Monday, 31 January 2011


Today I have been to work AGAIN different place though - I had a really good day - did sticking and gluing and sick bucket duty today - ah variety is the spice of life.  Going again on Friday I enjoyed it so much. 

Today I spoke to my Little SisterJ (LSJ) on the phone.  Yesterday she text and said she had read the blog and she had left a comment which made me laugh.  LSJ said she had found out more info from the blog than she knew before - that's possibly not true as there are some things I share with her that I couldn't share with you.  She wasn't even cross that I had told you all that she was 40.  Haha.  She did say that she had never ever ever looked at a blog before and now she has had a peek at quite a few.  She was also AMAZED that I am NOT the only person in the world who roots around car boots and charity shops for vintage stuff.  Imagine that she really thought I was one of a kind - it was so funny- and she has now even forgiven me for making her wait in the car whilst I foraged for old ladies tablecloths in the Charity Shop.  I did of course invite her into said charity shop for a root around but she very poltely declined. which is good -one less person to compete with for the vintage stuff LOL.

Big SisterG (BSG) commented on one post saying what you been doing you haven't posted -pressure or what! So here you are BSG two post in one night albeit one without a photo.

Talking of photo's I know I said I would post the mucky corners of my home well on Saturday I wondered around the front room taking photos of the corners and the piles and the shoe rack in the hall.  K asked what I was doing and I told him I was doing it for the blog - WHAT he exclaimed you are putting it on the internet for all to see.  Yeah I replied - it's to motivate ME - you know photo of it messy then photo when I have tidied it up - good motivation I thought.  Hrumph was the reply - I didn't post the photos but guess what I tidied one corner and K did all the hall, paired up shoes, put away shoes, swept floor, hoovered, mopped, put rug in WASHER and it looked marvelous so ladies and gents a top tip - take photos of your mucky corners - and your other half might tidy it up.  GREAT SUCCESS in my book.  I must tell you all though that K is very domesticated and it is not unusual for him to clean, wash, iron etc and when I was working full time we did have half shares in domestic duties so I don't want you to think that he doesn't do owt on the domestic front because he does just not as much now I am a stay at home mum.



The sewing room said...

Good job on the hubby,will you be doing that every week lol.I like the thought that you are the only one in CS and car boots would,nt it be nice to be first in and get all the bargains l wish.

Hugs Pat

Diane said...

Just catching up with you! I would love to go to one of Louises workshops but the ones I want to go to are all booked up! I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for when she puts the new courses on. Welbeck is totally gorgeous and I would LOVE to work there! xxxx

Hen said...

HI Debs,
Boy am I jealous of that domesticated man of yours. Come on, surely he must have some faults! Thanks ever so much for the comment on my blog. If Mr HH gets on that diet he could well get into the 36" waist! If you really want to re-home them with us, that would be lovely please. You can get me at
Hen x