Thursday, 20 January 2011

So Funny

Just to prove how inept I am at this blogging malarky I have just received a comment on my previous post which was really funny and I actually laughed til I cried.  Trying to reply to the said comment - who is also my first follower - A FOLLOWER - what me - I became a follower of myself.  This has made me howl with laughter and also my whole family.  I never knew blogging would be so much fun.  (As I said in my previous post I need to go to Blogging School - maybe that could be a business plan for someone).

Also laughing at dearest Nellie she is p****d off as I have come up with a cunning plan.  If her bedroom is not tidy by the end of the month I am moving her into the tiny bedroom and making her room into my craft room and K's project room.  This has not gone down well as you can imagine and she insists that it will not happen - aha I said I think you  may find it will if your room is not tidy.  (I am talking major untidy not just a little bit messy).  SO amongst the laughter from K and myself Nellie resorted to 'if you move me into the little room I will be moving out' - RESULT.  I had tears rolling down my face.  Teenagers are wonderful arn't they.  I did say to Nell I can't wait for you to have your own children - when you ask me advice I will just laugh and say remember when.  Of course I wouldn't really do that - I was a teenager once and was not perfect.  Belle has gone to bed it was all too much for her.

Actually what I was going to post about tonight was this little pin cushion I whipped up.  I made it from an old felted piece of blanket - I wanted it to look a little bit like a boater hat, when I rummaged through my ribbon box I found the ribbon complete with boater stylee bow - recycled from a chrissy present I think.  You like.  Maybe I could do a tutorial.  That would be clever wouldn't it.  We shall see as you all now know my blogging skills are still not quite as good as they should be. 

Where did you get that hat, where did you get that hat?
Good night I am now going to try and unfollow myself.  LOL lots.


Laura said...

I'm happy that you had a good chuckle! Great pin cushion. You're very talented and I'm sure in no time at all you'll have lots of followers. Happy that I am the first... I'm never the first at anything ;-) Lx

Sally said...

Thanks for your comments today on my blog, yes I am doing the JA course at Hope and Elvis, can't wait! (I love Louise's workshop, such a creative space, love all her courses! What did you make on the JA course?
Please do a tutorial on the hat pin cushion, its lovely!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is so funny and sweet! I managed to follow myself too in the early days lol.

Now I thought you were a bag maker... two bones and a bag-le but I like your story even better :0)

I had a dog called Dylan too... I'm looking forward to following your blog and thanks for stopping by mine today x

Anonymous said...

Ps - I like your pin-cushion - for some reason it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland.