Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Red White and Blue

Just a quick post as I am working later (I didn't have chance to post it and its now 9..  Are you ready for the wedding?  If I am honest I wasn't really that fussed about it until I asked one of the girl's if she was going to watch.  'I am' she said 'I haven't seen one before'.  Whoops I wasn't even going to watch but that comment made me think that I should make a bit of an effort to celebrate.  We are going to have afternoon tea with vintage china, embroidered cloths, cucumber sandwiches, fairy cakes, scones with cream and jam - oh and Tunnocks Teacakes and party ring biscuits. etc

I saw these tea towels yesterday whilst shopping in Aldi and I really loved them so I decided to make some right Royal Bunting.  They  had quite a selection of household goods with a patriotic theme including a door mat with soldiers, a Union Flag  rug etc.  They did have Kate and Will  paper plates but I really don't think I could eat my Afternoon Tea off a plate with their faces peering at me.

Three patriotic tea towels - £2.99

Soldiers all in a row - I do sometimes get befuddled by this computer lark - sometimes I can rotate my photos and sometimes it just won't let me today as you can see it won't let me. 

Bunting Ta-Dah

Few of my red white and blue bits and pieces - pixie belonged to my lovely Nan Lily, the tin was from               
an Antiques Fair for £1  and K  found the jug and  coffee  pot  on one of his CS jaunts both for £10 - woop for thee CS loving hubby.  They were going on Ebay but I  think they will be staying

My lovely red and white spotty jug that Betty bought me

This was tricky to photograph its a terrier dog in an Art Deco style.  It hasn't got a makers mark on it so I have no idea who it is made by.  I bought is as a pressie for K and he loves it.

Bunting in the window - some of the soldiers are upside down but I thought it was a shame not to use them.

I did a very quick basic bunting make.  Simple triangles cut out not hemmed or finished sewn onto a ribbon.  They are not going to be up long indoors and then they might adorn the garden or my nephew H's bedroom.  They got the thumbs up from K even and he has an dislike of bunting.  It is a standing joke in our house as I once made some for the garden - again from tea towels - and I used the precise number of triangles to spell a rude phrase.  Of course I didn't tell him for a while and now bunting in our house is known as f*** off  bunting.  That's between the grown ups only of course.  I think at the time we had fallen out and I made it to annoy him.  

Big wave and hello to all you lovely people out there who have taken the time to read my ramblings -  It really is great fun.  Do you know I haven't written anything for pleasure in years!!!! 


Alix said...

Your post really made me smile! Oooh - I do love your bunting! Very enterprising to make it from those tea towels. I had to giggle at the thought of you making bunting to annoy K!

Karen said...

I love that bunting - am now going to locate my nearest Aldi - those tea towels are a must. Great find you clever thing you x

Jane said...

Hi Missis, what a busy bee you are. You always make me laugh with your blog. Im always in awe how quick you make things.

fee @ chipper nelly said...

oooh hello Debs...another lovely blog I've found tonight!
(the explanation of your blog name made me chuckle!)
need to earmark a coupld of hours for a good old read!
Nice to meet you,
fee x

My Spotty Pony said...

I have not had the best of days today so your post has really cheered me up. Love the bunting, hope you have a good time on Friday x

Sconch Textiles said...

Your 'f*** off bunting' really did make me chuckle!! My hubby doesn't seem the least bit interested in the wedding - I may now go and make bunting and hang it ready for his enforced watching of it! Haha!

Sally said...

Love the bunting and the pixie, you have some really great little people and things! I have a bag of red white and blue which sadly won't get made for tomorrow as I can't find my sewing machine under all the c**p in the dining room... Enjoy the tea and wedding!
Sal x
Thanks ever so for returning the DS case and stuff, we did find the other game when we went back, he'd left it outside by the cars!!

Jacquie said...

Hi Debs , love your bunting !!!
I've been making a little crochet bunting...hoping to post soon but having the boys at hope makes finding the time a little tricky.
Jacquie x

Vintage Tea Time said...

Love the bunting - well done for finding the tea-towels. I think there's an Aldi near us somewhere - I might see if they have tea-towels left and copy your idea, for a grandson's bedroom! Enjoy your Wedding tea-party! Abby x

wendz said...

Aldi rocks! We almost bought one of those Union Jack doormats - actually we did pick it up and then somewhere we put it down by mistake and forgot to take it again and only realised when we got home. :(

Your bunting is super cute - very creative.

Fading Grace said...

I love the bunting and the spotty jug.....any way just of to Aldi's!!!! xx have a good weekend

Liz said...

Brilliant idea! Looks great - enjoy tomorrow!

Bee happy said...

Your bunting looks fab, well done you, tea towels come in handy for all sorts of things! :) love all of your bits and pieces.

Have a great long weekend.

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Diane said...

Look at you lowering the tone with your eff off bunting! Great idea with the t towels though. Enjoy your party. xxxx

Kia said...

Debs, thank you so so much for my beautiful swap parcel presents, they were amazing!
I just love the cupcake bobbles and the mushroom brooch :)
Everything was just lovely!
I hope you like yours too :)
My friend and I just trekked to Aldi and got the same tea towels to make that amazing buntin (though it will be a little late :P )

Thank you again, I'll blog about them soon :)