Friday, 29 April 2011


Had a great day.  One thing we can be proud of is a bit of pomp and circumstance. What a beautiful bride and groom.  We all watched the wedding - K who was not going to watch took pole position on the footstool head on hands - when we all exclaimed THOUGHT YOU WERE NOT GOING TO WATCH - he replied 'well I just want to see the Queen and the bride's dress - doh - that's watching the wedding you numpty. He did then venture into town to collect Nellie's prom shoes. When  Kate appeared from the hotel door Belle jumped up just like when The Blades score a goal (not very often) and obscured my view completely.  She was promptly shouted at and told to sit down.  I just wanted to see the dress she said - umm yes and so do I.   The girls were really excited, they were saying  'is that him,  no there he is,   then they squealed there he is we have spotted him.  OMG they were so giddy.  Please remember the girls are 21, 16 and 14.  Who was this person you may ask?  Oh but is was not in fact a person.  True to our rather crazy house tradition  it was not in fact a person it was a horse they had seen at Horse Guards Parade whilst we were in London a few weeks ago.  They were smitten with him as apparently he stuck his tongue out a lot and actually licked a tourist and slobbered on him whilst he was having his photo taken.  My Girl's are not horsey girls but they really took to him.  Here he is.

They were convinced they saw him and I am sure they were right..  

After we had seen 'The Kiss' I prepared tea.  Then we all had a jolly good scoff - the Diet Police had the day off today did you know that - Betty and I made sure of it so we could partake in the eating of lots of bunage - def: the eating of lots of delicious cakes, biscuits, scones, teacakes and party rings. A term I only heard recently but I love it.

Party food (Seigfried had to get in on the photo - flirt)

Bunage - clothes horse in background - whoops

Betty's finest home made scotch eggs - yum 

Last but most certainly not least Nellie made a very patriotic biscuit - it took her ages - and the making of it was accompanied by lots of slamming of kitchen doors and a few cross words but it was worth it.  Check this out.

The icing all prepared


(biscuit cutter from Liberty London)

Biscuit the size of a dinner plate - did we eat it? No we didn't dare!


Fading Grace said...

You look like you had a lovely day! I loved it and don't mind admitting it!! xx

wendz said...

Mmmm those scotch eggs look good.

(Funny - the diet police were off duty here today too. Bet they're back tomorrow.)

My boys were also super excited to see Horse Guards Parade as we did a day in London in their last school hols and they both took lots of piccies with the guards.

WinnibriggsHouse said...

Great you allenjoyed it as we did. Love the biscuit, well worth the odd door slam I feel.

Lalabibaby @ Dreaming of The Simple Life said...

It was a very good day .... so nice to watch something happy and uplifting for a change. Love the biscuit x

Alix said...

Today was most definitely a 'warm and fuzzy' day - ah it was lovely! The biscuit is so cool -well done Nelly!

Mary Ann said...

Those Scotch eggs look yummy. Haven't had one of those in awhile and the biscuit definitely well done.

Laura said...

The British Isle cookie is amazing! Glad you had a fun day. Lx

Em said...

Love that UJ biscuit!!!!
Em xxxxx

Vintage Jane said...

Oooh, I do like a good scotch egg. Fab biscuit! x