Sunday, 31 July 2011

Yeah Baby

Good afternoon have you all had a good Sunday.  We have had a lazy Sunday.  Car boot this morning, Sunday roast made by his Lordship and a bit of internet/bloggy/ebay action.  The car boot was a good one.  Oh yeah baby.  Look at his retro beauty.

Can you tell what it is?  Its a Pac-a-Pic.  Oh yeah baby.  It was made in Syston, Leicester in the 60's/70's and its a beauty.  Would you like to look inside?

Integral compartmants for your picnic with snap on lids.  The original lids are all present and correct and fit, the plastic cups are original but the cutlery is replacements.  Its in super clean condition and I can't wait to use it when we go to Cornwal in a few weeks time. 

The trays stack on top of each other, think I will have an egg salad, with fresh fruit salad and maybe a bit of bunage.  How very retro.  Wish we had a camper van to go with it. 

My second twinkle star, I love this time of year as K tends to weed out his old shirts for charity, recycling etc and I get to use the ones I like best for my patchwork.  The stripe is his shirt not the spotty. 

The real reason for this post is I had a comment from Anne of asking for a full picture of my hexie quilt and some information about how I made it.  So actually this post is for her really I just thought it would be fun to take some more arty shots in the garden - it was!

Hexies are approximately 7 cm across

The quilt measures 150 cm x 130 cm approx

There are 28 hexie rows x 20 hexie rows which according to K's new 'old' calculator makes

Strange the camera front is reflected in the photo.

It was made in 1970 in Japan and amongst the sales pitch it says small enough to fit into a lady's handbag.  Oh yeah wouldn't you have been the bees knees to have one of these in your bag.  Imagine works do, everyone trying to work out how much they each owe for the bill you could have said 'hey babes check out this new fangled machine, it adds up yeah, and takes away yeah, and divides yeah and oh yeah it even multiplies.  Then all the friends would be in awe of the super number machine and would want one too.  Well maybe they wouldn't - I would because I can't add or do any other maths for that matter to save my life - seriously I have a big hang up about numbers - something to do with a crazy maths teacher who threw the board rubber at you if you didn't get a sum right.  Really he was so scary I used to go into a blind panic and I still do. 

I found the best way to assemble the quilt was to join the hexies in lines and try my best to keep the quilt rectangular.  I say this because I started to make a granny garden quilt once from hexies and the quilt ended up such an irregular shape it put me off finishing it.  Also if you do it this way then you can stop when you get fed up and still have a regular shaped, decent sized quilt.  Hope that makes sense if it makes no sense at all its email me and I will try to explain it more fully. 

Well going now, got to rest, away to London town tomorrow for a few days with K. 

Enjoy your week.

Saturday, 30 July 2011


Today K and the two eldest Bones went into Sheffield to the Vintage Fair in the Town Hall.  As usual I forgot my camera so can't show you the splendid interior.  I have only been in the Town Hall twice and on the first occasion K and I were invited to a special presentation buffet type thing for people who had contributed to local charities.  (we both thought it was a spoof invite when we got it as it was very grand) K had taken part in a half marathon and raised money for RNLI (we think it was a long time ago).  When we got there I plonked myself next to Dave Bassett who was the current Sheffield United Manager K was a little jealous I got the prize position (well it wouldn't have been a prize if you are a Wednesdayite) but we are Blades so it was a prize to us.  Anyhow back to the fair - it was only small and we did have to queue for a while to get in.  I saw a few bits and pieces that I liked but I didn't buy anything.  I did say hello to a friend of Diane who had a stall there.  Diane if you are reading your friend said I am a little bit like you - maybe we are long lost twins.  I will now get on to the reason for my blog post.  Whilst in town K was looking for some new pumps/plimsols he didn't get any but I did.  Red spotty ones.  K had just given me a lesson on plimsol lines on boats and how they were named after Mr Pilmsol.  He then explained it was the water line on the side of the boat - do you want to know what I said.  Do you - well I am going to tell you - even though K said not to as it makes me look a bit silly.  I said 'well doesn't the level depend on how deep the water is!'.  I realised this was not correct when K looked at me shook his head, said a little rude word and then said 'I give in'.  He still loves me even though I am a numpty (I just asked him so it's true) then he said 'Ah  (that's a Yorkshire Ah not a Ahh thats lovely ahh) - that's what I love about you'.

