Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Living on the Edge

I am becoming increasingly alarmed about myself.  I picked up my hexie quilt tonight and began to stitch I did a little and then declared in a authorative tone 'that's it I am not sewing tonight I am going to knit!'.  Mr K declared that I was a rebel and that I was living life on the edge - the choice between knitting and sewing is a tricky one for some I declared - Mr K laughed and so did Nellie who then said 'here Mum take my laptop and blog it. So I have.

I have been a little creative today and have made a peg bag - I know I sound like I like all things domestic - will I do like having these implements - just doesn't mean I use them very often.  I must confess though that I do like a nice line of washing.  Don't know if I have mentioned before but when I watched  Mama Mia for the first time I didn't declare Colin Firth a hunk nor did I comment on the beautiful Greek scenery but I did say - out loud - 'Oh what a lovely  line of washing'.  It was the scene when  the table cloths were blowing in the breeze strung across the court yard.  You can imagine the groans from the girls can't you.

Peg bag made from an old Whitney blanket detail free machine embroidered

Tatty old label - don't you just love it!

Free machining

Look how big it got!

Top of the peg bag old linen buttons

Y fronts, nighty, nora batty tights and bed socks

So you can see the scale - don't know what happened to the photo.

I enjoyed my sewing today - guess what I am doing now - knitting lol.

FYI the peg bag doesn't attach to the washing line you hold it on your arm like a handbag then help yourself to pegs.  I did model it but wearing my fleecy pink and white striped dressing gown I looked decidedly like that saggy old  baggy old cloth cat (but no where near as cute).

Speak soon.


My Spotty Pony said...

Your quilt seems to be coming along very nicely. I really love the peg bag and the wonderful items you have created hanging from the washing line, it will make pegging out clothes a real pleasure. Abby x

Vintage Tea Time said...

Quilt's looking good. Love the peg bag - would have liked to see you modelling it though!

Karen said...

Have just discovered your blog and really love it - you make me laugh out loud! I too love the sound of your modelling adventure. Enjoy the knitting!

Alix said...

Hexi quilt is looking great! And that bag is lovely - I've finally seen a pair of attractive y-fronts! I like the idea you put it on your arm - my peg basket is never where I need it...

Liz said...

Great peg bag, and the quilt is just amazing!

Diane said...

Thats gorgeous - what a clever idea too. I'll take the delicious Mr Firth over a line of washing any day!!! Although I hated Mama Mia! xxxx

Jacey said...

Love your peg bag, very disapointed to not see the piccie of you looking like bag puss with a peg bag. Posted your swap parcel yesterday, it was quite late though and I think I missed that days post, should be with you tomorrow. xx

Sally said...

Love the peg bag and the free machining! In awe of the hexi blanket looks fab!
Sal x