Monday, 28 February 2011

New Chairs from Old

,Here are some before and after photos of my dining room chairs. I'm rather pleased in fact I am chuffed.  Want to have a peak - here goes

Please adjust your head  to view photo or rotate your laptop if using one - i'm still learning remember! A cherry coloured chair with yukky fabric seat.  Not very appealing.  See the bottom of the dresser in the photo - its not quite ready yet.

A chair being painted in the kitchen - see the roses in the background £1.79 from Aldi one climbing and one fragrant tea rose - just waiting for a little bit of sunshine so I can get planting. 

A pair of beauties. I am soooooooo pleased with the new look so much brighter.  After I had painted them I gave them a coat of clear beeswax to protect them a little. The fabric is some I have had about 5 years I bought it in the sale at John Lewis and its perfect.  I do have a few pieces of vintage Sanderson and fancied making them all different but the girl's general opinion was a strong NO and actually I agreed -  they made the right choice. 

Close up of fabric

All in all very pleased - a good job and a cheap one.  Paint free from Annie Sloan and fabric about £9 in sale.  Excellent 4 new chairs for next to nowt.

We had  curry for tea tonight and I did warn everyone if they got any on the chairs there would be trouble with a capital T.

Before I say night night I must tell you a funny that Belle came out with at the tea table.  She saw a man on the road in a small white van carrying a brown book. He visited my immediate neighbour and then a house further down the road. Is that man a preacher she said I asked her why she thought that and she said well  I think that brown book is a bible and well he just looks like a preacher.  I pointed out that he came around once every week.  I know he calls a lot she said.  Belle I explained that is the milkman and he is collecting his money. Oh my goodness I howled with laughter, you know, tears, snorting, struggling to breathe laughter.  As you may  imagine we had a very grand discussion around our tea table pointing out the differences between a preacher and a milkman. Think she watches too many American movies as we don't have preachers in our village just Vicar Margaret, a Methodist Minister oh and a Milkman.  Now have tears rolling down my face. 

Must just show you my hexagon progress before I retire for the night.

All different

Whoops two photos the same

Close up each hex is a different fabric

I can't make my mind up if to make it into a cushion or to carry on to make a small quilt.  Maybe I should stick to a cushion as I have already started (a year ago) a granny flower small quilt but that's hibernating. 

Good night really must go now.

Good night all.


Tracey said...

You did a fantastic job with those chairs, they're lovely!! xxx

Diane said...

Fantastic - I love them. You'll get the hang of photographs!! xxx

Jo said...

Your chairs are fab, you've done a great job.