Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Thats Enough Deborah

Tried to find the blog I mentioned previously sorry I can't - does anyone know if you can find a list of the comments you have left on other peoples blog's.  That might be quicker.  I am going to have to go now.  I shall now tell myself 'get off your bottom and do something'.  Did you notice I called myself Deborah - its my name I know but normally only used when I was getting told off as a child.  It is also pronnounced - in my case - Deb or ah not Debra - and as a child I remember having to tell people - as instructed by mum and dad 'my name is Deborah not Debbie'.  I was however called Debbie by lots of people over the years and still am by some but never by my family I have always been Deb or Deb's and don't really care for Debbie much.  I do get annoyed - sometimes - when I tell people my name is Debs and they then straight away call me Debbie.  Oh that was a ramble. GO AND DO SOMETHING USEFUL. 


Diane said...

Go and do something useful! xxx

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Didn't Marc Bolan sing a song about you?

Oh Deborah, always look like a zebra
Your sunken face is like a Galleon
Clawed with mysteries of the Spanish Maine
Oh, Deborah

BUT I hasten to add that you probably do NOT look like a zebra and your face is surely not "sunken". Oh dear - I seem to have got myself in a pickle here! Sorry!... Thanks for the tip about the tree at Todwick.

Debs said...

I only look like a galleon on a good day lol.

The sewing room said...

Try looking in your history this might help,i usualy book mark any pages i like and then go back to them as you say too much time wasted looking when we could be doing something creative,have a good week.

Hugs Pat

John Gray said...

thank you for your nice comments
nice to see another sheffielder around

Jenny said...

I always know when my husband is cross, he calls me Jennifer. Actually I could do to give myself a good talking to, just can't get going these days. Let's hope it's the time of year and not the onset of complete idleness.