Friday, 4 March 2011

Love It or Hate It

I love it - not so much that I eat it everyday or even every week but sometimes I just need a Marmite fix.  Today is one of those days.  I have been a busy bee this morning, washing in, washing out, washing pots, hoovering, toilet cleaning duties- you get it.  I have also used the very last scrapings of my Annie Sloan paint - very watered down - to lime wash my kitchen cupboards.  They look much better.  I have also been to  Mum's and cleaned out my nephew H's guinea pigs - they  live at his Nannies and we all take care of them.  Now its time for this:-

Yum, tomato soup - tinned not homemade - and marmite on toast (with flora) to dip in - oh my goodness it is delicious.  Anyone else tried this combination?

Now I am going to do this:-

Soup, marmite on toast, feet up - ohhh yeah!

and then some more of this:-

My new hexie basket - its so cute and cost 20p

Hexing and blogging and watching Horton Hears a Who

Dyl and Betty have chosen to do this

Snuggling time 

And last but not least photographic evidence of myself hexing in public - John Lewis cafe Wednesday evening whilst waiting for Nellie and Belle.

Going now back soon got an interesting weekend coming up so more blogging to follow.


VintageVicki said...

Yum to the Marmite and yum IF the soup was Heinz Cream of Tomato??

Fading Grace said...

I got some Marmite XO In my stocking this Christmas!! Its brewed for longer, very yummy.....apparently Santa bought it on amazon!
Thanks for your comment, I think that it was lucky it was chalk paint, half a pot!! as it is not too bad a stain, notices though,,,, :-( I'm looking forward to reading your blog x

Bee happy said...

Sounds like you needed to put your feet up after cleaning!

Have you tried boiled eggs and marmite on your soldiers? Very tasty :)

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Vintage Tea Time said...

Yuk, hate Marmite!! I'm just eating bread with Lime marmalade - yum!! I haven't tried watering down the AS paint - I guess if you're putting it onto a light surface.... Have a good weekend! Abby x

Jacey said...

Eurgh !! yuk!! marmite.
You do sound like you deserve a sit down though.
Have a restful weekend. xx

Laura said...

Mmmmm Marmite... my cupboard always has it in... only here in the States I have to pay $6 for a tiny jar! Needs must! Have a great weekend! Lx

The golden princess said...

what a busy bee you've been :o)

Thanks for cleaning the pigs, saved me a job,

marmite - yuck :-(


The sewing room said...

A little of what you fancy does you good,but you can keep the marmite thanks l,ve never been a fan of it. Have a great week end hugs Pat.

Jo said...

Two of us in our house hate Marmite, the other two love it. I've never seen them eat it with tomato soup though. Ahhh, Betty and Dylan have the same idea as my daughter and pooch.

Diane said...

Marmite lover here - but I am the only one in the house! xxxx

MichelleW said...

I only like marmite when it's made into a drink. Bloomin heck you are doing really well with your hexies - I'm thinking I need a wicker basket now - adorable :0)