. Look at the maid with the tiny buttons on her dress.

The girl on the left in riding outfit and next to her a man in uniform.

Nurse Nancy

Well Betty has just got up - she is in her joggers and has put her Glee DVD on already.  Time for me to drink tea and then tidy, iron, hoover etc that will take oh about 10 mins then I am going to attack the garden - think I will run around with the hoe shouting weeds be gone - do you think it would work? then I am going to sew - oh and parcel up my swop stuff for Jacey.  

Oh I promised Josie I would put her details up on my blog so here they are:-

Josie James - Vintage to Vogue - 1920's - 1950's
Cawthorne Antique Centre
S75 4HP

Tel: 01226 281876

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Just to Say

Hope your peeps out there didn't think I was being a show off about my day out - actually if I had posted about my real week leading up to my day out it would have made pretty boring and quite depressing reading as it was not one of my best.  Only normal family stuff, 3 medical appointments for one daughter, missing my Dad (a lot) etc so please forgive me for being overly excited about my unexpected day out.  Maybe I should tone it down in future or blog sometimes about the normal stuff that goes off here rather than just the pink fluffy bits.

Julie Arkell Day

My day was just as I predicted it would be - Perfect.  It was indeed a day at Hope and Elvis on a course run by Julie Arkell.  Not only is Julie a talented artist but she is a really kind, warm, friendly person too.  I was lucky to be able to attend as someone had cancelled so Louise invited me along.  Yeah.  Happy times.  I went along to last years course run by Julie so I knew it was going to be good.  Lots if photos are you ready?

A vintage child's swim suit with Julie's suffolk puff brooches - this is what we were going to make

A creature brooch

Julie's brooches inspired by a brooch seen in the Imperial War Museum - I made one of these last year

The brooches we could make in the afternoon another variation on the suffolk puff

Tic toc watches guaranteed the right time twice a day

A collection of charm bracelets

My version of the tic toc watch

Spot the NOT deliberate mistake - I am officially a numpty with numbers - I actually laughed out loud when I realised what I had done but decided that actually tea and tiffin time twice a day is actually a really good idea so I left it as it was.  Julie had a chuckle too.

I embroidered and quilted my watch at home - straight away -so it didnt get put on a pile and left to languish I am so glad that I did because I am really pleased with the finished result.  I think I am going to put it in a frame       or make it into a wall hanging with more references to time rather than wear it as it is just a little bit too big for me to wear.  I am not a skinny chic by any means but I can brag that the only skinny part of my body is my wrists - wish it was my cankles (definition of cankles when ones calves and ankles merge into one).

My version of the suffolk puff brooch.  Again accidentially I got my stitches mixed up but decided that if I carried on it would turn the puff into a little flower and it did.   I made a few and then placed them into a rough  flower shape and stitched them together.  I didn't use the red felt as Julie had for the centre but I knotted a piece of tapestry wool and sewed it to the centre of the flower.  I was very pleased with the result.

The back of my watch - gingham and old embroidered tray cloth.  

My finished pieces - I was a very happy bunny.

It was lovely to sit and chat and sew with like minded people.  Some people had travelled quite some way to attend, one from Milton Keynes another from Bath we all had one or two things in common though.  We all agreed it was an excellent way to spend a day.  Bliss.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

A Perfect Day

I know its only just started not 9 o'clock yet but I just know its going to be a good one.  I'm going out to a familiar place to create with some people I have met before, some whose blogs I peek at but have never met and meeting a very talented artist who in my opinion makes some of the most delightful works of art - in the words of little V who is just 3 - the most favouritist, bestest in the whole wide world.  Any one guessed where it is, who I might be meeting and who the talented person is?  Answers on a postcard please - only joking - I will show and tell maybe later today or in the next few days.  I am verryyyyyyyyyyyyy excited as I actually only found out I could attend on Thursday.   Yeeeeeeee   Haaaaaaaaaa.  Going to get dressed now and gather some stuff to take along with me.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011


I know I have only just posted but I wanted to show you my progress on my hexagon quilt top and I wanted to show you it all on its own little post so it feels special.  I started it on the 25 Feb so its been on the go almost a month and it is coming on well.  I was inspired to begin the hexies by sally at Robin Red who had joined the Wednesday Hexalong you can find the info on Sally's blog as I can't manage to do the link properly.  Anyhow here it is in all its glory my hexagon quilt so far:-

Getting bigger all the time covers the Ikea chair now

Oh sewing machine box and ironing pile in the background!  Quilts pretty though.

Close up shot

Some of my vintage fabrics - the circus one, the blue dots and flowers and the heavily flower pattern one.

Hexies to sew and squares and papers.

I am enjoying the process and trying to keep the quilt rectangular (if that makes sense) so I can stop when I have had enough.  I have another hex quilt somewhere in my WIP pile that is sort of a granny's garden pattern but the shape has gone a little bit crazy which put me off finishing it.  I will dig it out - ha a joke dig/garden - and show you all.  I am going now as I am starting to type rubbish.  Night night. 

A Bit of this and That

Phew can't believe its a week since my last post.  What a busy time.  I have done three 10 hour shifts in a Children's Centre which was great fun but very tiring. I haven't worked a long shift like that since mother's day in the florist shop. The children and staff were really lovely, friendly and good fun so it went really quite quickly.

I have also bought some more Annie Sloan paint for more make overs.  The latest item to receive the paint treatment was the fireplace. It has gone from Morris Green to Old White.  Looks a little better but still have to organise the ornaments and shift things around a little.  I bought the bottles in the basket from Reg Taylor Garden Centre and I am so pleased with it the daffs look very spring like but boy they smell nasty - bit like cat wee actually.  Oh well they look good and I am looking forward to using different flowers as the seasons change.

Want a peek-

Morris Green 

Old White - much brighter

Painted the mirror too

The pretty smelly daffodillies in my new bottle/basket vase thingy

It makes the room look brighter and fresher.  Did you notice the old yukky gas fire not a pretty sight and on the long list of things to change.  I also started painting the dining table and am nagging K to bring the top of my dresser back in from its 10 year hibernation in the garage.  I am so glad I didn't get rid of it and am looking forward to having it back in the house.

Here is a photo of the cakes Belle made for us for when we returned from Southwell at the weekend.  Rocky road cakes - they were yummy.  Thanks Belle! I promised I would put them on here and I did.  She cleaned all her pots and the kitchen too. 10/10.

Here are the museli cookies I made yesterday they are so tasty and you can make them in minutes and depending on the museli you use they taste quite different.   Last week I made them using a berry museli and they tasted good too.  This week I reduced the sugar by half to make them a little less sweet and it worked well.  Here they are

They look a little like rock cakes but they are cookies - honest.  Want the recipe I don't think Mary (Berry) will mind. If she does - sorry Mary.


6 oz marg soft
4 oz caster sugar (I only put in 2 oz)
1 egg
6 oz SR flour
6 oz muesli

Pre heat oven to 180C 

Measure ingredients and place all but muesli in a bowl.  Mix until smooth and blended.  Add muesli and stir in well.  Spoon teaspoonfuls of mix on baking sheet leaving room for spread.  Bake for 10-15 minutes or until golden brown.  Cool and enjoy.  They really are that simple.  Let me know if you make some.