Monday, 18 April 2011

Sherlock Bones

I found Dyl's Sherlock Bones outfit whilst cleaning so I thought I would share.  Nellie made it a while ago just because.  He was rewarded with a dentistick and he didn't have to wear it for long - promise.

Gimme, gimme

I love this one



Our very own Dectective - he can sniff out a Dentistix from a mile away.  Actually he sits next to the cupboard we keep them in and gimme, gimmes.  


Tracey said...

Brilliant! Thanks for the

Pearl Westwood said...

Awww he looks so cute!! My friend gave ma an Elivs outfit for my dogs they werent too keen.

Mandy said...

What a cutie. Great outfit. :) x

Diane said...

I have long suspected that you were a tad insane! Having said that, he looks as if he enjoys it! xxx

emma lamb said...

Hello Debs... :)
Your wee man is such a gorgeous boy too! They are the most wonderful dogs, aren't they!? I have never known another breed to have such warm, friendly and funny wee personalities... :)
I hear you on the tidying front! Our wee crafting rooms were looking very similar... we both seem to have gathered a lot of unruly gumpf!!! But it is so good to get it sorted, isn't it!? It gives you such a lovely sense of freedom and a burst of creative thoughts... we now just need to follow that up with some actual crafting... ;)
Wishing you and Dylan the most wonderufl day,
Emma, x

Romi and Bob said...

What a lovely doggie.
I am from West Yorkshire originally. I heard Sean bought a chippy in Sheffield, I do hope tis true.
Game of Thrones is great, I love it. There are some ace dogs on it called 'direwolves', I think they are a bit magic.
I like a lot of the same music as you. I like the things on your blog header.
Tracy x