Monday, 18 April 2011

This is for Ladybirds only

Oh having a mini beast inspired day today.  After saying I can tolerate wasps I have decided I can't.  This house is for ladybirds and lacewings but Mr and Mrs Wasp and their huge family have decided that they want to make their home in it.  No way Jose.  What shall I do - think I will have to bin it.  Any suggestions?

Cant see them but they are there - they are also going into the wall above my window.  Helpppppppp

Just to say K did a bit of research on the tinternet and discovered they are not wasps but bees.  Masonry bees that do not  sting, don't harm your building and go away by June.  So we are now happy for them to stay.

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Bee happy said...

I hate wasps! we had a problem a few houses ago when they were getting through the mortar inbetween the house bricks and coming into the house. We filled any holes we could see on the outside in the mortar after giving a good squirt of wasp killing powder into the holes!

Have you tried drowning them by putting pop into a wasp trap at the side of the ladybird house?

Good luck!

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!