Right shoes of the spotty variety.  Here they are.

I love these pumps you dont have to undo the laces - the side bits are elastic - i'm all for an easy life.

My first twinkle star patch

Arty farty shot of my shoes and patch on my step ladders with my cheap as chips geraniums.

Spotty shoes how I love you - they are shiny as well - oh yeah spots and shine.

Twinkle, twinkle

A little bit of my garden (I couldn't possibly show you more - too many weeds)

My rusty tools and twiggy bits

Oh yes did I tell you I have spotty, shiny red pumps.

This is a whisper - they were only six pounds and ninety nine pence - yep - good old TK Max - whisper even quieter - they pinch a bit - do you think that matters?

Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Although K is officially on holiday (he's a teacher) he does go into work to tidy his room, prepare for next years, sort out cupboards etc.  He also likes to work on projects of his own (he is a Design and Technology teacher).  As he was leaving for work today I shouted 'when you go to work can I have some diamonds'.  'You What' was the reply.  'Diamonds' I replied, 'I need diamonds'.  He then gulped and went a little pale.  He recovered when I explained that I would like some diamonds cutting out of paper so I could start on a paper pieced quilt over the summer.  He was relieved.   Laser cutters are very handy gadgets.  Hopefully tonight I might be able to settle down to a project and begin a new quilt, lap blanket or cushion cover.  Pop over to to have a look at her gorgeous quilting.  Hopefully I may be able to create something similar.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Three in a Day

Oh my three posts in a day.  Guess what K's Dad knows some of the folk in the photos.  I suppose that's what happens when you live in a small community everybody knows somebody etc especially when families don't move far. 

This apparently is Horace and his bride.  I won't put on the surname as a matter of courtesy but I do know it.

A 1940's war time wedding maybe.  It is the only one where the bride is not in a 'proper' wedding dress.

This was in the skip its in perfect condition.

This little card was hidden inside the silk envelope front.  Have you spotted the spelling mistake.  As you can imagine - if you know me or if you have read this blog for a while - it made me chuckle.  Titter ye not as Frankie Howard would say. 

Ah Horace must have been a romantic.  I wonder if his sweetheart ever spotted the spelling mistake.

This is the local milkman. Oh look T (k's Dad) his Mum declared it's the milkman - we once went to Babbacombe with them do you remember. 

What a small world we live in.  I am so glad we rescued these.

By the way we cashed in the silver today and it raised £47 for our holiday fund.  I will never, ever, ever drag K away from a scruffy skip again.  I am also very pleased that K asked for permission to take things out of the skip - although I wonder if they would want the £47.  Beware what you throw away - even I with my eagle eye would have thrown the pictures away - it was K with his eagle eye that spotted the tiny hallmark in the corner.  Happy days.

Skip Diving

K had spotted a plate in a skip near by recently.  He found out who the skip belonged to this morning and asked if he could take some stuff.  He was told to help himself so he did.  Although I said, um, a couple of hours ago that we have so much stuff its making my head fuzzy we now have more.  Look what he found.

Vintage glasses

A tapestry

Quite a lot of photos

Jugs, wedgewood and little silver pictures (they are really silver hallmarked and everything)

More wedding photos - they are bent and a little damaged but really charming - the little boy has feather down around his little suit. I wonder who they are?

There was more but I haven't taken photos of it all.  A couple of ladder back chairs, a piano stool, wooden coathangers, knitting needles, a photo album filled to the brim with vintage postcards of Jamaica, a leather music case and an old bread board.  Well I don't know where they are going to live but I am glad they were rescued - especially the photos.

