Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Cakes for Betty

Betty was due to return from her holiday in France on Sunday evening so I set about making her some fairy cakes to welcome her back.  Also she had not had a cake on her actually birthday - we tried Nellie baked her a large cupcake cake but alas it was not in the oven long enough and the middle was runny.  Disappointing but after a blast in the microwave it was delicious with custard.  Nellie is a very good baker and cook - she is dreadfully messy whilst she is doing it - but I suppose I can cope with that - I can, I can - actually I can't the mess is awful yukity yuk.

I have got some lovely photos but I can't download them it is taking ageeeees.  Any tips on downloading would be most appreciated.

Anyhow as Betty was going away the day after her birthday we decided it wasn't a good idea to make another one.  I did tell her that there would be something on her return.  Whilst in bed, not sleeping so well, ideas popped into my little brain.  Disney themed fairy cakes - the possibilities were endless.  I had a few ideas of my own and then I Googled - or Boogled - myself silly with all the ideas. 

I bought the cakes from Morrisons - thinking it would save me time - it did.  It also made is easier to ice they were all the same shape and size so I didnt have to bake loads of cakes to get the right shapes etc.  We had 12 each to decorate Nellie and Belle made theirs after I had done mine.  I had great fun but Belle got a little bored with hers so I finished them off with some ready made frosting from Morrisons.  A new line I think I didnt like it much it had a strange texture - taste not bad - but not as good as home made buttercream icing.
I was going to do a reveal here with a photo of the cakes but I can't seem to get the photos on here.  I will try tomorrow because I really must go to bed now I am fair tuckered.  (very tired).

Can you see this - I did it - I got a picture on and it only took seconds not half an hour - Great success

The alien from Toy Story

Drink me from Alice in Wonderland and a Fairy Wand

Can you see any more?

A toadstool from Alice, a fairy crown, 101 dalmations, mickey and minne and a glass slipper.  I had such fun.  Actually I think my bestest favourite is the top one with the tiny flowers and pearls and SPARKLES or if you are from Yorkshire  shunkley (don't know how you spell it).  

Well photos on but font is different and I don't know why.  Ah variety is the spice of life.

Been charity shop shopping today - so exciting - well for me anyway going again tomorrow with my friend Louise we are going to race each other around the market to get the best buys.  Ha Ha wonder who will win.  Will post about it tomorrow and show and tell my purchases

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