Thursday, 14 April 2011

Book Club

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Last night was Book Club night at mine.  Friends descended and we all had a good old natter, a cup of tea and a scone with jam, clotted cream and fresh strawberries.  YUM.  The book I had chosen for this time was The Crimson Petal and the White.  As I told my friends I saw the first episode on TV last week and it was very interesting (filthsome) so I thought we could give it a whirl.  I had also read on someones blog (sorry can't remember which one) that it was one of her favourite books and as there were lots of copies at Costco it slipped into my trolly.   It received a great response with one friend saying 'Oh I have read that before'  'Oh no' said I to which she replied 'it's is one of my favourite books and I haven't read it for years and years I am so pleased you chose it'.  Phew.  Hope it's as good as it looks.  I am halfway through another book so am not able to start it yet but I am looking forward to it and hope it is a good read.

Sorry for poor quality picture I pinched it from Amazon and its not good but as I am trying to do a quick post I am afraid it will have to suffice.

I forgot to mention the last book we read was The Room.  I enjoyed it in a strange sort of way and it definately gave me food for thought.  We all gave the same opinion (well the three of us that had actually read it).


LaaLaa said...

I think it was my post comment you read, Debs. It is my favourite book ever. I absolutely love it for so many resons and was delighted to find out it had been adapted for TV. I would love to hear what you think of it so please let me know. My email is on my blog. Lynda xx

Liz said...

Read it last year and really enjoyed it. The writing is wonderful - very descriptive. Haven't watched it on TV yet - sometimes adaptations can be so disappointing. Will catch up with it sometime.