Sunday, 20 March 2011

Julie Arkell Day

My day was just as I predicted it would be - Perfect.  It was indeed a day at Hope and Elvis on a course run by Julie Arkell.  Not only is Julie a talented artist but she is a really kind, warm, friendly person too.  I was lucky to be able to attend as someone had cancelled so Louise invited me along.  Yeah.  Happy times.  I went along to last years course run by Julie so I knew it was going to be good.  Lots if photos are you ready?

A vintage child's swim suit with Julie's suffolk puff brooches - this is what we were going to make

A creature brooch

Julie's brooches inspired by a brooch seen in the Imperial War Museum - I made one of these last year

The brooches we could make in the afternoon another variation on the suffolk puff

Tic toc watches guaranteed the right time twice a day

A collection of charm bracelets

My version of the tic toc watch

Spot the NOT deliberate mistake - I am officially a numpty with numbers - I actually laughed out loud when I realised what I had done but decided that actually tea and tiffin time twice a day is actually a really good idea so I left it as it was.  Julie had a chuckle too.

I embroidered and quilted my watch at home - straight away -so it didnt get put on a pile and left to languish I am so glad that I did because I am really pleased with the finished result.  I think I am going to put it in a frame       or make it into a wall hanging with more references to time rather than wear it as it is just a little bit too big for me to wear.  I am not a skinny chic by any means but I can brag that the only skinny part of my body is my wrists - wish it was my cankles (definition of cankles when ones calves and ankles merge into one).

My version of the suffolk puff brooch.  Again accidentially I got my stitches mixed up but decided that if I carried on it would turn the puff into a little flower and it did.   I made a few and then placed them into a rough  flower shape and stitched them together.  I didn't use the red felt as Julie had for the centre but I knotted a piece of tapestry wool and sewed it to the centre of the flower.  I was very pleased with the result.

The back of my watch - gingham and old embroidered tray cloth.  

My finished pieces - I was a very happy bunny.

It was lovely to sit and chat and sew with like minded people.  Some people had travelled quite some way to attend, one from Milton Keynes another from Bath we all had one or two things in common though.  We all agreed it was an excellent way to spend a day.  Bliss.


Fading Grace said...

Ok so I'm a teeny weeny bit jealous!!!! Lucky you, I love your makes and I'm happy you had a perfect day.......
sophie x

VintageVicki said...

Looks like great fun - wonder what else you'll make inspired by that course :)

Lace hearts said...

What beautiful brooches - really lovely. And I love the other makes as well, especially the watch.

Claire said...

Hey Debs, what a wonderful day you had and I love your makes.
How lovely to have done two of Julie's workshops, I would love to participate in one, but would need my passport.........

Sally said...

Your watch looks so lovely! I'm going to do the same with mine and hang it on the wall in my craft room (when its finished... ermmm...).

mrs cheese said...

I love it all!
Just a teensy bit jealous.
I've just booked a course with Julie Arkell at West Dean College......I can't wait.