Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Although K is officially on holiday (he's a teacher) he does go into work to tidy his room, prepare for next years, sort out cupboards etc.  He also likes to work on projects of his own (he is a Design and Technology teacher).  As he was leaving for work today I shouted 'when you go to work can I have some diamonds'.  'You What' was the reply.  'Diamonds' I replied, 'I need diamonds'.  He then gulped and went a little pale.  He recovered when I explained that I would like some diamonds cutting out of paper so I could start on a paper pieced quilt over the summer.  He was relieved.   Laser cutters are very handy gadgets.  Hopefully tonight I might be able to settle down to a project and begin a new quilt, lap blanket or cushion cover.  Pop over to to have a look at her gorgeous quilting.  Hopefully I may be able to create something similar.


Alix said...

Good luck with your quilt plans - if it looks half as good as the diamond one on summerfete, it will be great! Handy to have access to the laser cutter!

Mandy said...

Can't wait to see it. Your last quilt was beautiful. x