Monday, 25 July 2011

Skip Diving

K had spotted a plate in a skip near by recently.  He found out who the skip belonged to this morning and asked if he could take some stuff.  He was told to help himself so he did.  Although I said, um, a couple of hours ago that we have so much stuff its making my head fuzzy we now have more.  Look what he found.

Vintage glasses

A tapestry

Quite a lot of photos

Jugs, wedgewood and little silver pictures (they are really silver hallmarked and everything)

More wedding photos - they are bent and a little damaged but really charming - the little boy has feather down around his little suit. I wonder who they are?

There was more but I haven't taken photos of it all.  A couple of ladder back chairs, a piano stool, wooden coathangers, knitting needles, a photo album filled to the brim with vintage postcards of Jamaica, a leather music case and an old bread board.  Well I don't know where they are going to live but I am glad they were rescued - especially the photos.

K did arouse the interest of the neighbours who asked what he was doing.  He told them that he had permission and they were fine with that.  I think they probably wished they had got there first.  After chatting to one lady K told her that I collected vintage knitting patterns and she said she had loads from the 40's and 50's and that she would dig them out for me.  How kind.

Going out for lunch now.  Two posts in one day - gosh must be because of all the 'time' I have got.  LOL.


Vintage Jane said...

Lucky you to find a skip that actually has something worth rescuing in it. Every time I nonchalantly gaze into one it's full of builder's rubble! Have a great lunch. M x

Alix said...

I'm so pleased all those goodies were saved by their guardian angels! It would be too sad to think of all that ending up in landfill, especially the photos. Like Vintage Jane, I have never yet seen a skip with anything worth salvaging in it - maybe one day I'll get lucky!

helen tilston said...

What finds. The wedding photo has me meserized, look at those bouquets.
Beautiful post

Carol said...

Well done on rescuing all those wonderful items. Why do people just throw such things away? Why not take them to the charity shop?
Carol xx

VintageVicki said...

Wow - what amazing finds. But how sad that all of that was going to be sent to landfill - especially the photos, they are someones family history :(

Gypsy and Nell said...

So sad the photo's where being just thrown away, I'm so glad you rescued them xx

Liz said...

Its quite sad to think that these lovely things were going to be destroyed, but I'm so glad you found them! I also very glad that you shared them with us - they are lovely, especially the wedding photos!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger