Monday, 25 July 2011

Three in a Day

Oh my three posts in a day.  Guess what K's Dad knows some of the folk in the photos.  I suppose that's what happens when you live in a small community everybody knows somebody etc especially when families don't move far. 

This apparently is Horace and his bride.  I won't put on the surname as a matter of courtesy but I do know it.

A 1940's war time wedding maybe.  It is the only one where the bride is not in a 'proper' wedding dress.

This was in the skip its in perfect condition.

This little card was hidden inside the silk envelope front.  Have you spotted the spelling mistake.  As you can imagine - if you know me or if you have read this blog for a while - it made me chuckle.  Titter ye not as Frankie Howard would say. 

Ah Horace must have been a romantic.  I wonder if his sweetheart ever spotted the spelling mistake.

This is the local milkman. Oh look T (k's Dad) his Mum declared it's the milkman - we once went to Babbacombe with them do you remember. 

What a small world we live in.  I am so glad we rescued these.

By the way we cashed in the silver today and it raised £47 for our holiday fund.  I will never, ever, ever drag K away from a scruffy skip again.  I am also very pleased that K asked for permission to take things out of the skip - although I wonder if they would want the £47.  Beware what you throw away - even I with my eagle eye would have thrown the pictures away - it was K with his eagle eye that spotted the tiny hallmark in the corner.  Happy days.


Carol said...

Glad your 'finds' netted you some cash as well as treasure.
The embroidered card is lovely, how nice to be able to put names to the faces.
Carol xx

helen tilston said...

I'm so happy for you.

How great that your now know the bride and groom


Karen said...

Lovely posting today - I have tried to post before but I wasn't allowed. Hope this one makes it!

Diane said...

I love skip diving - hubby hates it. That was a load of real treasure that you found. By the way, Ive talked Wend at Ticking Stripes, and Lyn at Everyday life to sign up for tweed bags on the 11th Sept!

Vintage Jane said...

How lovely that you know who they are. Don't feel at all guilty about netting the cash for the silver - it's their own fault for throwing these lovely things away! M x

Mary Ann said...

It beaks my heart when I see old pictures and the like thrown away. Someone's memories just turfed out. Very sad. I'm glad K took a look and saved what he did:)