Monday, 25 July 2011

Love Home

I do love my home BUT at the moment it is driving me mad.  I have got piles everywhere of craft stuff, ironing, stuff to go on ebay etc etc etc.  I am sure everyone is the same but its making my head fuzzy.  I can't seem to find anything.  A few weeks ago it was the camera leads and now its my phone charger.  I have looked everywhere and just can't find it.  I don't use my mobile phone that much but I do like to have it around.  So if you have phoned, text or left me a message the reason I haven't got back to you is because I can't.  Ho hum.

House is very quiet at the moment.  Belle has gone off on her European adventure with school and Nel is at her Nana and Grandad's.  Betty is out and about so its me, K and the dog.  Why is it that when they are all in and its noisy you cant wait for peace and quiet and then you get the peace and quiet it's not what you want.  Oh dear think I feel a tadge on the down side. 

I have made a little something this week that I am pleased with.  Long skinny hearts with lavender, old buttons, bakers twine and hand printed labels.  I was pleased that I actually got around to finishing something.  Here they are.

Do you spot the Ikea fabric.  K and I went last week and I was delighted to find they now sell the Rosali fabric by the metre along with the pink with red spot fabric and blue with red dot fabric.  I did only buy a little bit as I DO NOT need any more fabric. 

Going to go now and make my day GOOD. 


Jane said...

Hi Debs I know what you mean... It's a different kind of quiet when the youngsters are away. D went to Ibiza and J on a camping expedition to France. The house just wasn't the same. Good luck finding charger, ring if you want coffee one day x

fee @ chipper nelly said...

a) I did not need to know about the fabric (for obvious reasons!)
b) I think its what's called grass always being greener! With you completely.
have a good week - enjoy the peace!
fee x
(c) lovely hearts!)

Bee happy said...

Your hearts look great :) I can't resist Ikea fabric! Check out my blog I have a giveaway :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Nattie said...

Lovely the shape....
Nattie x