Monday, 18 April 2011

A Bee in my Bonnet and Ants in my Pants

Yuk the ants are here.  I am lover of all things great and small but I do not like ants.  Not in my house anyhow.  I can happily live with spiders and bees.  I can tolerate wasps and to a certain extent flies but I don't do ants.  They are appearing in my Back Room (the family room/dumping ground) and I can stand it no longer.  I have only seen about 10 but that's 10 too many.  I have therefore decided that today is the DAY.  The big clean up day because I have had a bee in my bonnet about this messy room for some time.  It is mostly my crafty stuff making the mess so I have decided to have a big clean up and clean out.  K doesn't know yet he has gone off to the dry cleaners with his work suits - he will be delighted - erm not I do get grumpy when cleaning - well BIG cleaning.  I have thrown open the patio doors and am about to get stuck in.  Do you want to see my BIG MESS.  Hold your breath its nasty.

From the outside looking in = oh deary me

my craft desk - muck pit

My bits and bobs - can you see the vintage muller light pot - did you know they are now collectable

My best friend Elna who actually deserves her very own post - one day 

I am hoping that later today I will be able to do a TaDah a great big TaDah and that it will all look spiffing.  I will be able to say Ants be Gone and they will all trot out of the door and all the mucky nooks and crannys will be clean and sparkling.  More like I will be in a heap in my PJ's sniffling and snotty and K will be saying 'I told you so - a BIG clean always ends in tears. Wish me luck. Hopefully my the end of today it will all be Merry and Bright.


My Spotty Pony said...

Good luck with the spring cleaning and I hope the ants clear off to another place. Will check back later for the drum roll moment when all is revealed :) Abby x

Diane said...

I currently dont have my own crafting room, so my whole house looks like that! xxx

LaaLaa said...

Oh I love this post! Not because you're having to do a big clean (I get grumpy at those too) but because you're so much like me. The Muller Light pot made me laugh. Yes, they will be collectable if you keep them long enough, that's what I keep saying. Can't wait for the 'ta-dah'! xx

Fading Grace said...

OOOh, rather you than me, although it is very satisfying after. I know what you mean about ants, there is one day each year when we get flying ants they all take of at the same moment, for some totally freaks me out!! Good luck xx