Monday, 4 April 2011


No this is not a post about cleaning.  Tonight Betty and I decided (actually she made me go) that we should try and do something about our weight and should go to a Slimming Club.  We received a leaflet through the door on Sunday about a local club and off we went.  As we looked through the door I said to Betty that doesn't look like a slimming club because there is food set out it looks like a party.  We did venture in and met the Leader she explained they were having a little party as the previous Leader was leaving.  We did all the form filling and she explained the eating plan.  All was well.  One of the girls on our table asked how many syns were in a Kebab with chips and garlic sauce 'oh dear exclaimed the Leader you sound like trouble' I am said the girl I usually have roast potatoes with that and a slice of pizza.  Betty and I were already sniggering in a school girl fashion.  I am a dreadful giggler in that when I start I can't stop and it gets beyond the giggle stage and goes on to the full blown roaring, snorting, tears falling down the cheeks stage.  I managed to contain myself - just.  Well the Old Leader said for everyone to help themselves to buffet.  Betty and I declined as we had had a rather large tea before we went.  After that it was the Joan has lost a pound clap, clap, clap, Annie has gained a stone (not really) speech type thing.  The Old Leader then asked if they had enjoyed their food and would any one like any recipes (we learned at this stage that members had brought the food in as sort of bring and share.  Someone asked who had made the chocolate cake and a lady declared  'oh I made that'.  Old Leader said was it a slimming recipe 'no she declared I did make a slimming cake but my mum tasted it and it wasn't very nice so I made another one'.  Oh said Old Leader looking a tadge concerned was there anything slimming about it 'no' she replied its just a normal chocolate cake.  Oh my Goodness the room was silent the Old Leader didn't know what to do.  She was stunned.  I started to giggle, Betty started to giggle, one lady from another table shouted 'sabotage' and another turned around and said 'you do know we will all be throwing up later don't you'.  The cake maker was not the least bit perturbed.  She just said 'I couldn't turn up with out anything - could I'. I was beside myself with laughter and actually I have not stopped laughing for about 2 hours.   Luckily no one seemed too cross really and all had a bit of a laugh.  One person confessed to having FOUR pieces.

Before I go a picture of one of my Mother's Day presents

A Relax and Chill Out blanket - thank you girl's - but how is it that Belle is wrapped up in it and not me!!!

Check this out one night at Fat Club and my waist is now like this



Jacey said...

Very funny!! That poor ladies name will be mud next week when they all put on.xx

Alix said...

All very amusing! Sounds like fodder for a sitcom! Wel, they do say laughter helps burn calories, so it's all good!

ted and bunny said...

well i think it must've been an Energy Giving cake!

Sally said...

Oh Debs that is so funny! Would love to have been a fly on the wall!

Bee happy said...

Sounds like a great meeting, they should all be like this! love the throw :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

MissGinger said...

Ha - you could right a sitcom! x

Mandy said...

Sounds like my kind of evening! xxx

Diane said...

At the last slimmers world I went to - we got told off for only losing a pound when the leader - who must have been 25 stone clearly was putting weight on - she burst her sleeve jacket one week! xxxxx

the golden princess aka LSJ said...

I would have laughed so much they would have thrown me out :o) xx

mrs cheese said...

I don't know how you kept a straight face
Happy weekend lovely