K did arouse the interest of the neighbours who asked what he was doing.  He told them that he had permission and they were fine with that.  I think they probably wished they had got there first.  After chatting to one lady K told her that I collected vintage knitting patterns and she said she had loads from the 40's and 50's and that she would dig them out for me.  How kind.

Going out for lunch now.  Two posts in one day - gosh must be because of all the 'time' I have got.  LOL.

Love Home

I do love my home BUT at the moment it is driving me mad.  I have got piles everywhere of craft stuff, ironing, stuff to go on ebay etc etc etc.  I am sure everyone is the same but its making my head fuzzy.  I can't seem to find anything.  A few weeks ago it was the camera leads and now its my phone charger.  I have looked everywhere and just can't find it.  I don't use my mobile phone that much but I do like to have it around.  So if you have phoned, text or left me a message the reason I haven't got back to you is because I can't.  Ho hum.

House is very quiet at the moment.  Belle has gone off on her European adventure with school and Nel is at her Nana and Grandad's.  Betty is out and about so its me, K and the dog.  Why is it that when they are all in and its noisy you cant wait for peace and quiet and then you get the peace and quiet it's not what you want.  Oh dear think I feel a tadge on the down side. 

I have made a little something this week that I am pleased with.  Long skinny hearts with lavender, old buttons, bakers twine and hand printed labels.  I was pleased that I actually got around to finishing something.  Here they are.

Do you spot the Ikea fabric.  K and I went last week and I was delighted to find they now sell the Rosali fabric by the metre along with the pink with red spot fabric and blue with red dot fabric.  I did only buy a little bit as I DO NOT need any more fabric. 

Going to go now and make my day GOOD. 

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Knitted Knickers

Oh yes ladies I was entranced by the idea of knitted knickers.  But not for me - although I do possess a vast array of vintage pattens for knickers all knitted in the finest 2 ply pure wool.  Yakkity yak.  Bit itchy and sweaty me thinks.  Stop Deborah you are losing the plot get back on track.  Ok I was entranced by knitted knickers on this little beauty.  Want a peek.  What you really want to look at knitted knickers ok here we go.  Don't be afraid though they are NOT mine.  They belong to this sweetie.

Pretty pink knitted knickers and little legs and shoes.

Little black shoes

Knickers and pretty skirt

Always with a consistency of habit pinny

Knitted jumper (actually its an all in one)

Buttoned up

Rosy cheeks

A bit of sparkle

Mad hair and a pink nose

Curiously? tiny stitches

Back view

Side wards glance - always

Knickers from the front - I did get permission before I posted these photos - of course!

Full View

Do you like her?  It was a big/little treat to myself when the Smile exhibition visited the Harley Gallery.  It was a little indulgent but I don't indulge very often and I really loved her.  I don't know if you have heard of the Own Art Scheme that many Galleries offer.  If you spend over £100 you can use their interest free scheme and pay for the item over 10 months.  She wouldn't have made it home to me if this was not the case.

Truly delightful and complete with knitted knickers.  Oh yay!!

I must say it has taken me an age to post this Blogger is being a tadge naughty I think. 

Oh in case you haven't already sussed it out it is a piece by Julie Arkell.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Just for Jane

Phew long time no blog.  Just to let you know I am still here and having a quick look around blogland.  I have been a busy bee.  I have worked more hours doing my supply Nursery Nursing since I started in September.  I really thought it would have gone quiet towards the end of the school year but it hasn't.  Good for the old bank balance but not leaving much time to do blogging, crafting, meeting friends, going to the studio etc.  I have also struggled as we have laptop failure in the house.  Betty's is in need of repair and so is Nell's.  K has his work one so I can only get online in the evening when he has finished his 'busy jobs'.  Camera leads are hiding hence the lack of photos.  Phew.  K cannot wait until next Friday and I hear him going downstairs in the morning doing a big 'out loud' countdown to himself - six to do was his countdown this morning.  He loves being a teacher but has been so busy he is really ready for his break.  Belle is off on summer camp with her school the day after she breaks up so we have also been to meetings, getting together all the requirements of a teenage girl who is off on a great two week trip.  She is really excited.  She will be travelling down to the coast, then driving through France with an overnight stop then on to the Italian coast.  She will visit Venice during the week and will be camping right next to the beach.  After a week she is moving on to Interlaken, Switzerland for a further week before the long drive back.  It is her second time on the trip so she is really looking forward to it.  She cannot wait for the bread, cheese and milk in Switzerland and the clean fresh air as she says it is AMAZING.  Lucky girl.   Wish I could go.  We did give her a fright one day when we said we were going.  That her Head Teacher had been in touch as they needed extra help and with her Dad being a teacher and me being a NN, CRB checked and First Aid qualified we had been asked to support.  Ha Ha.  How mean. 

