Sunday, 24 April 2011


K decided to take Dyl a walkies so I joined him.  He had intended to do a short walk around what we call half axle but I suggested we went for a walk down The Stones.

Into the village

One of the pubs - it's still traditional and has not changed since my childhood.

The church where I attended  as a child, where I got married and where two of our girl's were christened.

A spot of graffiti just outside the village 

Into the woods, see Dyl's waggy tail 

Lots of nooks and crannies

One man and his dog

The leafy green canopy

The promise of a wild orchid

We found one a wild orchid actually there were lots when we started looking

Lots of paths to explore

A fab notice board full of interesting facts

A lovely bridge with hanging ivy - spot Dyl

through the bridge

Dead man's cave - prehistoric bones were found here - I was terrified of it as a child.  

One family were having  great fun rolling eggs down one of the hills - the children shouted -'people' as we approached - I wonder what else we could have been?

The eggs must have been a good few days old because Dyl didn't even try to eat any of it.

 Back home through the bottom gate to the Church

This angel both fascinated me and scared me at the same time when I was little

A view from the top of the grave yard

Phew - it was a lovely walk we were out and about about 2 and a half hours - all  for free - it was great fun and will be repeated.


Diane said...

So you need to tell me where this walk is so that I can do this. Looks lovely. xxx

My Spotty Pony said...

What a lovely area for walking.
How funny that the children shouted "people" when they saw you... although they should have shouted "people and dog"!
Hope you enjoy the rest of the Easter holiday.

Alix said...

I almost felt like I'd been on the walk with you - a lovely description and photos - thanks!

Sally said...

What a pretty place and a lovely walk!

MissGinger said...

what a lovely walk, i love walking my frank in the woods. I think he would love to join you.!

carol at home said...

What a gorgeousplace to go for a walk.

Fading Grace said...

Looks like a lovely walk, like an old friend you know it so well, from your childhood....

Andrea... said...

Hi there! Thanks so much for visiting Apples and Pears and for leaving a sweet message....and for introducing me to your lovely blog! Your village looks really pretty xx

Victoria said...

Thank you for popping by to my blog .... and what a very handsome fellow you have too! x

Poppy said...

It looks beautiful where you live! And as for Dylan, very cute....

Lou xxx

Heldasland said...

Thank you for taking me on such a beautiful walk