Friday, 31 December 2010

Home Alone

Felling a little better. Had some tea and and the dizziness is under control I think.  I am home alone tho.  Betty and Antanon have gone to a house party, Nellie is working in a local community hall and Belle DD3 has gone to spend the NY with her friend.  Mr K has gone into town (Sheffield) with my BIL and my two nephews.  So I am home alone - do I mind - no - not at all.  I'm in my pj's sat on the sofa, sewing by my side and the dog near my feet.  Well actually he keeps running off to the other room to have his 'own space'.  I'm as happy as Larry.  I have been making suffolk puffs (yo yo's) from my feedsack fabric that I bought recently from ebay.  I don't know what I am going to do with them - ideas greatfully received.  HNY.

My little suffolk puffs - I am v proud of this photo as I have downloaded it all my myself like a big girl.

Its not a fab photo though - never mind it's a start.

Feeling Grotty

I feel a bit rubbish.  I have an ear infection which is making me feel dizzy and wobbly - walking like I have had one too many sherries when I have not. No fun.  I have been to the Docs and have antibiotics and some anti sickness tablets.  I now have one of the side effects of the biotics - which involves lots of trips to a certain small room in the house.  Yuk.  Im feeling fed up as my sister and her family have arrived from Southampton I would rather not feel rubbish.  I know I am not alone and that lots of people have had bugs and colds and flu etc so I will now stop my moaning and eat a little bit of toast have a cup of tea and CHEER UP.

Thursday, 30 December 2010

How I Laughed

Mr K has today been out charity shop shopping. I am a very lucky girl in that way - K loves shopping and rooting around at car boots, antique fairs etc. Today he came back with a treasure for himself. A tweed jacket/coat. This is fab he said I have worn it all around town. When I asked if he was going to get it dry cleaned he replied 'no its fine it doesn't smell of old folk or owt'. One classy guy. I laughed so much I almost weed. I also said immediately - that's one for my blog. Ha Ha.  Sometimes Mr K does get me a little mardy (grumpy) especially when he nicks the computer whilst I am mid-blog. Hrumpf. 

Wednesday, 29 December 2010


Sing the above to the tune of I got a golden ticket from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - if you wish. Yesterday I got my very first comment. How very exciting. Thank you Ticking Stripes blog.

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Christmas Day

What a super day.  Lots of super gifts both given and received.  Cakes iced - last minute.  Gingerbread houses made and displayed.  Happy faces and hearts. Christmas dinner with loved ones. Few tears for the one who was missing this year - my lovely dad.  A super day- thank you everyone.

Monday, 20 December 2010


I have had my hair cut.  Shoulder length to short.  A relief I was feeling very scruffy with my longer hair and feel liberated now I have had the chop.  Main reason for chop - I saw a photo of myself - horrific - I don't do photos I really don't and when I saw said photo my hair looked like a MOP.  Now it looks sleek and shiny probably not for long but I like it and am pleased I went for said chop.  K prefers my hair long - tough Mr K as it is my hair and I like it short - so there - he did say it looked very nice though (I don't think he gritted his teeth).


In my attempt to load photos onto my blog in order to prettify it - in case I should get a VISITOR I very nearly got into a spot of bother.  Well the camera lead I found this morning  - I was excited to have found it - didnt work - its the broken one.  Well I thought I will put the card into the side of the computer.  Here will do - poke - in went the card.  Bother that is not a card reader - it is literally a slot in the side of the computer.  HELP  K's commputer and Nellie's SD card complete with all her photo's and her GCSE photography course work gone.  Poke - it went in a bit further and was not going to come out.  HELP. With the help of K - who shook his head in a - what have you been doing sort of way - and the aid of two of my tiniest vintage crochet hooks the card was retrieved.  I told myself something that I have always told my girl's when they were tiny don't poke things into little holes they will get stuck.  Betty did not listen and got her finger stuck in the bath plug hole and the firemen came etc etc but I will save that for another blog.  Any how SD card out and then K said why dont you just put the card into my work camera and use that to download the photos - that will work - well if only he had said.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Chatsworth House

Today we went to Chatsworth.  Its not too far away from where we live.  It was lovely.  Cold with a sprinkling of snow - very festive.  The water in the fountain in the courtyard was frozen and Mr and Mrs Mallard were having a lovely time skating around.  In one of the christmas trees a little robin sat and watched the visitors having a lovely time.  There was a brass band playing jolly christmas tunes and a choir singing in a barber shop styleeee (i think) excellent.  We had hot chocolate with lashings of cream and marshmallows.  Shopping was done with some great bargains - some christmas items were half price - lovely.  I saw several people that I knew an old work colleague from school, a neighbour and her family and another neighbour with her grandchild.  All having a lovely time.  We didn't stay too long as it was sooooo cold but nonetheless it was very festive and a good time was had by all.   Nellie was most excited to see the deer in the parkland - look she cried - deer and they are moving - lol just like when she was 5 - she is now 16 and would be a bit cross if she knew I had put it on here.  Ah well she will never know. 