I have not been able to settle into doing very much making.  I started to knit a cardi then got bored, have done a little tapestry from CK Stitch book and haven't made them into brooches, a little hand quilting and a little crocheting but nothing much and nothing that is really catching my attention.  Hopefully I will regain my crafting mojo over the next 6 weeks and settle down to something productive.  Well I am going to go now am already in bed tucked up well - I haven't told it I love it yet - but I will. 

Just so you know this post is Just for Jane (and everyone else too).  Jane is a dear friend of mine and she likes to take a peek at my blog and she commented on my last post that I hadn't blogged for over a week - so here you are Janey this one is for you.  Hope you had a good holiday will catch up next week. 

Good night.

Anybody had any trouble leaving comments?  I seem to be struggling at the moment it keeps asking me to sign into blogger, which I am, then it doesn't let me comment.  Also my followers have been missing for a while and I can't find them any which way.  Maybe Blogger is mardy because I haven't been very productive. 

Good night - for sure this time.

Saturday, 2 July 2011


A while ago I was given a Versatile Blogger award from Alix at so I thought it about time to respond. I think I have to tell you seven 'things' about myself that you might not otherwise know.  Here goes.

1.  I have secretarial qualifications and worked in a Bank for 15 years.  Whilst there when we were chatting at work and used to dream of other careers I always said if I didn't work in a Bank then I would love to work in a Flower Shop or to work with children.

2.  As a mature student I gained a City and Guilds Level Three in Floristry and did indeed work in a Flower Shop.  After aquiring a taste for study I then decided that I should take a qualification to enable me to work with children.  I then commenced a two year full time course in Education in the Early Years Level 3.  I passed with Distinction and won Adult Leaner of the Year at my college.  Wow an accademic prize!

3.  I live in the same style house as I lived in as a child - exactly - only a few hundred yards from the house where I lived and my mum still lives.  My dad actually built (along with others) my house which is quite comforting now he is no longer here.  It was built in 1963 and we moved into the village in 1970. 

4.  I have lived in Rutland, Grantham and Elgin before I moved back to my childhood village in 1998.  This is the longest I have lived in one house since I married.  I don't think we will ever move again.

5.  I have lost a stone in the last few months and hope to lose a couple more.

6.  I am extremely squeemish and do not cope well with the sight of blood and have actually fainted when people have discussed yukky stuff.  Two of my three daughters are the same and so are my sisters to some extent. 

7.  I make K laugh every day.  Then proceed to tell him I make him laugh every day.

8.  I say 'I love my bed' every night when I get in bed and get snuggled. 

9.  I crashed my Dad's car on the day I passed my driving test and bless him he didn't make me pay for the damage.  No one was hurt only the car and a wall.  Whoops.  It did put me off driving for a long time and when I returned to work after said test and crash my work colleagues could not understand why I wasn't excited.

10.  The remark I remember most from my old school reports was one by my Domestic Science Teacher, Mrs Bradly.  She said 'Deborah would do much better if she put more effort into her work and less food into her mouth'. 

I've done ten as I got carried away.  Please feel free to join in if you wish I am not going to pass on (I am feeling a little lazy)

Will post again soon with photos - when I can find a lead for a camera - any camera in the house would do as I am unable to access the laptop with the card reader.