Friday, 29 April 2011


Had a great day.  One thing we can be proud of is a bit of pomp and circumstance. What a beautiful bride and groom.  We all watched the wedding - K who was not going to watch took pole position on the footstool head on hands - when we all exclaimed THOUGHT YOU WERE NOT GOING TO WATCH - he replied 'well I just want to see the Queen and the bride's dress - doh - that's watching the wedding you numpty. He did then venture into town to collect Nellie's prom shoes. When  Kate appeared from the hotel door Belle jumped up just like when The Blades score a goal (not very often) and obscured my view completely.  She was promptly shouted at and told to sit down.  I just wanted to see the dress she said - umm yes and so do I.   The girls were really excited, they were saying  'is that him,  no there he is,   then they squealed there he is we have spotted him.  OMG they were so giddy.  Please remember the girls are 21, 16 and 14.  Who was this person you may ask?  Oh but is was not in fact a person.  True to our rather crazy house tradition  it was not in fact a person it was a horse they had seen at Horse Guards Parade whilst we were in London a few weeks ago.  They were smitten with him as apparently he stuck his tongue out a lot and actually licked a tourist and slobbered on him whilst he was having his photo taken.  My Girl's are not horsey girls but they really took to him.  Here he is.

They were convinced they saw him and I am sure they were right..  

After we had seen 'The Kiss' I prepared tea.  Then we all had a jolly good scoff - the Diet Police had the day off today did you know that - Betty and I made sure of it so we could partake in the eating of lots of bunage - def: the eating of lots of delicious cakes, biscuits, scones, teacakes and party rings. A term I only heard recently but I love it.

Party food (Seigfried had to get in on the photo - flirt)

Bunage - clothes horse in background - whoops

Betty's finest home made scotch eggs - yum 

Last but most certainly not least Nellie made a very patriotic biscuit - it took her ages - and the making of it was accompanied by lots of slamming of kitchen doors and a few cross words but it was worth it.  Check this out.

The icing all prepared


(biscuit cutter from Liberty London)

Biscuit the size of a dinner plate - did we eat it? No we didn't dare!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Red White and Blue

Just a quick post as I am working later (I didn't have chance to post it and its now 9..  Are you ready for the wedding?  If I am honest I wasn't really that fussed about it until I asked one of the girl's if she was going to watch.  'I am' she said 'I haven't seen one before'.  Whoops I wasn't even going to watch but that comment made me think that I should make a bit of an effort to celebrate.  We are going to have afternoon tea with vintage china, embroidered cloths, cucumber sandwiches, fairy cakes, scones with cream and jam - oh and Tunnocks Teacakes and party ring biscuits. etc

I saw these tea towels yesterday whilst shopping in Aldi and I really loved them so I decided to make some right Royal Bunting.  They  had quite a selection of household goods with a patriotic theme including a door mat with soldiers, a Union Flag  rug etc.  They did have Kate and Will  paper plates but I really don't think I could eat my Afternoon Tea off a plate with their faces peering at me.

Three patriotic tea towels - £2.99

Soldiers all in a row - I do sometimes get befuddled by this computer lark - sometimes I can rotate my photos and sometimes it just won't let me today as you can see it won't let me. 

Bunting Ta-Dah

Few of my red white and blue bits and pieces - pixie belonged to my lovely Nan Lily, the tin was from               
an Antiques Fair for £1  and K  found the jug and  coffee  pot  on one of his CS jaunts both for £10 - woop for thee CS loving hubby.  They were going on Ebay but I  think they will be staying

My lovely red and white spotty jug that Betty bought me

This was tricky to photograph its a terrier dog in an Art Deco style.  It hasn't got a makers mark on it so I have no idea who it is made by.  I bought is as a pressie for K and he loves it.

Bunting in the window - some of the soldiers are upside down but I thought it was a shame not to use them.

I did a very quick basic bunting make.  Simple triangles cut out not hemmed or finished sewn onto a ribbon.  They are not going to be up long indoors and then they might adorn the garden or my nephew H's bedroom.  They got the thumbs up from K even and he has an dislike of bunting.  It is a standing joke in our house as I once made some for the garden - again from tea towels - and I used the precise number of triangles to spell a rude phrase.  Of course I didn't tell him for a while and now bunting in our house is known as f*** off  bunting.  That's between the grown ups only of course.  I think at the time we had fallen out and I made it to annoy him.  

Big wave and hello to all you lovely people out there who have taken the time to read my ramblings -  It really is great fun.  Do you know I haven't written anything for pleasure in years!!!! 

Sunday, 24 April 2011


K decided to take Dyl a walkies so I joined him.  He had intended to do a short walk around what we call half axle but I suggested we went for a walk down The Stones.

Into the village

One of the pubs - it's still traditional and has not changed since my childhood.

The church where I attended  as a child, where I got married and where two of our girl's were christened.

A spot of graffiti just outside the village 

Into the woods, see Dyl's waggy tail 

Lots of nooks and crannies

One man and his dog

The leafy green canopy

The promise of a wild orchid

We found one a wild orchid actually there were lots when we started looking

Lots of paths to explore

A fab notice board full of interesting facts

A lovely bridge with hanging ivy - spot Dyl

through the bridge

Dead man's cave - prehistoric bones were found here - I was terrified of it as a child.  

