Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Day at the Races?

Another event at yet another Race Course our third in three weeks - I think.  This time it was the Festival of Vintage at York Race Course.  We set off nice and early with Betty in tow.  There was a big queue to get in it must have taken about 20 mins.  Oh the excitement.  As soon as we entered I knew it would be a good one.  Lots of stalls, music and a Make Do and Mend corner.  Workshops for free!!  We signed up for the first one and left K to have a wonder around.
Kit to make a bracelet

Great start you think - no - Betty did not feel well and we just made it through the workshop.  I wondered why she couldn't sew a button on or thread a needle.  She isn't as crafty as me but she can do the basics.  Long story short, sick on the stand of York Race Course, then half an hour - at least on the floor in the toilet - not attractive - she was grateful that the toilets were immaculate although she did say she felt so ill she would have lay her head down in the scruffiest of holes.  We then tried to get her outside - disaster - just heading for the lift as she could hardly walk and low and behold she was sick in a bin - just next to the Vintage Beauty Parlour.  Luckily K and I shielded her well with our bodies and my large green cardi and I really don't think anyone saw.  In fact I don't think they did because one couple started to get out their picnic about a metre away from us - I told them out of politeness but they carried on regardless.  I was gutted.  Because she was poorly but also because it looked sooooo good.  Betty declared that she felt much better and she was sure after a sleep in the car she would be fine.  Her Dad took her to Vera the Volvo and we went back to the fair. 

It was great.

There was a skiffle band, lots of stalls, lindy hoppers (you could join in if you wished - I was not brave enough but I would love a go).

The Band - didn't get their name

A bit of vintage dancing (sorry about the photos not sure what's happened)

Lots of folk dressed up for the occasion and were happy to have their photos taken.  I really loved the dungarees and spotty blouse outfit - probably because it was what I would wear.

 The cafe was serving tea and cakes from what I could see.  It was packed out and I am sure it took the organisers by surprise.

Outside were vintage cars from various eras with was right up K's street.

Although K does love to look around fairs his taste is quite different to mine.  He likes Marcel Bruer, Dieter Rams and Lubs. More stylised than my tastes but that's good - ish.  We are now in conflict about whether the top to the dresser may return into the house from the garage - think i'm winning - only just.

We met a lovely family all dressed up in 1940's outfits, Granny, Grandpa, Mum and three children.  The children told me their Daddy was at work and had missed out.  Baby was in a vintage Silver Cross pram - so cute.  (I have more photo's but am having trouble getting them downloaded) - someone - Nellie - has changed the settings  on the camera and I didn't know.

Anyhow Betty was indeed Ok - the course of her woes Mrs P (code for period pains).  Yuk she has always been like this but now she is older she is normally on top of it with pain killers etc.  This time caught her out.  As she was recovered and her face was no longer green we went for a good ole stroll around York.  The sun was out so it was really busy but it made a change the last three times we have been its either been freezing cold or chucking it down.

We had a picnic near the Minster School, strolled around the outside of the Minster, had a brisk walk around the shops and then RAN to see Cath.  Oh yeah the CK shop in York is a good one. 

Betty bought herself a new bag and I got new plimsolls,  one is never too old for plimsolls specially when they are navy blue and covered with stars.

 Oh yeah a good day indeed.!!!!


MissGinger said...

it looks wonderful, i wish i could have gone. Fabulous. Shame about the illness - i hope all is well now and glad you stilll got to enjoy. x

Diane said...

You'll have to let me know when the next one is - it looks fab! I have been to Mr Straws house before, but it will be no hardship to visit again. I'll have a look at the diary and let you know a few dates.

Sally said...

Poor Betty. Glad you still managed to have a good day, looks a brilliant day out! Love York. Never knew there was a CK shop there though!

Liz said...

Wow - looks wonderful! Love it when folk dress for the occasion - just adds something to it!

Nattie said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog! Looks like you had a wonderful day out, and you know.... star plimsolls sound right up my street! I must have a look, perhaps this is the perfect excuse for a C.K shop visit!
Nattie x

Carol said...

aaaaaaaaaaaaaah totally forgot it was on!
Looks like you had a great day out (except for poor Betty, hope she is ok now)
Carol xx

Gemma (40s mother) said...

Glad you managed to enjoy the rest of your day and hope to god it wasnt the kids taking pics with your camera that changed the setting they really enjoyed the attention from you and obviously being from the 40s had never seen such thing a a digital camera!!!!

two bones and a bagle said...

Glad you found me Gemma It wasn't your delightful children that changed the settings my daughter had used the camera and changed the setting to a more detailed picture that doesn't work well on my blog. Your comment made me laugh. Hope you carry on enjoying your 1940's days one day I might even join in (I would actually love to it looked so much fun).