I did take photos but I cannot find the download lead anywhere.  When I find it or when I can use Nellie's puter I WILL put on some piccies.  Its not the same without them. 

I also took delivery today of the vintage feedsack I ordered from America on ebay.  Its loverly. Been admiring it lots and lots.

Funny Bunny

My K is a funny bunny.  How many people get up at 8 am on a sunday morning to find their other half in the kitchen knocking up a batch of mince pies.  He is listening to carols on Radio 4 - which we both love and listen to all the time - whilst wearing a manly pinny - not one of my many vintage ones - note to self - get the christmassy ones out of the loft.  When I asked if he had used the pastry mix - yep I do cheat at times - he said no I have made it from scratch properly and even rested it in the fridge for half an hour.  What a star!  Looks like mince pies for breakfast then.  Yum.

Saturday, 11 December 2010

Trimmed Up

Three of the five trees are up and looking good.  I didnt realise how many vintage baubles I have collected.  The girls say I have bought lots throughout the year but I can't remember.  We have our largest tree (they are all atificial) in the living room.  Its decorated all in white, silver and clear glass ornaments which have been collected over the years.  I did try and introduce some colour by adding a bit of vintage but NOooooooo was the reply from the girls - it broke with the tradition so I gave in and took them off.  The other two trees are all vintage, all colours and all sizes.  Yum.  Especially my very skinny silver tree.  I love them.  I broke two decorations whilst decorating - much sadness.  The girls and K laughed a lot when I did a sad dance around the room with my head in my hands.  Boo hoo.   My other two trees are on loan to my lovely friend Louise who is the owner maker of the fabulous Hope and Elvis workshop at Welbeck Estate on the outskirts of worksop.  They will be recovered tomorrow as the girls and I are going to the last workshop of the year to make angels and drink hot chocolate and generally have a lovely stitchy, giddy fun and festive time - I can't wait.  Have a look at her website and her course details - they are truly fab - the first time I went I was positively giddy for about a week afterwards.   I will do a post just about that another day. 

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Cosy Afternoon

Today is the first day in almost a fortnight that mum has left her house because of the snow.  She braved the short walk through the snow and ice to our home (mum really doesn't like it as she broke her leg on ice when I was about 7).  Anyhow we have had a lovely time.  We have sat and knitted, watched a DVD, Julia and Julie - or is it the otherway around.  Then we knitted some more and now we are waiting for the cottage pie to finish cooking.  Bliss.  Tomorrow we are going OUT.  Proper OUT - out of the village to the big land of Meadowhall (large shopping centre not too far away).  I normally avoid it like the plague especially at this time of year but I am really looking forward to it.  I have cleared the car and started it for the first time in 10 days - started first time.  What a beauty.  Going now tea smells yummy.

How could I forget - easy for me im rubbish at remembering stuff - happy birthday to my little sis who is 40 today.  She will never ever ever read this so it doesnt matter that I have just said in a very public place that she is actually now 40.  Thats a big number. 

Tuesday, 7 December 2010


Do you believe in coincidences?  I have experienced quite a few recently and today I have experienced one more and now I have a blog I can write about it and look it up later - how marvelous.  Tonight I needed to phone my mum to see if she needed anything from the local shop.  We have been snowed in now for almost 10 days and mum doesn't go out in the snow/ice as she is afraid of falling etc.  Anyhow I went to phone her using the landline and in semi-darkness.  How clever am I I thought dialling the number without looking!  The phone was answered and I said helloooooo in my usual manner.  Hello was the reply.  Oh I said thats not my mum sorry got the wrong number.  Its Susan (not real name) here the voice said.  Oh that's my mums name I said but you're not my mum.  We both laughed.  The voice sounded vaguely familiar.  Is that Susan who lives in ......... place - not far from me - the sister of W.  Yes she replied.  Well I never it was K's aunty who I have not seen or spoken to in ages.  We had a pleasant chat and catch up and when I asked her what her number was it is only one digit different from my mum's.  She said she was feeling fed up as she had not been out in 2 weeks because of the snow - she has had her hip replaced - and she said that the phone call had really cheered her up.  A lovely coincidence for us both.

Monday, 6 December 2010


Just finished watching Miranda with K and Betty. This programme is soooooo funny. It makes me laugh out loud lots and lots and lots. Last week I estimated that I would laugh out loud 5 times - after 30 I stopped counting. It's fab - if you havent watched it give it a try you might like it.

On the blog prettying up front I need to do more homework and research how to add piccies and pretty stuff. Betty said she would help me out which was kind. We can have a look before she goes to uni tomorrow. I dont think i will be going out still too slippy and slidy for my liking.
Good morning -my first post - it has only taken me two years to pluck up the courage to have a go but a week indoors because of snow has driven me to it. Short but sweet - going to explore how to make my new blog look pretty.