One family were having  great fun rolling eggs down one of the hills - the children shouted -'people' as we approached - I wonder what else we could have been?

The eggs must have been a good few days old because Dyl didn't even try to eat any of it.

 Back home through the bottom gate to the Church

This angel both fascinated me and scared me at the same time when I was little

A view from the top of the grave yard

Phew - it was a lovely walk we were out and about about 2 and a half hours - all  for free - it was great fun and will be repeated.

Chill out and Relax

Much chilling out and relaxing has taken place in our humble abode.  We have had three days at home.  This is perhaps normal for some - it is for me  - but not for K.  He gets cabin fever and wants to go out and about but because the weather has been so nice and the footy was on the radio we have  all been at home. All five of us plus Dyl and it has been most enjoyable.  Stitching in the garden, sewing a few seeds, baking and general relaxing.   Bliss. I have taken a few photos so I will share the photos and not do many words as I have just pinched Nellie's laptop (she's sleeping) and Lewis  has just started on the telly and I am going to attempt to watch it.  I don't watch that much telly I don't concentrate too well.  Here's some photos from over the weekend.

My Easter bits on the fire place - the blue raddit (the girl's called them that when they were little) is a new one

My twiggy tree with birds, eggs and cotton bobbins - because. Do you like K's tea pot - one of his  charity shop finds.  My blue birds (that are pink and blue) cushion one of my recent makes.

Raddit girls - I love these and have them out even when its not Easter.

Birdy pattern from Spool

K and I went on a lovely walk to our local woods. I took lots of photos so will post them another day.  Going to Antiques Fair tomorrow at Doncaster Racecourse they are normally good ones so might get a bargain.  Hope you have all had a good holiday weekend.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Hop Little Bunnies

Had a great day today went to a children's easter workshop at Hope and Elvis.  LSJ and nephew Harry went along too.  H had great fun and was really into his making.  He drove the sewing machine whilst I moved the fabric and we made a great team.  Here's what he created.

An Easter Bunny Bag to hold his Easter eggs.

He decided the bunny needed a carrot

This is EB he is a cool Easter Bunny wearing a jacket and shorts and very super sun glasses a joint effort between H and Aunty Deb.

Even LSJ (Little Sister J) that's my little sister H's mummy got in on the sewing act (SURPRISE) as I introduced her to Louise she stated 'i'm not like Deb you know I don't make things' but she did and she even had a tussle with H about the spotty red button as she wanted to use it on her rabbit.  See there must be a button loving gene in there somewhere.  Here's a little snippet of LSJ's rabbit and an action shot of her sewing.

Look an action shot 

The precious red spotty button - Louise remembered that it was from a pair of her grand-daughters jeans.  He was a cute rabbit and she did finish him.

We had great fun as did all the other children and grownup's who all secretly enjoyed it just as much as the children.  Well done Louise another fab workshop.

Wednesday, 20 April 2011


I am now feeling like this.

This gnome is grumpy

and so am I

Half the room tidy, floor mopped, all items removed washed and replaced, shelves dusted and boxes sorted.  I am truly pissed off - how on earth did I let it get soooooooo badddddddddd.  No more messy Mrs G.  

Girls are making tea and K have got the old TV stand out of the garage to put in the room it has a bit more storage but does need painting - another day - not today pleasssssssssse.  

Look at my bit and bobs all spit spot.

Look under my desk - space Oh yeah - I have got stuff to go back but its in vintage baskets and sorted so thats ok.  

Going now tomorrow I am going to Hope and Elvis to a Children's workshop my sister and nephew are going too so I am really looking forward to it.  A little rest.  Phew think I have deserved it.

Slowly but Surely

Still going on the dreaded back room.  Had a day off yesterday K and I had a day out with my Mum.  We went here first.

Cawthorne Antiques Centre in an old Co-op Shop 

The village was lovely with lots of cottages this one was covered with wisteria.

We had a wonder around the church yard and looked at the old grave stones - I do love a good graveyard.  I spent lots of time in our village church yard as a child and still find them fascinating - not in a morbid way though.

Here's a view of the same church from our next destination - Cannon Hall.

Inside the walled garden- the gardener told us that there was only 7mm of rain here in March.

Beautiful blossom.

Not seen these flowers before the gardener told us they were Barnsleus footballius florabunda - they have developed it themselves- how very clever.

Through the garden gate

Mr and Mrs Mallard on the garden pond K spotted a newt and there were lots of tadpoles

See the church in the far distance

Me and my lovely Mummy - a very rare shot of me I really don't like having my photo taken.

We had a lovely day and we had tea out on the way home.  Mum and K had coffee and cake in the antiques centre and although Mum asked me about five times if I wanted cake I did resist and just had a crumb from K's.  Well done me pat on the back deserved there I think.

So today back into cleaning k has gone off to town on the train - its cheaper if only one person is going - and he has already phoned from TKMaxx to see if I wanted some CK bedding.  I said no thank you - I must not be well.  He is going to the CS's now and he might bring me a pressie.  I am waffling now trying to delay showing my WIP on the back room.  Here they are.

Slowly but surely - no tears yet!!!!