Tuesday, 1 March 2011

A bit of Stitching

Tonight I have mostly been making these:-

Lots  of  hexagons

 Hexies all in a row

All lined up

I am still not sure what I am  going to do with them I know I want to use a different fabric for each one but not sure if to make a few cushions or a small lap quilt.  I have used some of  my feedsack from America (via ebay), some vintage fabric I have picked up here and there, some from old clothing from CS and CB.  This is for my next batch  - I have admired it for long enough now - it's time for it to be used up - well only a tiny bit for this project.  

CK fat quarters bought from York

I'm going to sign off now - blogger is being a bit naughty and won't play nicely - then again it may be just me.

Good night

Oh my goodness I have no idea what's gone wrong but I don't know how to put it right - any ideas? - sorted thank you Sally.


Sally said...

Lovely fabrics, you are a hexagon machine!! What's a feedsack?
Is is anything to do with the size of the hexies in a row photo, it doesn't seem to have resized it, it might be that stretching it a bit. Try deleting the photo and uploading it again (smaller)?
I've booked up place on the Winter Angels and Paper Shoes :-)
Sal xx

two bones and a bagle said...

Feedsack is American fabric that was used to make sacks to hold grain and flour then it was made into clothing or quilts. It lovely. If you let me have your address (or I could get it from Louise) I will send you some so you can made some middles for your flowers. Thanks for tip about photos I will try and put it right later. Seeing Louise today so will put my name down for paper shoes and the Samantha Brain workshop. TTFN

Diane said...

I received a lovely hex backed book from Clare at Summerfete blog (on my sidebar) if you haven't visited her her, have a look - she is patchwork posessed! xxxxxPS booke Louises for 11th September.

Jo said...

Whatever you decide to make it's going to look lovely, there's some gorgeous fabric there.

summerfete said...

hi there you certainly are a girl after my own heart!!

MichelleW said...

Gorgeous hexies - lovely choice of fabrics.

The sewing room said...

Well you have been busy.Making hexies is very theraputic,and i love all the lovely colours happy stitching hugs Pat.

VintageVicki said...

I'd love to make a hexie quilt - just not sure I have the patience.

Blogger often has a mind of its own :(

Vintage Tea Time said...

Lovely hexagons. Thanks for your comment - I like the AS paint, but it's going to take a while to master it - it soons goes quite dry, and as you say, you often need more than 2 coats (on dark wood anyway). When its waxed, a nice finish though, but not cheap! Abby x

Diane said...

I would have LOVED to have gone to Southwold on Saturday, but Ive got a fella coming to help out with the kitchen all weekend so I can't. The cuppa sounded good too. We'll have a bloggy date soon. xxx

Bee happy said...

Hi, thanks for stopping by and saying hello, it's great to meet you, another local lass :) I'm from South Yorkshire too! I love your blog so I'm following to keep an eye on you and your lovely makes.

PS. love the picture header on your blog :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!