Wednesday, 23 March 2011

War Time Biscuits

Last week Louise and I went shopping to the second hand market.  We both bought some bits and pieces but amongst Louise's lovelies was this book.

Its tatty and worn and the spine is broken but its beautiful.  As we were both looking through it on the stall saying how gorgeous it was and how delightful and nostalgic and priceless it was -whilst the stall holder was listening (we need to wise up a bit I think - he must of thought they will pay owt for that they really like it but when  Louise asked how much it was the response was £2.  Lucky old Louise - I would have snatched his hand off but Louise spotted it first and as we are good friends and don't begrudge the other's good fortune whilst treasure hunting - very civilised - I do however keep a small pack of sneezing powder in my bag to sprinkle on her should she spot something I really desire (not really).  Anyhow on getting back home we had a good look through the book and Louise said I could borrow it.  Yipee.  Would you like to see inside it now and find out what it is. Ready

Its a beautifully hand written book of recipes and household hints.  It was written by F E Hoades in New Tupton which I believe is somewhere near Chesterfield.  Look at the writing - isn't it fabulous.  I had a quick look on the census for a F E Hoades and I found one in the Chesterfield area who would have been 29 in 1922 when I assume this book was started.  Her name was Florence Elizabeth Hoades.  I couldn't find any more information without paying for it and being a bit tight I didn't.  She must have been married as I couldn't find anything for the 1901 census in her name.  When Louise and I were looking though the book I said  I would love to have a go at baking some of the recipes and maybe taking the results  along to the workshop when I am officially her assistant or even when if I was participating in a workshop.  Looking through the book we were both drawn to the recipe for war time biscuits.  Thats it I exclaimed to Louise I am going to cook these and whilst doing so I will don one of my vintage pinnies and take photos for my blog.  Your on said Louise so here are the photos.  Hold your sides they are funny or maybe I should say I am funny. 

Whoops wrong picture first 

See the ingredients very sparse and the method also - no cooking time or temperature

Funny photo

Me with vintage pinny and head scarf much to the families amusement 'what on earth of you doing the girls exclaimed' whilst K just rolled his eyes.I stood at the window to wave Betty off to work and she was killing herself laughing.  The scarf was Nan Lily'sand  the pinny was my first full apron find in a Cornish charity shop for 50p. Oh the excitement when I realised it was a full one and not a half one.

Check out my chins lol - K was making me laugh think he was saying something about me being a little eccentric - surely not!!

Bit blurry over the shoulder shot of me rolling out the dough

Bit clearer

Cutting out

Going into the oven - not showing and telling that bit (Oven Butler needed)

A shot of my granny slippers I love these they are like little bootees.  The ones I would really like are the tartan ones with a little zip up the front with a pom pom hanging off them.  No high heel fluffy fronted slippers for me.  

The finished article - they tasted ok a little bit like Garibaldi biscuits and as we all agreed in war time when there was a shortage of food and provisions they were probably a welcome treat not sure that I would bake them for friends to share then again maybe they might want to taste a little food history as they certainly were not nasty.  

I will be trying some of the other recipes in the book.  I don't think I will try any of the home made medicines though the cough mixture contains Laudanum don't think you can buy that over the counter at the local chemists any more.  

Well this one is for Louise - I told her I would make the War Time biscuits whilst dressed up and I did and it was good fun - I am now going to text her so she can have a peek (laugh).

Last minute comment whilst waiting for the biscuits to cook I watched a little of Escape to the Country where the man looking at houses said he would like a mini golf course in his garden even if it was only three holes - well I never I said a golf course in your garden that's a bit much - then the girl's reminded me I was sat watching it with the turban on my head, a vintage pinny on, granny slippers adorning my feet and flour on my face.  Oh well - they are lucky to have such a funny bunny mummy - I think.



Hope & Elvis said...

Oh Debs you made my night, wish I could have been at your house ha ha. Everyone should have a Debs in their life! Love ya x Louise x

Tracey said...

Fantastic! I love your slippers, just what I need. xxx

Vintage Tea Time said...

Great post!! Loved it - you look fab! I used to have a recipe for Easter biscuits that was pretty much like that - it had a spice in it too though - ?cinnamon. Look forward to your next buy - and the fancy dress re-enactment!! Abby x

Sally said...

Haha, made my morning! (Lovely book!). Can't wait for the next instalment!

Liz said...

What fun! The recipe book was a great find. Looking forward to seeing more results!

MichelleW said...

Great post! :-)

Fading Grace said...

I would of been a very happy bunny to find that cookbook, right up my street!! Love it xx

Blueberry Heart said...

wow, what a little treasure to find! How ingenious and very clever to search for the authors info in that way! Nice to find out some of the 'history' behind it too.
BH x

MissGinger said...

i love the recipe book and you look very fetching!x

Lalabibaby @ Dreaming of The Simple Life said...

Love it!! You look very fetching in your slips x

Kia said...

Hello swap partner :D

I love the story about how you named your blog!
I'm very excited to do this swap!!
I'm loving your blog, need to update mine more, been so busy with essays and work :|
started my 2 week holiday today though, yay :)

Alix said...

This post made me laugh - what are you like! I tried to email you to answer your question but the email on this computer is playing up! I did a post a while back about printing on fabric - it's a bit long-winded, but hope it helps! And ask away if you have any other questions about it - I'll try to answer them though I'm no expert...

PS The word verification for this comment is 'potie' which seems kind of appropriate

Diane said...

You are great at "make your own fun!!" Hilarious. xxx

Mandy said...

Love it! I think you should knit some knickers to match you JA doll now. :) x