Wednesday, 16 March 2011


I know I have only just posted but I wanted to show you my progress on my hexagon quilt top and I wanted to show you it all on its own little post so it feels special.  I started it on the 25 Feb so its been on the go almost a month and it is coming on well.  I was inspired to begin the hexies by sally at Robin Red who had joined the Wednesday Hexalong you can find the info on Sally's blog as I can't manage to do the link properly.  Anyhow here it is in all its glory my hexagon quilt so far:-

Getting bigger all the time covers the Ikea chair now

Oh sewing machine box and ironing pile in the background!  Quilts pretty though.

Close up shot

Some of my vintage fabrics - the circus one, the blue dots and flowers and the heavily flower pattern one.

Hexies to sew and squares and papers.

I am enjoying the process and trying to keep the quilt rectangular (if that makes sense) so I can stop when I have had enough.  I have another hex quilt somewhere in my WIP pile that is sort of a granny's garden pattern but the shape has gone a little bit crazy which put me off finishing it.  I will dig it out - ha a joke dig/garden - and show you all.  I am going now as I am starting to type rubbish.  Night night. 


Fading Grace said...

It's looking really lovely, you have a lot of patience! Hope to see it when it's finished.... you might just go on hexing forever!!!!
Sophie x

Bee happy said...

It's looking fab, keep up the good work!

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Jo said...

It looks lovely, and it's growing so quickly.

Sally said...

Its amazing! Yours is growing so quickly! I'm feeling very lazy, mine has sort of come to a halt, I've one managed one more flower this week, as I've flitted between doing a bit of my crochet blanket, the Shalom cardigan, and making fancy dress costumes for comic relief at school... Must get stitching in front of the tv tonight :-)

Diane said...

Gosh - your going great guns on this. Have you ever visited Summerfete (on my sidebar) sh'e a hex maniac too. xxxx

summerfete said...

ooh its great, lovely colours!