Sunday, 24 April 2011

Chill out and Relax

Much chilling out and relaxing has taken place in our humble abode.  We have had three days at home.  This is perhaps normal for some - it is for me  - but not for K.  He gets cabin fever and wants to go out and about but because the weather has been so nice and the footy was on the radio we have  all been at home. All five of us plus Dyl and it has been most enjoyable.  Stitching in the garden, sewing a few seeds, baking and general relaxing.   Bliss. I have taken a few photos so I will share the photos and not do many words as I have just pinched Nellie's laptop (she's sleeping) and Lewis  has just started on the telly and I am going to attempt to watch it.  I don't watch that much telly I don't concentrate too well.  Here's some photos from over the weekend.

My Easter bits on the fire place - the blue raddit (the girl's called them that when they were little) is a new one

My twiggy tree with birds, eggs and cotton bobbins - because. Do you like K's tea pot - one of his  charity shop finds.  My blue birds (that are pink and blue) cushion one of my recent makes.

Raddit girls - I love these and have them out even when its not Easter.

Birdy pattern from Spool

K and I went on a lovely walk to our local woods. I took lots of photos so will post them another day.  Going to Antiques Fair tomorrow at Doncaster Racecourse they are normally good ones so might get a bargain.  Hope you have all had a good holiday weekend.


B'ham said...

Your Raddit girls as too cute !!

Poppy said...

I love the Raddits! ;)

Happy Easter...

Lou xxx

Alix said...

I love your Easter display, especially love the raddit girls!

Sally said...

Sounds perfect, thats my plan for today! Love all your pretty bits especially the rabbit girls!

Bee happy said...

Love your Easter display, so pretty! Hope you get some bargins at Donny!

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!