Sunday, 17 April 2011

A Grand Day Out

Today K and I have been to Chester.  Although we have been to the zoo before we haven't ventured into the town centre before.  K noticed on the net that there was a vintage and textile fair at the racecourse so that's where we started our day.

The Grand Stand (I think) and K just in shot.

You can't see on this photo but an elderly gentleman was running and he had just passed the finishing post.  I did chuckle a little bit but not in an unkind way.  We were having a lovely cup of tea sat on the stand in the sunshine.

We had a stroll around the fair.  It did have quite a few stalls and was nice to walk around but I didn't see anything striking and some of the prices were a bit steep.  Whilst I was there I noticed a lady whom I had seen on a stall at a local second hand market on Thursday and a chap who always stands at Doncaster Racecourse antiques fair.  So had a nice potter but didn't buy anything.  I do feel that I get a bit tight fisted at fairs as I do like to grab a bargain on the car boot or in a charity shop.  Actually I did say to K that my pal Louise and I could put on a great stall at one of these places with all the stuff we have collected.  

After that we had a stroll into Chester along the wall and then by the river.  It was very pleasant indeed.  We walked up the hill and into town.  We spotted Romans at the Amphitheatre.  

I have just spluttered on my coffee looking at this photo.  What is that Roman Soldier doing. I think he is having a wee but K says he is tightening the guy ropes.   Did his mum not tell him that when bending down whilst wearing a skirt you should keep your knees together.  Don't worry ladies (and Gent's -Crochet Dude if you are reading) he was wearing  pants - I know this for a fact as whilst he was stood up he had a VPL.  Yep Romans wore Y Fronts Oh and grey socks.  I did actually laugh at this but he was a long way from me I zoomed in with my camera.  They were good sports because a group of Japanese tourist went over and the whole gang of Roman's posed with them letting them hold their swords (don't snigger) and wear their helmets.  The tourists were delighted and were clapping and tittering behind their hands.  It was really sweet.

We then approached town 

Stroll around the shops lots of lovely black and white buildings and shops on different levels

Vintage style touring bus

A window on the Cathedral which strangely is attached to a Barclays Bank.  Admittedly it was an old building but a little strange.

K is partial to a bag of Yorkshire Mix sweeties but as we were not in Yorkshire he had to make do with a Cheshire Mix and yes they are different.  K is getting grumpy as our local Post Office has not had any Yorkshire Mix for about three weeks which in his book is not good.

K decided to go the alternative way home I was sure we were going to land in North Wales but we did get home eventually.  The scenery was breathtaking  I took these from the car whilst it was moving and they have turned out ok.  


It was a tadge scary though with some very sheer drops I did ask for a bucket (not to be sick in) but to put over my head as I am not fond of hilly/mountain type drives it makes me a bit twitchy.  One day I will tell you about the trip over the Mountains in Granada on my 40th Birthday - I was not a happy bunny.  K is now groaning as he says I should 'let it go' OMG that was very  high and very scary.

A grand day out.

Note for Diane we went to Nona's -I told her that you had sent us and she said you were lovely and then she explained to her son that you were the lady that ate the cake mix out of the bowl.  LOL.  Think she was a bit confused when I said that I knew you but we had not met.  Suppose blogging is a bit strange in that way isn't it.  


Fading Grace said...

Looks like you had a lovely day, you sound like me , unless I fall in love with something I don't like parting with too much money!
And It's not everyday you see a roman peeing up his tent! xx

Diane said...

That looks a lovely day out. i havn't been to Chester in ages. Isnt Nonas brill. hope the atmosphere is the same when she moves. I hope you have made a date in your diary to visit my WI stall (1st Saturday in September at Thorpe Hesley Community Centre from about noon I think. You will LOVE my prices and you'll get a discount if you are a super blogger! I can't believe they don't lick out the mixture bowl in Worksop! I knew they were an odd bunch! We have brilliant conversations with Nona and her Mum. We talk about EVERYTHING under the sun - no holds barred! Do you fancy meeting up after the Easter break?

bellaboo said...

That photo did make me laugh....hilarious! I'm like you with heights/drops.Have had some very hairy moments.Drove up Hardnott Pass in the lake District,and I had my eyes shut,and was screaming the whole way.Mr Boo was driving I hasten to add! Thanks for your lovely comment.

Bellaboo X

Alix said...

That photo and your description about it did make me giggle! Sounds like a great day - you sure pack it in!

Vintage Tea Time said...

Chester is fab, isn't it? Lovely scenery photos. Thanks for your comments - I'm exhausted now! Abby x