Saturday, 22 January 2011

Gonna party like its my brthday

I can because it is.  I have had a super day.  Pressies this morning, family and friends calling around.  I had decided what I would like to do for my birthday.  A trip out to here

The Antiques Centre Newark

The Antiques Centre in Newark.  Its great fun having a good ole root around.  I bought a few bits today some sheet music, a box of old haberdashery for £1, an old map of Sheffield and sewing pattern.  We then had a quick walk around Newark and I got these in a charity shop.

Two little deer sat in a ring box
Then off we went to enjoy this - yum yum.

Can you see K trying not to get in the photo - I did get some strange looks whilst taking this photo - do other bloggers find this.  It was lovely.  The place is Reg Taylors garden centre which is just outside Southwell.  It has the cafe, plants, gift shop and a swan sanctuary (I think) we worth a trip if you are local. 

After enjoying this we went into the centre of Southwell to a shop called Nellie in the Shed.

I can't get this the right way around - sorry you will have to adjust your head instead.

It has all manner of spiffing stuff but I went especially for some Annie Sloan paint.  I am going to paint my old fashioned dresser in Old White.  I don't  know if you have heard of this paint but you do not have to do any preparation - you heard - no sanding, no priming, no nothing.  Can not wait to get started.  I will do some before and after shots - well if it turns out ok - if it looks like a dog's dinner then you will hear nothing  I will pretend it didn't happen.  After Nellie's we had a little look around the shop's there are lots of independent shops but we just nipped into the charity shops.  I bought a dolly.  She was in the window and as soon as I spotted her and saw the price ticket I said 'oh she is going to be mine' 'you must be joking' said K - 'watch this I said - it's my birthday and I will get her if I want' - yes I was being bossy - it is allowed on your birthday.  Here she is.  The Girl's hate her and have said they will do lots of horrid stuff to her eg. cut off her hair, burn her toes and suck out her eyes with the hoover.  The latter is impossible because Jimmy the Hoover is deceased - he bit the dust (ha ha - that is a joke) last week.  She is beautiful, really she is.

Don't you just think she is super.  A Welsh lady with her own outfit which is attached to her with safety pins and she has shoes and socks and PANTS.  I think she is fab - every one else in the house thinks I am quite batty.  Even Dyl the Dog was intrigued and gave her a good old sniff.  She has a little tag on her saying dressed in North Wales by Welsh people I wonder if they noticed the stamp on the back of her neck which says Made in England.  I am not sure where she is going to live - I did threaten the girls that she could reside in the messiest bedroom - Belle did not like that idea and has already named her Chuckalina sister of Chuckie.  I hope she hasn't listened to them she will be afronted.

Next stop was Heath's Country Store in Ollerton a super duper shop that I have frequented for quite a few years.  It is packed to the rafters with wool, fabric and notions.  Here are a few photos - I love the patchwork lady and vintage quilts in the window display.

If you are ever in the area do call in you won't be disappointed.  Going to close now this Birthday Girl is a little weary.  Good night.


Sally said...

I can't believe I live near Newark and have never been to that place, I will have to go and have a look, I love a rummage! I love Nellies in the shed too, I can't wait to hear how the painting goes, I've got a wooden dressing table that I want to paint for my daughter and the no prep thing sounds good. Oh and happy birthday!

Diane said...

Well happy birthday to you!!! Will that paint work on Melamine kitchens? As I have a whole one to transform! The doll reminds me of one my Gran bought me back in the 60's - I think its still at my mums. I love Southwell! AND your Aunty's book arrived - and I got nothing done for reading it. Its wonderful! Tell your Aunty that I am so glad she wrote it - it really got me thinking. I shall of course be featuring it on my blog. I'm so glad you mentioned it. Which one is you? xxx

Laura said...

Happy Birthday to you for yesterday! Do you ever get to the Newark Antiques Fair? I used to work in Newark for a short while. I remember it used to be the only Waitrose up north! Can't wait to see the dresser transformation! Lx

Anonymous said...

Belated happy birthday wishes - looks like you had a great day!

mrs cheese said...

happy belated birthday, hope you had fun!
Never been to Newark but went up to see family in Lincoln last weekend and went to car boot/antiques centre at Helmswell. Bought lots of great bits and bobs x

Sally said...

Oh my god! I had to visit Newarks Antique Centre today after reading your post and spent 2 HOURS there! Couldn't believe the wonderful stuff there, lace, buttons, vintage fabrics and just wonderful bits! I came away with some fabric and a collection of fascinating old postcards and a lovely old handpainted butterfly necklace. I was totally overwhelmed by it all and am sure I will probably be dreaming what I saw tonight. (I have a bit of a problem about places like that!).
Sal x

Jacey said...

Nellie in the shed is my favourite shop, we live not too many miles away and hubby works in Newark.
By the way I am your bloggy love swap partner, nice to meet you. xxx