Saturday, 2 July 2011


A while ago I was given a Versatile Blogger award from Alix at so I thought it about time to respond. I think I have to tell you seven 'things' about myself that you might not otherwise know.  Here goes.

1.  I have secretarial qualifications and worked in a Bank for 15 years.  Whilst there when we were chatting at work and used to dream of other careers I always said if I didn't work in a Bank then I would love to work in a Flower Shop or to work with children.

2.  As a mature student I gained a City and Guilds Level Three in Floristry and did indeed work in a Flower Shop.  After aquiring a taste for study I then decided that I should take a qualification to enable me to work with children.  I then commenced a two year full time course in Education in the Early Years Level 3.  I passed with Distinction and won Adult Leaner of the Year at my college.  Wow an accademic prize!

3.  I live in the same style house as I lived in as a child - exactly - only a few hundred yards from the house where I lived and my mum still lives.  My dad actually built (along with others) my house which is quite comforting now he is no longer here.  It was built in 1963 and we moved into the village in 1970. 

4.  I have lived in Rutland, Grantham and Elgin before I moved back to my childhood village in 1998.  This is the longest I have lived in one house since I married.  I don't think we will ever move again.

5.  I have lost a stone in the last few months and hope to lose a couple more.

6.  I am extremely squeemish and do not cope well with the sight of blood and have actually fainted when people have discussed yukky stuff.  Two of my three daughters are the same and so are my sisters to some extent. 

7.  I make K laugh every day.  Then proceed to tell him I make him laugh every day.

8.  I say 'I love my bed' every night when I get in bed and get snuggled. 

9.  I crashed my Dad's car on the day I passed my driving test and bless him he didn't make me pay for the damage.  No one was hurt only the car and a wall.  Whoops.  It did put me off driving for a long time and when I returned to work after said test and crash my work colleagues could not understand why I wasn't excited.

10.  The remark I remember most from my old school reports was one by my Domestic Science Teacher, Mrs Bradly.  She said 'Deborah would do much better if she put more effort into her work and less food into her mouth'. 

I've done ten as I got carried away.  Please feel free to join in if you wish I am not going to pass on (I am feeling a little lazy)

Will post again soon with photos - when I can find a lead for a camera - any camera in the house would do as I am unable to access the laptop with the card reader. 


Diane said...

As ive said before, and your sister verified, you are quite mental (but we love you!!)Is the award for a Versatile or Fertile blogger???!!! PS Ive got my pal to donate a TON of gorgeous fabric to my stall in September!!!!!!PPS Do you know what you want to be when you grow up yet? (cos I don't) xxxxxxxxx

fee @ chipper nelly said...

always love an award post! Yours was funny - natch!
happy new week to you
fee x

Mandy said...

Love the domestic science report! xxx

keshling said...

Snap! I always say 'mmmm...lovely bed' when I get in to it each night!!!

K xx

Jane said...

I'd give you an award for making my laugh everytime we meet, But come on Debs a week with no blog update!! x Jane x