Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Sunday Happenings

On Sunday K and I made our way to Elsecar Heritage Centre for the Antiques fair.  Glad we did because we (I)  found lots of lovely stuff and it was actually cheep (its officially Spring now so I can use cheep as in a chick rather than cheap as in Mr Dickinson cheap as chips - can't I).  Anyhow I bought a few bits and pieces from the 3 for £1 stall and some Ladybird books to add to my collection for reasonable prices and an old baby dress and some dolly faces and some other stuff that I don't need, don't have room for but bought all the same because I love it and it made me happy.  It was a really busy event with lots of  people bustling about some very polite and saying 'excuse me' when they want to pass just like they should but other people just pushing and shoving in a very rough manner.  One man actually swept me out of the way with his arm good job I was in a happy mood as I managed to laugh and giggle to another lady saying 'did you see that he actually swept me out of the way, just brushed me aside with his arm and swept me to one side' - how rude.  Anyhow he swept me out of the way near this delightful stall.  It was my favourite of the whole fair.  Lots of vintage clothes and hats and shoes and well just everything really.  I had a lovely chat with the stall holder Josie.  She told me she had a unit at an Antiques Centre that I had not heard of before (yipee another one to visit) she also told me it was in an old Co-op Building and it had a tea shop - double triple yipee with a cherry on the top.  I asked her if it was Ok to take some photos and put them on my Blog.  She agreed readily and so here they are:-

A 1930's satin dress

Shoes, bags and hats

Beautiful children's socks with CC41 label

1930/40 child's hand smocked dress

A beautiful wedding dress with a subtle self pattern

The next set of photos were of the most delightful dolls.  I can't remember the full details of who made them and when but the bits I do remember were they were made by Jewish people in this country between the Wars.  If I visit the centre - well when cos I will be going - I will write down the history of them.  They look like they are made from pipe cleaners bound with wool, they had metal feet to make them stand and each face looked hand painted.  They were so beautiful and if I had lots of money - which I haven't I would have bought them all.  They were £30 each which is and isn't a lot - if you know what I mean.  They must have taken hours for someone to make and they are at least 70+ years old.

Look at the detail, tiny faces, teeny hands, little hats and coats and dresses.

He looks like a spiv, bit like the one in Dad's Army - senior moment can't remember his name. Wonder if he has a tiny row of watches just inside his jacket. Look at the maid with the tiny buttons on her dress.

The girl on the left in riding outfit and next to her a man in uniform.

Nurse Nancy

Well Betty has just got up - she is in her joggers and has put her Glee DVD on already.  Time for me to drink tea and then tidy, iron, hoover etc that will take oh about 10 mins then I am going to attack the garden - think I will run around with the hoe shouting weeds be gone - do you think it would work? then I am going to sew - oh and parcel up my swop stuff for Jacey.  

Oh I promised Josie I would put her details up on my blog so here they are:-

Josie James - Vintage to Vogue - 1920's - 1950's
Cawthorne Antique Centre
S75 4HP

Tel: 01226 281876


Lalabibaby @ Dreaming of The Simple Life said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog ... we must be living parallel lives as there is nothing I love more than mooching around antiques centres and suchlike and I'm also working on a hexi quilt at the moment. It's my sitting down in the evening project as I am hand sewing it. I am in love with Dylan and I am sure Miss Ruby would adore him too ... very smart after his haircut. Ruby has to go every 12 weeks as she has quite a curly coat inherited from her mama and at full length she starts to look like a poodle. Have a lovely week x

Bee happy said...

Sounds like you had a great time, the dolls are so adorable! thanks for taking photos of the stall she had some great bags! If you like old things/antiques, have you looked at PSI at Braithwell, it's a garden centre but with a special section in the middle.

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Sally said...

Wow what a brilliant stall. Love love love all of the the dolls! Especially the cross maid!
Is that the stamp you were telling me about on the socks?
The photos are looking good, you must have sorted a good way to do them?!
I collect Ladybirds too :-)
Sal x

mrs cheese said...

Right that's it......I'm acutely jealous. Just look at those little dolls. I need the nurse, and the red coat beauty. There's nothing better than mooching around a good sale and topping it off with a cuppa and a cake.
I too have a growing stash of Ladybird books.
Enjoy the sunshine

Vintage Tea Time said...

That looks like a good Fair - love the little dolls! - so cute :) Sounds like you got some bargains too. Well done! Abby x

Vintage Tea Time said...

That looks like a good Fair - love the little dolls! - so cute :) Sounds like you got some bargains too. Well done! Abby x

Alix said...

Hello and thanks for visiting my blog! Now I've found yours I shall be following! I've enjoyed a quick squint at your recent goings-on and love the brooches inspired by those at the Imperial WM, and your quilt looks fab! Tea and tiffin twice sounds right up my street too! I think I need to go and make a teatime treat now...

Liz said...

Those little dolls are amazing. Enjoying your blog.

My Spotty Pony said...

What lovely photos, I love the dolls... I would have purchased the rider, I wonder if the seller has a website? Glad you had a good time, Abby

My Spotty Pony said...

Thank you for looking up a website, that was very kind of you. I will have to try and visit a fair some time, Abby x

Diane said...

I know where the one in Cawthorne is, and Cawthorne is great for a full day out too (and not too far). I love Elsecar and its only accross the fields from me. Let me know when you are going next time and we'll have a meet up. xxxx