Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Slowly but Surely

Still going on the dreaded back room.  Had a day off yesterday K and I had a day out with my Mum.  We went here first.

Cawthorne Antiques Centre in an old Co-op Shop 

The village was lovely with lots of cottages this one was covered with wisteria.

We had a wonder around the church yard and looked at the old grave stones - I do love a good graveyard.  I spent lots of time in our village church yard as a child and still find them fascinating - not in a morbid way though.

Here's a view of the same church from our next destination - Cannon Hall.

Inside the walled garden- the gardener told us that there was only 7mm of rain here in March.

Beautiful blossom.

Not seen these flowers before the gardener told us they were Barnsleus footballius florabunda - they have developed it themselves- how very clever.

Through the garden gate

Mr and Mrs Mallard on the garden pond K spotted a newt and there were lots of tadpoles

See the church in the far distance

Me and my lovely Mummy - a very rare shot of me I really don't like having my photo taken.

We had a lovely day and we had tea out on the way home.  Mum and K had coffee and cake in the antiques centre and although Mum asked me about five times if I wanted cake I did resist and just had a crumb from K's.  Well done me pat on the back deserved there I think.

So today back into cleaning k has gone off to town on the train - its cheaper if only one person is going - and he has already phoned from TKMaxx to see if I wanted some CK bedding.  I said no thank you - I must not be well.  He is going to the CS's now and he might bring me a pressie.  I am waffling now trying to delay showing my WIP on the back room.  Here they are.

Slowly but surely - no tears yet!!!!


Bee happy said...

Lovely photos and places to visit. Spotted your CK bag, very nice :) your room is looking good too, keep up the good work!

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Fading Grace said...

Backroom looking good!! How weird I used to spend half my life in the graveyard when I was growing up, like you say not in a morbid way...just wondered about the people there.....lovely pic of you and your Ma xx

wendz said...

Great progress on your back room - actually you inspired me to sort out my sewing room yesterday. I was in tears at one point because of the mess but I kept taking little tea breaks to fortify myself and calm down and eventually got it done - well it's all tidy now but still need to pretty it up a bit.

Diane said...

I love Cawthorne and Cannon Hall - such a great selection of fabulous tea rooms! Love the photo of you and your mum! xxxxx

Em said...

Just reading back through all your lovely blog posts!!
My mum lives about 5 mins from Cawthorne antiques centre, its an amazing place isn't looks like any other antique shop on the outside but on the inside its like the tardis, all those little rooms leading off one another!!
Em xxxxx