Saturday, 30 July 2011


Today K and the two eldest Bones went into Sheffield to the Vintage Fair in the Town Hall.  As usual I forgot my camera so can't show you the splendid interior.  I have only been in the Town Hall twice and on the first occasion K and I were invited to a special presentation buffet type thing for people who had contributed to local charities.  (we both thought it was a spoof invite when we got it as it was very grand) K had taken part in a half marathon and raised money for RNLI (we think it was a long time ago).  When we got there I plonked myself next to Dave Bassett who was the current Sheffield United Manager K was a little jealous I got the prize position (well it wouldn't have been a prize if you are a Wednesdayite) but we are Blades so it was a prize to us.  Anyhow back to the fair - it was only small and we did have to queue for a while to get in.  I saw a few bits and pieces that I liked but I didn't buy anything.  I did say hello to a friend of Diane who had a stall there.  Diane if you are reading your friend said I am a little bit like you - maybe we are long lost twins.  I will now get on to the reason for my blog post.  Whilst in town K was looking for some new pumps/plimsols he didn't get any but I did.  Red spotty ones.  K had just given me a lesson on plimsol lines on boats and how they were named after Mr Pilmsol.  He then explained it was the water line on the side of the boat - do you want to know what I said.  Do you - well I am going to tell you - even though K said not to as it makes me look a bit silly.  I said 'well doesn't the level depend on how deep the water is!'.  I realised this was not correct when K looked at me shook his head, said a little rude word and then said 'I give in'.  He still loves me even though I am a numpty (I just asked him so it's true) then he said 'Ah  (that's a Yorkshire Ah not a Ahh thats lovely ahh) - that's what I love about you'.

Right shoes of the spotty variety.  Here they are.

I love these pumps you dont have to undo the laces - the side bits are elastic - i'm all for an easy life.

My first twinkle star patch

Arty farty shot of my shoes and patch on my step ladders with my cheap as chips geraniums.

Spotty shoes how I love you - they are shiny as well - oh yeah spots and shine.

Twinkle, twinkle

A little bit of my garden (I couldn't possibly show you more - too many weeds)

My rusty tools and twiggy bits

Oh yes did I tell you I have spotty, shiny red pumps.

This is a whisper - they were only six pounds and ninety nine pence - yep - good old TK Max - whisper even quieter - they pinch a bit - do you think that matters?


helen tilston said...

Those are beautiful shoes. I absolutely love the shot with the geraniums, such a creative picture!

Hope they soften up with wear


Jane said...

Hi Debs, another great blog, fab photos you're getting a bit David Baileyish with the compositions.I love the things that come out of your mouth you do make me laugh. xx

elsy said...

thanks for those shoes!

fee @ chipper nelly said...

No. beauty is painful.
fee x

K @ Aurora Blythe said...

Beauty over a bit of pain, right? Those shoes are divine!