Wednesday, 16 March 2011

A Bit of this and That

Phew can't believe its a week since my last post.  What a busy time.  I have done three 10 hour shifts in a Children's Centre which was great fun but very tiring. I haven't worked a long shift like that since mother's day in the florist shop. The children and staff were really lovely, friendly and good fun so it went really quite quickly.

I have also bought some more Annie Sloan paint for more make overs.  The latest item to receive the paint treatment was the fireplace. It has gone from Morris Green to Old White.  Looks a little better but still have to organise the ornaments and shift things around a little.  I bought the bottles in the basket from Reg Taylor Garden Centre and I am so pleased with it the daffs look very spring like but boy they smell nasty - bit like cat wee actually.  Oh well they look good and I am looking forward to using different flowers as the seasons change.

Want a peek-

Morris Green 

Old White - much brighter

Painted the mirror too

The pretty smelly daffodillies in my new bottle/basket vase thingy

It makes the room look brighter and fresher.  Did you notice the old yukky gas fire not a pretty sight and on the long list of things to change.  I also started painting the dining table and am nagging K to bring the top of my dresser back in from its 10 year hibernation in the garage.  I am so glad I didn't get rid of it and am looking forward to having it back in the house.

Here is a photo of the cakes Belle made for us for when we returned from Southwell at the weekend.  Rocky road cakes - they were yummy.  Thanks Belle! I promised I would put them on here and I did.  She cleaned all her pots and the kitchen too. 10/10.

Here are the museli cookies I made yesterday they are so tasty and you can make them in minutes and depending on the museli you use they taste quite different.   Last week I made them using a berry museli and they tasted good too.  This week I reduced the sugar by half to make them a little less sweet and it worked well.  Here they are

They look a little like rock cakes but they are cookies - honest.  Want the recipe I don't think Mary (Berry) will mind. If she does - sorry Mary.


6 oz marg soft
4 oz caster sugar (I only put in 2 oz)
1 egg
6 oz SR flour
6 oz muesli

Pre heat oven to 180C 

Measure ingredients and place all but muesli in a bowl.  Mix until smooth and blended.  Add muesli and stir in well.  Spoon teaspoonfuls of mix on baking sheet leaving room for spread.  Bake for 10-15 minutes or until golden brown.  Cool and enjoy.  They really are that simple.  Let me know if you make some.  


My Spotty Pony said...

The fireplace does look good in Old White, so much fresher. I really love the bottles in the basket... I know what you mean about the smell of the daffs, its a shame because they are so nice to have in the house. I may try the museli cookies if I get time as they look yummy and sort of healthy too! Abby x

Vintage Tea Time said...

Yes, the fireplace looks much better - well done! Yay for AS paints! The cookies look yummy - I might try those tomorrow! Abby x

Bee happy said...

fire place looks great well done! I'm envious of your dresser top, I didn't put mine in hibernation like you, I got rid and wishing that I hadn't now as I am down on display space :( Post pictures when you bring it in.

Bee happy x
Have a delicious day!

Sally said...

Fireplace looks really good! How much wax are you using? I did the dressing table and it said be liberal so I put quite a thick layer on, it took me blimming ages to rub it back off again!! I used about 3/4 of the pot! Think I'm probably using too much. Julie Arkell this weekend, whoo hoo!! Whats your next workshop?