Sunday, 17 July 2011

Knitted Knickers

Oh yes ladies I was entranced by the idea of knitted knickers.  But not for me - although I do possess a vast array of vintage pattens for knickers all knitted in the finest 2 ply pure wool.  Yakkity yak.  Bit itchy and sweaty me thinks.  Stop Deborah you are losing the plot get back on track.  Ok I was entranced by knitted knickers on this little beauty.  Want a peek.  What you really want to look at knitted knickers ok here we go.  Don't be afraid though they are NOT mine.  They belong to this sweetie.

Pretty pink knitted knickers and little legs and shoes.

Little black shoes

Knickers and pretty skirt

Always with a consistency of habit pinny

Knitted jumper (actually its an all in one)

Buttoned up

Rosy cheeks

A bit of sparkle

Mad hair and a pink nose

Curiously? tiny stitches

Back view

Side wards glance - always

Knickers from the front - I did get permission before I posted these photos - of course!

Full View

Do you like her?  It was a big/little treat to myself when the Smile exhibition visited the Harley Gallery.  It was a little indulgent but I don't indulge very often and I really loved her.  I don't know if you have heard of the Own Art Scheme that many Galleries offer.  If you spend over £100 you can use their interest free scheme and pay for the item over 10 months.  She wouldn't have made it home to me if this was not the case.

Truly delightful and complete with knitted knickers.  Oh yay!!

I must say it has taken me an age to post this Blogger is being a tadge naughty I think. 

Oh in case you haven't already sussed it out it is a piece by Julie Arkell.


helen tilston said...

She is beautiful, knitted knickers and all and will grace your home beautifully

fee @ chipper nelly said...

so beautiful - love her work.
I know you will treasure her forever (and then someone else will do the same!)
Here's to a good week
fee x
(don't fancy knitted pants myself...think it would lead to a sweaty gusset)

Romi and Bob said...

This is amazing. The payment scheme is a great idea, your own work of art! I love Julie Arkell. xx

Diane said...

Ive seen these at the Harley - they are really special. Its great that you treated yourself. PS Forgot to tell you that I have persuaded a friend to part with a stash of fabulous fabric for my Bric-a-Brac stall. All priced to sell!!! I also have some gorgeous antiques (that i'm sure must be worth a fortune) that I shall be letting go for a song!! xxxx

Bee said...

She is beautiful, so sweet and totally agree with Fee about sweaty gusset and knitted knickers....

Bee x x

Jane said...

How fab is she! A beautiful piece of art. Glad to see camera cable has resurfaced, I've missed the pictures (fab camera work I might add) Jane x

Liz said...

What an unusual little piece!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

lemonade kitty said...

OMG isn't she adorable, I love her, pink knickers and all!! I bet you keep picking her up and having a little feel, such wonderfully knitted clothes and lovely boots, does this lovely lady have a name?? I would call her Rosie if she were mine, Lucey x

Mandy said...

Shes a beauty Debs. I have to say I can't stop looking at my JA purchases. Must do a blog myself. :)

Mandy xxx

Sally said...

She is lovely! Still love her knitted knickers xx

Anonymous said...

Nice, she's got a funny face, but I like her, especially the knitted knickers :) - has she got a name yet? LSJ x