Thursday, 14 July 2011

Just for Jane

Phew long time no blog.  Just to let you know I am still here and having a quick look around blogland.  I have been a busy bee.  I have worked more hours doing my supply Nursery Nursing since I started in September.  I really thought it would have gone quiet towards the end of the school year but it hasn't.  Good for the old bank balance but not leaving much time to do blogging, crafting, meeting friends, going to the studio etc.  I have also struggled as we have laptop failure in the house.  Betty's is in need of repair and so is Nell's.  K has his work one so I can only get online in the evening when he has finished his 'busy jobs'.  Camera leads are hiding hence the lack of photos.  Phew.  K cannot wait until next Friday and I hear him going downstairs in the morning doing a big 'out loud' countdown to himself - six to do was his countdown this morning.  He loves being a teacher but has been so busy he is really ready for his break.  Belle is off on summer camp with her school the day after she breaks up so we have also been to meetings, getting together all the requirements of a teenage girl who is off on a great two week trip.  She is really excited.  She will be travelling down to the coast, then driving through France with an overnight stop then on to the Italian coast.  She will visit Venice during the week and will be camping right next to the beach.  After a week she is moving on to Interlaken, Switzerland for a further week before the long drive back.  It is her second time on the trip so she is really looking forward to it.  She cannot wait for the bread, cheese and milk in Switzerland and the clean fresh air as she says it is AMAZING.  Lucky girl.   Wish I could go.  We did give her a fright one day when we said we were going.  That her Head Teacher had been in touch as they needed extra help and with her Dad being a teacher and me being a NN, CRB checked and First Aid qualified we had been asked to support.  Ha Ha.  How mean. 

I have not been able to settle into doing very much making.  I started to knit a cardi then got bored, have done a little tapestry from CK Stitch book and haven't made them into brooches, a little hand quilting and a little crocheting but nothing much and nothing that is really catching my attention.  Hopefully I will regain my crafting mojo over the next 6 weeks and settle down to something productive.  Well I am going to go now am already in bed tucked up well - I haven't told it I love it yet - but I will. 

Just so you know this post is Just for Jane (and everyone else too).  Jane is a dear friend of mine and she likes to take a peek at my blog and she commented on my last post that I hadn't blogged for over a week - so here you are Janey this one is for you.  Hope you had a good holiday will catch up next week. 

Good night.

Anybody had any trouble leaving comments?  I seem to be struggling at the moment it keeps asking me to sign into blogger, which I am, then it doesn't let me comment.  Also my followers have been missing for a while and I can't find them any which way.  Maybe Blogger is mardy because I haven't been very productive. 

Good night - for sure this time.


Mandy said...

Wow! you have been busy. Hope you get some rest over the next few weeks. xxx

helen tilston said...

Your daughter is fortunate to be able to go on such a great school trip.
Have a good rest and a peaceful weekend

Diane said...

That school trip sounds fab- we only got as far as a day trip to Flamingoland when I was at school! My crafting mojo has taken a vacation too.

Jane said...

Have a fab break, both of you will need it I know how frantic the end of term and especially end of year prep at school is. Hope to catch up soon. ( Don't leave it too long to blog again!!)
Jane x

Diane said...

Hi Deb - Our village fair is on Saturday 3rd September - it won't be crafts as such - but there are a few crafts stalls. My "Vintage and home made" stall has been re categorised as "Bric-a-Brac" as the ladies of the WI can't get their heads around "Vintage"